Russell Hobbs Mini Chopper £10 @ Wilkos

Russell Hobbs Mini Chopper £10 @ Wilkos

Found 29th Oct 2015
mini chopper with easy one touch operation ideal for sauces, purees, baby food, nuts,

£14.49 @ Amazon…531

don't need one but a quality product for a tenner, pressie perhaps ?

10 in stock @ time of posting, presumably also same price instore
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Wife says one's enough, she'd prefer something bigger next time
its not too big but it will do the job :P
rubbish! Very flimsy and weak but very loud
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ice wanted one for ages and got one for fifteen at sainsbury the other week. Although I love not chopping it's awful to use, it's difficult to get the pot thing off the stand, the button gets stuck on so the list doesn't detatch and it's too small, there's only me and my two boys so not a huge family. I make cauliflower bread regularly and I have to do the cauliflower in four or five goes to give you some idea how small. great for an onion and garlic, mind you that's another thing try to do ginger and garlic on their own and there's not enough in there for it to chop properly and it sticks to the side and you have to keep going back in to stir it, then the button sticks and the lid won't come off.... blah blah you get my drift, obviously I'm not it's biggest fan!!
I've* lid*
Thanks op - I have an old mini that needs chopping up, this should work a treat.
I have some empty space in the cupboard between the juice maker and steamer, this will fit in perfectly!
They're pretty good for mushing baby food.
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