Russell Hobbs - You Are What You Eat Health Grill -  50% off  - now £13.59

Russell Hobbs - You Are What You Eat Health Grill - 50% off - now £13.59

Found 4th Jan 2007
Health Grill

A healthy way to grill food without losing the flavour
Double sided cooking - grills a wide selection of foods quickly and easily

Grill the healthy way with sloping ridged grill plates that drain fat away from your food into a separate tray

Easy to clean with non-stick coating on both plates

Cooks both sides of the food at once for quick cooking times

Recipe booklet full of great grilling ideas included

Drip tray included

Ready to use indicator

Floating hinge to cook varying thicknesses of food
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Thanks ikogirl Spending another £1.40 will get FREE delivery... HOT +++ deal !

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Very HOT deal yeah Thanks for the pointer ;-)
Thanks for this ikogirl , great deal! :thumbsup:
thats great my george is on its way out so was looking for a replacement do you know how big it is??? cant find any info on it anywhere
anyone know if thats white or silver?
its white. its a good size you can get quite a lot on it. but make sure you put the lid right back when opening - mine fell on my finger. bloody sore it is too - all black and blue and swollen. so much for a "health" grill ; )

food was fine though!!
Is this the same as a George Foreman Grill?

Which is better?, this one seems cheaper.
same idea i think but much cheaper. not sure about which is better. i'm quite happy with it at the price i paid, however maybe a george is better I'm not sure. i guess it would depend on how often you use it etc. i've heard that some of the new ones have removable plates for easy washing. this one doesn't but you just need to give the plates a wipe and then clean out the removable plastic drip tray!
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