- Russell Hobbs Digital Iron was £49.99 now £14.99 (collection) or add £4.95 del Woolworths

- Russell Hobbs Digital Iron was £49.99 now £14.99 (collection) or add £4.95 del Woolworths

Found 30th Aug 2008Made hot 31st Aug 2008
Packed with lots of professional features, the Russell Hobbs Digital Lilac Iron makes ironing a complete breeze. Features include an accurate temperature control and a powerful steam shot.


Stainless steel soleplate
30g/min constant steam
100g/min shot of steam

Cool spray mist
400ml water tank
Digital temperature control
Heating up/cooling down LED indicator
Self clean
Soft grip handle
360° swivelling 2.4m long cord


Says out of stock

Original Poster

for me it show in stock????

In stock. We aim to deliver this item on or before Friday 05th September 2008




It allows you to add to basket etc, so is still available.

Thanks, just ordered one. Voted hot! :thumbsup:

Very strange behaviour on the Woolies website.

Go direct and it's in stock. Search for the iron, and it's not in stock. Very strange... :?:?


The deep links aren't working in the OP at the moment (being looked into) ... you just need to search manually for the item

Shows in stock for me too, thanks BikeBarbie

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Stangely is you search for this item on Woolwrths website it comes up as OOS but if you follow m link is in stock!!! :w00t:

Maybe is a sign! Be Quick!


thanks i hope they don't cancel like they have done with so many orders :whistling:

it showed out of stock for me too ...but i clicked on it and it shows up in stock ...so it is in stock being delivered to the store on friday

Just ordered thanks OP :thumbsup:

(says out of stock,but if you click on it then says in stock and goes through OK!)

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model:13608]http://www.littlewoods.com/rf/navigation/product.do?Ns=prod_in_stock%7C1%7C%7Cprice_est%7C0%7C%7Cprod_min_base_price%7C1%7C%7Cscu_id%7C1&groupId=448757606&Nu=this_product&SNtk=&Np=1&SN=153+4294493573&Ntt=448757606&D=448757606&Ntk=group_search&Dx=mode%2Bmatchall&thisprod=448757606&N=153+4294493573&Nty=1&Mis_item_id=15&Mis_item_loc_id=1&product=448757606£29 at Littlewoodshttp://www.littlewoodsdirect.com/rf/lxd/navigation/product.do?Ns=prod_in_stock%7C1%7C%7Cprod_min_base_price%7C1%7C%7Cscu_id%7C1&Nao=0&groupId=448757606&Nu=this_product&SNtk=&Np=1&SN=153+4294963164&Ntt=448757606&D=448757606&Ntk=group_search&Dx=mode%2Bmatchall&thisprod=448757606&N=153+4294963164&Nty=1&Mis_item_id=15&Mis_item_loc_id=1&product=448757606&pageSize=24£25 at littlewoods direct

we are trying to find the cheapest deal not more expensive :thinking:

i know i ordered one, i was trying to show others that it is a good deal compared to other retailers
i voted hot

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i know i ordered one, i was trying to show others that it is a good deal … i know i ordered one, i was trying to show others that it is a good deal compared to other retailersi voted hot

ahhh LOL

out of stock now, btw how do you chose collect at store when I went to checkout it was with delivery added, couldnt see how to take it off

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Indeed it seems OOS now, told you to be quick :-D


I saw this deal or something very similar (maybe 19.99) in Asda in Hunts Cross, Liverpool so I'm guessing its not a Woolworths only deal

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IT's now expired so shouldnt be voted at all, it was made hotter earlier , as it deserved, when it was available, from people who were able to purchase the deal.
Why turn the heat down after it was deservedly submitted :x Just hit the Expire button if it makes you feel better! Dont vote cold just because you was too late!!!

Back in stock now - just got my order in
How do you unexpire a deal?



Good price for an iron, will be easier for OH to get the creases out of my clothes :-p

It's showing out of stock for me Has anyone seen it in store? I'd love a new iron I bought the Morphy Richards steam Generater for £32 but I don't like it at all!! Voted hot!

That's wife's Xmas present sorted. Maybe I'll push the boat out and buy her a new board to go with it:thumbsup:

Ive got this iron, its good. Heat added :-) xx

Already OOS :x

I got one one these and I must say they are so badly designed its unbelievable. The temperature button is place right at the top of the handle so when your ironing you always hit and and change the temp setting! Its so annoying Makes me want to throw it out the window!

Thanks op, just ordered as my current 1 is finally on its way out after 11 years!! heat and rep added

In stock again. Just ordered one. Heat added.

Got one-back in stock! Delivering to store on Friday. Thanks OP

oos again
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