Russell Brand Tickets - Live at the Apollo - Tickets £30 - @

Russell Brand Tickets - Live at the Apollo - Tickets £30 - @

Found 6th Mar 2009
The debauched, but debonair comedian is one of Britain's brightest comedy talents. Glam-rock glamorous, Russ's big hair, big head and even bigger mouth are just three of his most endearing assets - the less said about the other one the better! Expect decadent quips and surreal asides galore!

A comedic polymath with more flair in his little finger than the majority of stand-ups, Russell Brand's cavalier charms know no bounds. A massively controversial figure, he divides people like marmite. Extremely salty, distinctively attired, and just a little bit sticky, you'll either love him or hate him.

A Little Bit About: Russell Brand

A native of Grays, Essex, Brand got the worst possible start in life when, at six months old, his parents divorced. Catching the performing bug at 15 in a school performance of Bugsy Malone, he signed up at the Italia Conti stage school, and later RADA. Neither experience would end happily, but his love for comedy was born.

Success came quickly. In 2000, Russell reached the final of the Hackney Empire New Act Of The Year competition. That same year, he made his Edinburgh debut and piqued the interest of MTV, who promptly signed him up. Following an addiction to heroin and a woefully misjudged costume decision in the immediate aftermath of the Twin Towers attacks, he was out on his ear. It wouldn't be long before he was granted his second chance, however.

It wasn't until Russell bagged the presenter's gig on Channel 4's Big Brother's Big Mouth in 2004 that he truly arrived. Unfocused, hectic and always brash, it was the perfect forum from which to cultivate his anarchic, sexually-charged persona. That same year, Brand launched his first one-man stand-up show, Better Now. Intended as an act of comedic catharsis, it was a confessional cacophony of his low points that marked him out as an incredibly literate, articulate stand-up of some talent.

Whilst Brand's numerous Channel 4 shows in the wake of BBBM failed to capture the ratings he deserved, probably due to the limitations of the format as much as anything else, Russell was starting to flex his acting chops. Having already appeared in White Teeth and Blessed, he made his movie debut in 2007's St Trinian's, following it up with an even larger role in Forgetting Sarah Marshall as Aldous Snow, the boyfriend of the title character (a part he will resume in Get Him to the Greek). America was starting to take note of this very British comedian.

Unfortunately, the combination of his roguish behaviour and his unchecked humour put paid to one of his steadiest endeavours, The Russell Brand Show. In 2008, whilst working for the BBC Radio 2, both he and Jonathan Ross provoked a national outcry, exacerbated by the national press. A series of phone calls made to the actor Andres Sachs, in which Brand made lewd, and later founded, suggestions regarding Sachs' granddaughter, saw him jump before he was pushed.

What's undeniable is that Brand is a man of many talents. Although, some of these talents not be so desirable to the more mild-mannered amongst us, those with an open mind and a yearning for cutting edge comedy, both cerebral and highly perverse, should find plenty to laugh about amidst the myriad of material from the mind of this modern day Don Juan De Marco!



i really dont find him funny. not voted either way though.

Dont blame his BAD START IN LIFE for his disgusting mouth and attitude.
The man is a DISGRACE.
Why anyone would PAY to listen to such a foul mouthed arrogant disgusting PERV is beyond belief.


Well you win some you loose some sbfc... dont let it put you off posting though... ive had a few ice cold deals in my time to lol

I would PAY to hit him, mind you i probably wouldn't stop.

**** of the highest order.


Dont blame his BAD START IN LIFE for his disgusting mouth and … Dont blame his BAD START IN LIFE for his disgusting mouth and attitude.The man is a DISGRACE.Why anyone would PAY to listen to such a foul mouthed arrogant disgusting PERV is beyond belief.

Its each to there own, I find him very funny but hes not some peoples cup of tea. But I dont like the usual boring comedians who are all the same.

BAD START IN LIFE - what someone swears allot and talks about sex because they are ex heroin addicts?? dont think I have ever read or heard him blame anything on his past, most stories are funny about his past.

DISGRACE - Think thats just someone else jumping on the Sachs bandwagon eh! His grandaughters got famous off that now (Brand was only telling the truth about sleeping with her) mind you we dont have freedom of speech in this country anymore.

PERV - what sleeping with lots of beautifull women? If i heard the word perv id think of someone who sleeps with underage, so I think perv is the wrong word to use there.

STEVENAGE - good find mate

People should be voting on the value of a deal and not voicing their decree about an overstated incident because a red-top paper and a text vote on Sky News empowered them to do so.

Now THAT is disgraceful behaviour.
Oh, there goes another media bandwagon.
Be quick or you'll miss that too.

Load of **** really,about that radio thing, and as you say, pedalled mainly by the red tops who tend to see things the way they want to.

He's a funny guy. Strange brand of humour, but funny none the less.

I saw the show the other day it was very funny

Saw him in liverpool he was a hilarious, he talks frankly about his sex life he egocenticities and his drug addiction making you laugh at these bittter topics while avoiding sensationalising or glorifying them.

As for what happened with manuel sachs if that is what you are to base you opinion of this stage show on well your opinion is worthless. why don't you just open up the news rags and find out what has morally outraged you today.
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