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Posted 9 September 2022

Russell Hobbs **Flatbed** Microwave £84 Free Click and Collect in Selected Stores @ Argos

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No frills, no fuss. With 4 buttons to microwave, defrost, start and stop, this Russell Hobbs RHEM1901B microwave is perfect for those who want simple and straightforward. Its black, mirrored design is smart and suitable for any kitchen décor. Flatbed technology removes the need for a turntable, making the most of its 19-litre capacity.

To find out more about flatbed microwave ovens, there is a video demonstrating this product on the Argos link.

  • Microwave power output 700 watts.
  • Defrost option.
  • 19 litres interior capacity.
  • Flat bed.
  • Size H28, W45.9, D37.8cm.
  • Internal dimensions H18.4, W31.7, D30.9cm.
  • Weight 11.58kg.
  • Exterior made from Steel, Plastic & glass.
  • 1m cable.
  • Manufacturer's 1 year guarantee.
  • EAN: 5060440040726.
Argos More details at Argos

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  1. Avatar
    But doesn't the spinning glass plate mean that everything is cooked to the same temperature, rather than being heated from one side?
    A flatbed has a rotating microwave antenna concealed below the cavity. (edited)
  2. Avatar
    What's not to like?

    The colour. There seems to be a trend for black microwaves bizarrely.
    As much as I want to avoid weighing in on this odd exchange, how can anyone have a problem with black as a colour? I read some odd things on here every day but this is right up there. Almost all appliances and electronics come in the usual three neutral colours: black, silver and white. This is not a recent trend
  3. Avatar
    Can't see the difference between this and a 20 quid one.
    On the Argos link there's a video explaining the benefits of a flat bed microwave. Go and watch it.
  4. Avatar
    A £20 microwave won't have a digital clock so will save you £10 a year on electricity if you're to lazy to unplug.
    After 4 years you could buy a kettle with that money and save another tenner
  5. Avatar
    @FrugalFergal "My microwave ovens have lasted longer than my marriages"

    Found a note on the microwave this morning from my other half saying “this just isn’t working, goodbye”. I’m confused, I put my lunch in it and it’s working just fine.
  6. Avatar
    I do have a flatbed and have to say it’s far better than one with a plate in
    We have one at work and theyre so easy to clean and you can actually use the full capacity over the circumference of the glass dish. I also liked how they kept the controls so simple. I think its a good price for a flat bed
  7. Avatar
    I am not in the market for a new microwave yet, but your post is most welcome as this is the first I have ever heard of a 'flatbed' microwave. Many Thanks,
  8. Avatar
    Voted hot. I've got one a year ago, customer return, paid about £55. Easy to clean, no way I will go back to the ones with spinning plate. But as some reviews suggest, I find it that my old traditional microwave was warming up faster and more even. (edited)
  9. Avatar
    Great deal! Switched to a flatbed microwave last year, won't be going back to turntable.
  10. Avatar
    I have a hotpoint flatbed best microwave I’ve had, easier to clean, cooks really well and even. Not sure on Russell Hobbs quality but decent price for a flatbed?

    I originally looked at Hotpoint and Sharp ones but got the hotpoint because we wanted a white microwave.
  11. Avatar
    Heat just for being a flatbed. Easily the best format on so many levels
    I dont think Ive ever seen a flatbed close to £100 let alone below it. There is just much more space and its so much easier to clean
  12. Avatar
    I own Russel Hobs flatbed, got mine just for Defrosting & heating up, perfect.
    These are so easy to clean as well.
    Apparently, Russell Hobbs's research showed 98% of people only used their microwaves to reheat leftovers and defrost so they did away with the complex controls and made this a flatbed. In that regard, I think this is a genius device for an amazing price
  13. Avatar
    Do flatbed microwaves cook food from the inside-out like the other type 😁
    Cooks from underneath and you'll find the food on top may still be cold. Does not cook evenly IMO, but I still prefer flatbed.
  14. Avatar
    We had a built-in AEG flatbed in our last house. It was impossible to cook anything evenly. Lava like temperatures in some bits, stone cold in others. I would not buy one again.
  15. Avatar
    I have a Delonghi flatbed also from Argos. Yes the cavity is entirely usable but as most of the content is on a round plate or dish it doesn't make much difference.
    However, the flatbed heats from underneath so you find that food on the plate is hot but higher up is not.
    I would probably go back to a good quality turntable one next time.
  16. Avatar
    We looked at flatbeds when buying a microwave recently but decided against them. Low wattages (only 700W here) or unusually large sizes put us off. Read the reviews!
    I agree with 700w. And I felt the same like you about the size, but you're wrong on this. The external size of my flatbed is the same as a bigger model turntable I had before. But the internal size is the same if not bigger. Because you don't have a spinning plate you can fit bigger pots than you can do with 20-23l 'traditional' microwaves.
  17. Avatar
    Hi, It's really difficult to choose which microwave I should go? Any idea if you guys advice any good microwave with your personal experience as I need one to buy? I really appreciate your input. Thanks
    I went for this one because my old cheap one had got rusty inside and is a pain to clean. With a flatbed you get more space and very few moving parts. Some people say these dont cook as well as turntable microwaves but I have only every used mine to heat up the odd ready meal, warm up left overs of reheat tea. Russell Hobbs themselves said their research show 98% of the time people use their microwave to reheat or defrost hence why the controls on this are so simple. I think for £84 (if theyre still in stock) this is a good basic unit. My actual cooking is done in the oven, air fryer or stove so I dont need a microwave with the fancier features. Think about how you intend to use your microwave, have a budget and it should be easy enough to narrow down to one you'd like.