Russel hobbs 4l pressure cooker just £5 @ poundland

Russel hobbs 4l pressure cooker just £5 @ poundland

Found 30th Mar 2017
The cheapest price I have seen for russel hobbs 4l pressure cooker. Definitely worth a try at £5
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which store was this at?

which store was this at?

​It is on their website so I can't be sure but it may be national
Wow !
Very cheap.... misprice?

Very cheap.... misprice?

Its not a miss price just good luck finding one
I really want to mark this down this as it should be £1, but I won't
*Blows house up
Explosive deal
Purchased a 4l Russell Hobbs pressure cooker around 3-4 years ago and it has just recently broken on me. Suspect it is the same version/model (whatever you call it) as this one. Then again for £5 not something I would be too annoyed about if it lasted only a few years. Voted hot BTW
Boomland more like.
Is it stainless steel version?
dont waste your time folks called several poundland stores to check availability and head office , told me this deal was last November as a black friday deal, last time they had some in and they also said needs to be removed from website so voting very very cold from me.
yes i too went to a few stores last week.. and the staff thought i was joking when asked oO
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