Russell hobbs 20750 buckingham 4 slice toaster £24.50 @ Tesco Direct

Russell hobbs 20750 buckingham 4 slice toaster £24.50 @ Tesco Direct

Found 10th Oct 2014
Russell hobbs 20750 buckingham 4 slice toaster, great reviews and features. Everywhere else this is selling for £49.
Only just come back in stock on tesco direct, In store price is still £49.
Blue L.E.D lights when active, Wider slots with extra lift ideal for toasting crumpets & bagels
Faster toasting technology
Frozen bread, cancel & reheat functions
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Was posted 2 weeks ago but quickly went out of stock. I did have it on stock watch so thanks for letting us know it is back in stock.
Ordered successfully and with thanks, for your posting. :-)
I got one the last time it was posted and love it.

Lovely moist crispy toast in about a minute and a half.
Very cheap. Hot, thanks.
Thank you Reeeevsy, just ordered one to collect
Ordered thank you. Reviews are very good.
Yer, but does a slice of bread fit without having to cut the end off.
Ordered one of these. Thx.
Thanks just ordered mine.
Wonder if this would blow up in my face like my Russell Hobbs microwave did......?!
Thanks ordered
Can anyone tell me if this takes a full slice of bread without having to cut the top off?
Thanks good reviews been looking to replace the one we have .:)
Ordered. Thanks
Voted hot.
Got this last time. Can take Medium and and the thicker toast slices no problem.

Be careful you don't put it on anything higher than 2.5 unless you like charcoal.
It's now out of stock

Can anyone tell me if this takes a full slice of bread without having to … Can anyone tell me if this takes a full slice of bread without having to cut the top off?

Yes it does.
Freddie Mercury

Yes it does.

brilliant thanks, just ordered it
Ordered earlier. Thanks. Now oos
Out of stock now
back in stock now...just ordered
I will report back once I have tried this thing out.
I only accept the best, when it comes to toast, so my standards are high.
I shall be using large, thick slices of wholemeal bread.
Bought this but after using once returned, slots not wide enough to take a standard slice of Warburton's Toastie, our old Russell Hobbs toaster has slots nearly 17cms wide, this has slots 14 cms,, slice of Toastie is 15 !Can't believe no-one else has had an issue but maybe other brands of bread are smaller.
I'm collecting mind today.
I shall report back later, to see if it can handle large slices of bread.
Some people are easily satisfied which might explain why nobody is flagging the narrow slot issue.

Some people are quite happy with burnt toast, needing to cut the bread to fit the slots and also turning the bread half way through - I would not be happy with this.
I now have used this toaster.
1. build quality is light, but it does seem like a quality product.
2. no complaints on the functionality.

The main gripe about toasters is the bread slice size - toasters are usually too small.
I buy Hovis, thick sliced Wholemeal Seed sensations.
I find that in terms of size, this is as big/thick as a slice of bread (ready cut) gets. The toaster handled it - just about. If the bread was 3mm thicker, it might be a tight squeeze and may not fit.
Now, if you buy a whole uncut loaf and custom cut the bread yourself (and make the slice really thick, it wont fit).
As somebody above said - warbuton toastie will be a struggle and almost certainly wont fit.

So far, I have used it only on setting 2.5.
It took less than 1 minute.
Toast was not evenly toasted BUT, I'm sure that after I play around with the settings, I can get a more even browning.

If you use extra large slices, this toaster is not for you - best to use a Pannini press for this. I own the Breville Pannini press which is magnificent.
If you use commercially available bread loafs, this toaster should handle it.

(I knocked off 2 points for giving me an uneven toasting, though I shall try different settings, to see if I can solve this issue).

sunama, or anyone else, did you ever figure out the best settings for evenly toasted bread? did you find it a good toaster in the end?

am thinking about buying this model, it is the same price as tesco was (seems to be out of stock there now) if bought with the buckingham kettle at argos

Yes, Hi,
Setting 2 does give a more even coverage of browning.
I dont really have any complaints for this toaster.
All other toasters have bad reviews, namely due to the size of the slots, but this toaster can handle larger slices of bread.

In some instances where setting 2 doesnt fully brown the bread, I hit the button again and manually remove the toast 30 seconds later.
All in all, I would recommend this toaster. Its not the cheapest but it certainly preforms its task.
Thanks for the updated review sunama, will buy from argos later today I think
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