Rustlers New Hot Wraps £1 each Morrisons

Rustlers New Hot Wraps £1 each Morrisons

Found 11th May 2011
Noticed these a couple of weeks back at £2 each so was hoping they would go on promo soon as they are new out. Morrisons have them in today for a £1 each with two flavours and I must say they are very tasty and big, very filling.

Chicken Salsa with Cheese
This Hot Wrap hits the spot as the flame grilled chicken breast combines with melted cheese and is covered in a tongue tingling salsa sauce, all enclosed in in a soft tortilla wrap creating the perfect hot and tasty snack. Arriba, arriba!

BBQ Chicken with Cheese
This Hot Wrap delivers on the full BBQ flavour with its mix of succulent flame grilled chicken breast with melted cheese, topped off with a fantastic BBQ sauce and all in a delicious soft tortilla wrap. You'll be reaching for the sunnies and flip flops in any weather with this beauty. Strewth!


I will try today itself

Just had one of these for lunch, have not had to rush to the bog... yet..

The chicken in the chicken and cheese wrap is awful! Its a shame because the rest of it is quite nice!

will have to try these

These are disgusting. I found a piece of white bread in mine, I presume to fill it out a bit and give the impression of a fuller wrap. The "chicken" is processed sh*t. I regularly but Rustlers Hot Subs, and they have proper chicken breast in which is very nice. Wouldn't buy these again, at half the price.
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