Russell Hobbs Coffee Maker, with two thermal mugs £24.99 - Free delivery!

Russell Hobbs Coffee Maker, with two thermal mugs £24.99 - Free delivery!

Found 25th Aug 2007
Filter coffee drinking in the UK continues to grow in popularity, as a growing number of people are now experimenting with the type of coffee they drink and the blend they prefer. This is following on into the home, as the traditional cup of instant is now being replaced by a mouth-watering cup of filter coffee, as consumers satisfy their real coffee craving.

However, in certain households ,it hasn't been practical to switch on the filter machine for just two cups, so many people have forgotten the filter and continued to drink instant.

Now, thanks to the introduction of the new Russell Hobbs Two Cup Satin Coffee Maker (Model No. 10881), everyone is able to enjoy the taste of freshly brewed real coffee, any time of the time.

The new Russell Hobbs One Cup Coffee Maker will make two cups of delicious filter coffee, quickly and easily, with no waste and no fuss.

The new Russell Hobbs Two Cup Coffee Maker is supplied with two 14 oz skinned stainless steel mug to keep your coffee hot for longer without burning your lips. It also includes a permanent filter and a neon indicator which will let you know when the machine is switched on.

For easy cleaning, the cups are dishwasher safe.

I thought this was a nice little deal. I was going to buy a coffee maker and two thermal mugs from Argos and then I saw this for less than £25. The mugs are worth £8 i'd say, so the Russel Hobbs coffee maker is costing you around £17. A no fuss, functional product for caffeine lovers out there. Free super saver delivery with this.

Go easy on me, i'm just passing on a personal opinion on a functional product for a good price.
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marginally cheaper at £23.44 delivered from ]e-directory
I remember this from a few years back when boots used to sell lots of small kitchen appliances. They used to sell it for £19.99. Prices must have gone up since the UK factory shut.

marginally cheaper at £23.44 delivered from ]e-directory

With Amazon there's always the chance of a price drop within 30 days of purchase ;-)
I'll keep an eye on the price for the next few weeks and if it drops then it's refund time LOL
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