Russell Hobbs 14164 2000W Dalmation Bagless Tornado Vac 3 ltr 6 stage HEPA Filtration - Was £109.99 Now £36.99 @ Amazon
Russell Hobbs 14164 2000W Dalmation Bagless Tornado Vac 3 ltr 6 stage HEPA Filtration - Was £109.99 Now £36.99 @ Amazon

Russell Hobbs 14164 2000W Dalmation Bagless Tornado Vac 3 ltr 6 stage HEPA Filtration - Was £109.99 Now £36.99 @ Amazon

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5m Cord with rewind button
Variable speed
Hepa filtration
Washable filters
5 Airfresheners


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nice price for a 2000 watt vacuum! I heated you up by 9 degrees, but some ****** just cooled you back down :x

any good at all?

a powerful bagless vac for a v. cheap price ,

voted hot

voted hot & ordered!


my dyson is on its last legs....whatcha reckon save a packet on this or go for another dyson


I bought this a few months ago for £24 in Woolies. It is not brilliant tbh. You need to completely wash and clean all the filter every couple of uses otherwise the power just goes. When it is all clean it will almost pull the carpet up. I think there are better ones around for this price.

The problem with these is the filters block up far too fast (and that's not because our house is filthy!) - I owned the other 2000w Hepa Version, which looks for all intent and purpose the same as this.

Additionally the brush head kept blocking up within a square jointed area and its was a pain to unblock due to the way its designed.

Good price though, we paid £39.99 for the lower version at T.J.Hughes.

If your budget can stretch, buy a Henry Hoover - definately the best we have ever owned.



This is a better price for a higher model if your after this kind of thing.

avoid this...I had a model that looks very similar. The biggest nuisance was the tendancy for it to 'trip up' all the time. This is because the hose goes in at the top, causing any pulling at an angle to capsize it. Complete pain.

I have had a dyson DC25 for 6 weeks now, and I am still too happy with it to put it in the cupboard. It may cost around £200, but it is just fantastic.

5 year warranty makes it £40 per year.

Just read all the happy owners on amazon.co.uk...

got the hepa version of this great for about 2 rooms then u have to clean the filters let them dry do another 2 rooms and clean filters again avoid like athe plague

Standard geneic vacuum made in china same as design as the vax/goodmans/dirt devil/bush/morphy richards. You can buy trade 'same' bush branded vacuum for a £15 and it is the same just different shaped top.

2000w doesnt mean much bar using a whole lot more electric to run it. This cleans teh same as a 1400w vax or dirt devil one not much difference. What you want is the Air Watts, thats the proven suction it can generate, but these cheap vacuums dont quote it as they are pretty low.

Good price though, not good vacuum, great spot if your on a budget.

Dyson these chinese vacuum = Same quality = poor
Dyson = poor build quality & component quality sold on advertising and gimic's (which dont actaully work) go buy a Miele or a Sebo, Ugly vacuums but absolutely wipe the floor with dyson vacuums.

Ordered, got to be better than my Tesco Value piece of junk!

Price seem to be nice.. but...
I would never buy a vacuum cleaner that looks more like a space ship from Star Trek, than actual vacuum cleaner. That includes all Dysons and "things" like this Russell Hobbs. I'll stick with my yelow bagged hoover, 15 years old and still looks and works like new.

Rubbish. Lasted only a few months in a 4 bedsits house rented out. Same cheap plastic bagless sub £50 LG from Dixons is still doing fine in the same property one and half years later without even replacing filters.

As previous poster says - for yourself buy Sebo or Miele. Few Miele models though had a funny automatic switch which was too sensitive to overheating - avoiding them since so no further comment. My Sebo X1, however, is going nicely for its 4th year only on its 5th bag and 2nd filter given in the box – best b4b you can get for your money. This is despite cleaning 300+ sq. m. twice per week.

=/ I need a new cheap vacuum cleaner, any help?

This vacuum sucks.


This vacuum sucks.

Isn't that what it's supposed to do ;-)

thanks everyone for the heads up, will avoid this one

get a miele that will outlast 5 of these
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