Russian standard vodka 1.5l £19.66 instore @ Sainsburys

Russian standard vodka 1.5l £19.66 instore @ Sainsburys

LocalFound 5th Feb
I was in the Sainsbury's store in Banbury earlier today looking to get some green mark vodka as it was on offer but I spotted the Russian standard vodka 1.5l bottles for £19.66 which comes in at just over £13 a litre, there was a few bottles still left on the shelves as I only grabbed a couple.
No idea if it's nationwide as the Sainsbury's where I live hasn't got any. I've uploaded an image of the receipt with the title as I'm not sure how to add it in a post using the app
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Decent price - thanks for sharing
not local
why share?????????????????????
bangorgeoff8 m ago

not localwhy share?????????????????????

Well that's a confusing comment
Only a couple lol you need help .... Maybe A.A
using credit card for buying alcohol gg
Hopefully get a bottle tomorrow... cheers
kay955 m ago

using credit card for buying alcohol gg

Whats the issue? I use my Sainsbury’s credit card when I do my shopping in Sainsbury’s. Double nectar points. Gets paid off in full each month.

Not everyone is a mongoloid with credit.
Russian standard. Is that a make or an urban myth?
Lidl sells triple distilled vodka 1.5L for £14.19. Been buying it and it tastes fine.
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