Russell Hobbs Steam Generator 'Steam Force' for £134.02 (RRP: £ 199.99) @ CO-OP

Russell Hobbs Steam Generator 'Steam Force' for £134.02 (RRP: £ 199.99) @ CO-OP

Found 21st Nov 2009
Russell Hobbs 14804

Steam Force 2400W
Automatic rechargeable boiling system
4 Bar pressure
Backlit LCD control panel with electronic bar pressure indicator
Water hardness setting
Ceramic soleplate
100g continuous steam
1 litre capacity detachable water tank
Water tank refill indicator
Tank lock & release function
Anytime refill
Boiling de-scaling indicator
Rinse boiler system
Soft grip handle & anti slip heel
Auto shut off
Anti-slip iron rest
Cord and hose storage
Variable steam
Water spray
Model No. 14804

RRP: 199.99 !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Original Poster

Looks like an irony thingymebob , just a really expensive one ??

Is this for real?

For this sort of price you can get a proper Tefal one, and even they are SERIOUSLY overpriced!

I have been a BIG fan of steam generator irons for about 15 years of heavy use, (had 2 very good Tefal ones, and in-between those had one very poor Philips one which I gave away it was so poor) and would not want to be without one; but as Russell Hobbs can't even make a decent job with kettles, I wouldn't touch any thing from them again let alone something that is more sophisticated!
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