RUSSELL HOBBS Retro in Black Cream or Red

RUSSELL HOBBS Retro in Black Cream or Red

Found 29th Dec 2017
With code KT10 found on another kettle page which seems to be working
price goes down to £35.99 for this stylish kettle!
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Retro? I don't remember kettles looking like that when I were a lad.
It's got a VU innit!! Just like your old Technics!! Shame it's not stereo though.
I wouldn't recommend this kettle. We have one but there is a design flaw.....the fine mesh that is supposed to stop limescale getting in your drink does act as a filter as you would expect.....but the problem is that the water (and limescale) flows over the top of the filter and through two gaps, then straight out of the spout and in to your drink. Obviously we descale the kettle regularly but there are still bits that circumvent the filter.

It is a nice looking kettle but only buy it if you like limescale in your tea or coffee.
Russell Hobbs terrible quality and poor customer service.
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