Russell Hobbs : You Are What You Eat - Juice Centre - £14.99 delivered @ Amazon !!

Russell Hobbs : You Are What You Eat - Juice Centre - £14.99 delivered @ Amazon !!

Found 23rd Jan 2008
This Russell Hobbs 12713 : You Are What You Eat - Juice Centre has been reduced to just £14.99 @ Amazon !!

Description : The You Are What You Eat Juice Centre lets you make your own great tasting fruit and vegetable juices quickly and easily. Featuring a clever 2-in-1 design, the Juice Centre combines the functions of two different machines; a juice extractor and a citrus press. This gives you double the flexibility when it comes to making your own tasty juices and allows you to experiment with a much greater range of flavours.
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Product Features

[*]2-in-1 combined juice extractor and citrus press
[*]2 speed operation for soft or hard fruit and vegetables
[*]Easy to use and easy to clean
[*]Feeder tube keeps fingers safe and makes adding fruit or vegetables easy
[*]Pulse control
[*]Dishwasher safe attachments
[*]Illuminated power indicator
[*]Easy pour juice cup
[*]Easy clean pulp container
[*]300 watt motor
[*]Complete with recipe booklet to get you started with a variety of great juice ideas[/LIST]
Thanks Edi....Brilliant price!....will come in handy for my diet before my hols
Good Price - But the reviews for it are not very good - At least Amazon allow bad reviews for a product on their site


I bought a You Are What You Eat Juice centre recently because it was … I bought a You Are What You Eat Juice centre recently because it was reduced in price to £14.99 in Sainsburys - what a waste of money! Do the manufactureers your designers actually test these things and/or try to clean them? I juiced some apples, there was hardly any pulp in the pulp container, I discovered why when I took the thing apart to clean it - most of the pulp was lodged in the separator cover! Cleaning this thing is not fun, too many nooks and crannies and bits that one can't get to easily. Consequently it is impossible to dry it with a tea towel one has to let it 'drip dry' for hours. As for the juice, the apple juice was brown with pulverized pulp floating on the top - ugh! It has a separate attachment for citrus fruits,like a manual glass one you probably alrewady have in your kitchen but it whizzes round, got all the juice out but then the cleaning! Stick to the glass one. I couldn't recommend this juicer anyone, it's already in the back of my cupboard, I haven't even tried to sell it on ebay because there are a number already there and I'fd feel guilty if some one else parted with good money for it. I wrote to the manufacturers Russell Hobbs about the badly designed elements. They suggested I return it if it were faulty. It wasn't faulty so I couldn't it was just ****.

Hi all,
This is cheap I agree,but if you plan on juicing a lot I highly recommend a Magimix juicer. It is a lot more pricey,but worth it in the long run. Not to get too technical,but there is a big difference between centrifugal juicers and masticating juicers -…php. I have both. A Magimix -…281 and a Matstone -…php. Both are great! I use the Magimix a bit more as it is faster,but the Matstone is great and a masticating one is better if you want the full benefit from your juices. To all who have never tried juicing all I can say is,go to your local supermarket and get some organic carrots. Juice them up and if you have never tried freshly juiced carrots it will blow your mind! I love my coffee,Abdul Nescaffe (extreme pilgrim :thumbsup: )
but the energy rush you get from carrots is even better...
Take a week off your work and juice! It will change your life. Who you think you are,what you think life is,and why we are here. One Love :-D
I too would recommend you get something better. These are rubbish. My mother had one. It works fine to juice about a glassful of liquid. Any more than that, let the motor cool for an hour or so between juicings or it will burn out quickly.

It was also OK for apples, but really struggled with carrots.
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