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Posted 23 October 2022

Russell Hobbs 1500W Oil Filled Radiator £37 @ Amazon

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  • 1.5kW maximum heat output and 7 fins
  • 3 heat settings (600W/900W/1.5kW)
  • Variable temperature thermostat
  • Suitable for up to 15m² room size
  • Integrated carry handles and castors
  • 1.45m power cord
  • Overheat and tip over protection
  • Up to 2 years guarantee
  • Heat Output (in Kw): 1.5
  • Height: 62.5 CM
  • Radiator: Y
  • Width: 33 CM
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    It'll cost you somewhere in the region of 50p an hour to run this at maximum on a standard variable UK tariff. Two years ago it would have been about half that for most people. So you're looking at several pounds every day just for a few hours use. Probably best just for boosting up a cold room for a few hours a week.
    I don't understand your logic there. If you're running it for a "few hours of use", say 4, that's £2. If you're running it for 12 hours, that's only £6. assuming it's on MAXIMUM for the entire 12 hours.

    You also need to consider that it won't be running at maximum for the majority of the time. It will get hot, then turn off until it's cooled down a bit. In reality it's going to be much less than 50p an hour over a day. (edited)
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    I got a 2000W Stonehouse 9-fin radiator for £50 a couple of months back and was markedly disappointed with the performance compared to a previous Delonghi Vento. Common theory is that all the bells and whistles, like the 'chimney' design of the fins, shouldn't make a difference but I found it has and regret not spending a bit more.

    Just sharing in case anyone appreciates single voice, unscientific, subjective opinions.
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    Time for my quick summary on oil filled radiators.

    Oil filled radiators are better for longer hours than fan heater as they keep their heat.

    Electricity costs a lot per kw but don't be naive and thinking 2 kw per hour x hours x 34p. As mentioned above they turn on and off depending on the setting. Use a power monitor if you can.

    I got the above mentioned 2kw one from Toolstation with the timer etc for about £36 to replace a higher model Russel Hobbs I got from Currys for £80. I had to return the Curry's as it was noisy! Anyway the Russel Hobbs in 600w mode was way hotter than this Toolstation at the same 600w setting and it retained the heat way more!

    2 appliances taking the same power giving different results, probably down to oil quality, design, metal used etc so I totally understand a Delonghi being better.
    What model was the Russell Hobs radiator, and does it still exist? I’m definitely not implying you’re old because a certain item might no longer exist and the model might be outdated Older folk keep saying about stuff, “they just don’t make em like they used to.”
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    Very also have this at same price on 0% 3 months for anyone cash strapped, free click and collect from Yodel Collect Plus locations (mods removed this info? Given the cash crisis most people are in I don’t know why it’s a problem to state such in the deal post ??) 
    Something about HUKD no longer allowed to mention credit plans or bnpl plans.
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    Screwfix have one slightly cheaper with timer. Bought it last year, but not sure I'll use it this year due to running cost though!
    For those who done have gas heating these are the stuff you want, get a Cheap manual timer switch adapter for 15 mins on every 1 hour it will stay warm as oil holds heat well, will definitely take the chill off any room, much better than a fan heater & a fan heater on frost protection mode as the heat dissipates as soon as it switches off, oil radiators stay warm.

    Like @vulcanproject says hotukdeals.com/com…953
    run them on low setting overnight in a bedroom for kids or any vulnerable people to keep the worst of the chill at bay especially for respiratory function, winter & cold air are nasty for it esp with any pre existing medical condition/s.

    I have a oil radiator in the lounge 15/60m for when I’m using it and a halogen heater for instant heat (the room doesn’t seem to heat up anywhere near well with the GCH radiator!)
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    Every time these come on, someone points out that these will cost over 50p an hour to run, so over £12 a day. That's over £300 a month!

    That's only true if you live in a shed with no roof. They've a thermostat on the side. They'll only turn on if the ambient temperature is less than whatever settng you've chosen. There's also three power outputs. It doesn't particularly matter which one you choose, if the thermostat isn't activated, it won't use any power.

    These are a great tool for maintain a minimum temperature automatically. They are designed for single rooms, not whole house heating. Great in bedrooms overnight. Unless you've spent 1000s on smart radiator valves throughout your house, your boiler isn't the best choice for heating a single room.
    The Hive TRVs I bought for my whole three bedroom semi cost about the same as this radiator (per room) and do the same job. The addition of the Hive kit plus installation is the only overhead. They're on a nice little schedule of bedroom/office space/living room through the day when I need those rooms to be warm. No faffing about with smart plugs.
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    These are great for heating small spaces. I've got a 700w one under my work desk on a low setting. It keeps the area where my legs are warm for very little energy without heating the whole room/house.
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    Sorry if it's a daft question but I'm on a prepayment meter and only use the gas heating a couple hours a day to budget.
    Would it make sense financially to buy one of these to heat a small room for a few hours instead of the central heating or would it just burn through the leccy rather than the gas? Thank you (edited)
    It will burn through electric as a main source all day but rather than use GCH all night use one of these on a low setting in the bedroom at night and the thermostat will keep the chill off or buy a manual timer.

    I’ve switched all my CGH radiators off except bedroom and bathroom (can’t be turned off).

    I’ve cut down the night gas usage but I have a Russell Hobbs oil rad set up like this in bedroom and a electric blanket on the bed as it gets cold with radiator off all day I simply switch GCH/bedroom radiator on & oil one and the electric blanket on for 15/20 mins whilst I tidy up/face wash & brush my teeth, switch the GCH/bedroom radiator & electric blanket off when my teeth are brushed and jump in to a cosy bed/room. 

    Cosy bed time, only problem with this set up is I don’t put GCH in auto for mornings now, so invest in a long polyester dressing gown that’s got a high percentage of polyester as by design it’s plastic and retains heat.

    I’ve got my oil radiator on a manual timer switch of 15 mins every hour like I used to have my GCH or the whole flat, I’m a cauld Tattie and if the bedrooms too cool I start wheezing-snoring lol. (edited)
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    Paid £35 in april
    I paid £13 for nine last year
  10. Avatar
    Bought, thanks! Voted hot.
  11. Avatar
    White option is £55! also black not currently in stock (edited)
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