Russell Hobbs Steam Generator Iron £19.95 @ Morrisons

Russell Hobbs Steam Generator Iron £19.95 @ Morrisons

Found 29th Jan 2015
Just bought this in Morrison's for 19.95 not sure if it was a final reduction.


?? oh well, ummm hot from me thanks

do you have the model number

How do I add a pic? Found the same for £76!!!

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Model is 18653 double checked at till on price before I bought it as thought it was too cheap!

God that's HOT

Wow Hot. In-store only?

I can see RH going out of business. Shocking how their standards & quality have plummeted. Plus concealing their dodgy irons...

I wouldnt have one of these in the house for free.

Oooh how i love ironing...

Damm I just bought a new iron last week

Thanks just got one

What store did you purchase it from ?

what store please

Cardiff Bay, was only 1 on the shelf tho.

selling for over £70 on Amazon - good buy if you can get it from Morrisons

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Johnstone store
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