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Free Rustlers Gourmet BBQ Burger
Found 6th Mar 2018Found 6th Mar 2018
Free Rustlers Gourmet BBQ Burger
Sign up to burger brand Rustlers and take a fun short quiz to get a link for a coupon for a free 'Gourmet BBQ' or 'Gourmet Classic' burger sent to your email address. Click the … Read more
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same here, contacted them and they said the offer has now expired. (mad)


Expired? Did the quiz but noting at the end other than join the mailing list at the end?


Yes. The people who never got a voucher are the ones who failed to read the clear instructions telling them they MUST have their printer ready to print instantly. In other words they were too keen to place the truly delicious Free Rustlers Gourmet BBQ Burger in their cake holes to be bothered reading & chose to stampede due to fear of missing out...They have. The Free Rustlers Gourmet BBQ Burger was delightful & a very tasty snack which I followed up with my free Chicken Gourmet Burger from the same merchant. Yum Yum.


No It just said FREE on it the cashier takes it off the total


Same. Where's my voucher? I was hoping to get everything in place for Mother's Day :{

Free rustlers chicken burger after short quiz
Found 21st Feb 2018Found 21st Feb 2018
Free rustlers chicken burger after short quiz
Rustlers are giving away 1000's of FREE Chicken and Beer Burgers and all you have to do is take part in their quirky quiz to find out ‘how posh you are’. Once you’ve got your re… Read more
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is this were the kfc is going


I filled this in earlier and didn't get anything...not in Junk, either. How weird.


2 mins nonsense quiz and got the voucher - printed - done and dusted. Easy as you like. FWIW lots of other companies use the same software from and its totally legit.


Worked for me. I received a coupon for gourmet bbq. Just wish someone could teach rustlers how to spell 'available'.


Check your spam.

FREE Rustlers panini outside Churchill Square shopping centre (Brighton)
LocalLocalFound 23rd Jun 2015Found 23rd Jun 2015
FREE Rustlers panini outside Churchill Square shopping centre (Brighton)
"Quench your hunger" is what the guy said to me. Outside Churchill Square (Brighton) by the JD Sports entrance, Rustlers are giving away free Panini's with vouchers as well. Re… Read more

Thanks to the person who added the picture. :) Voucher is for BOGOF by the way.

2for1 entry ALTON TOWERS with rustlers
Found 6th Apr 2014Found 6th Apr 2014
2for1 entry ALTON TOWERS with rustlers
2for1 entry into Alton towers On the rustler microwave burgers and others etc etc 2 burgers for £3. Mmmmmmmm Hope this is of use. Voucher just peels off and present it on entry. … Read more

these taste like goblin tinned hamburgers, uumm


Good offer. Need to find something similar for Blackpool


Ok ok I paid over the odds for this meaty delight. Lol. Normally I wouldn't touch it unless it was a pound. BUT I'm just trying to point out the 2 for 1 deal. Not the fact that I've gone and bought some turbo meat.


They're also on the hot dogs and other items that are currently £1 each in tesco


Even better then. That's why mums go to Iceland.

Free Rustlers Hot Sub
Found 31st May 2011Found 31st May 2011
Free Rustlers Hot Sub
FREE RUSTLERS HOT SUB (Southern Fried Chicken, Meatball or Club) Fill up with Rustlers while you watch tonight's Geordie Shore. Rustlers are giving away a FREE Rustlers Hot Sub to… Read more
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lol I do that, my daughters like theres an empty checkout Mum and Im like come away cos they dont look the type lol. young kids normally take them for me or the older ladies


Choose a checkout operator who looks like they don't care, mine happily put 4 through at once.


I dont unserstand how people manage to get 14. Don't they limit you to 1 voucher per purchase? Are you going to 14 shops each time lol.


thankyou for posting, fridge stocked up,free food always appreciated.


Mine didnt scan at self checkout at whitechapel. But the chap checked with the manager and they accepted it. Thanks OP!

Free Rustler's Quarter Pounder Burger
Found 24th May 2011Found 24th May 2011
Free Rustler's Quarter Pounder Burger
Free voucher for a Quarter Pounder Rustler's Burger. If the website asks for a password use "charlotte-letitia" Valid until 27/05/11

thanks to OP..grabbed 2..


Got 15 free burgers while this lasted! Most on the shelf expired within a week, so I asked a guy to go out the back and get ones with the longest expiry date. He found packs that don't expire for 3 weeks, so no need to eat them all at once now! Thanks so much.


local spar sells these, raided em after changing date to 07 in paint loll


gool54 was right, I ate one and now I have super-AIDS :(


read page 4 for alternative link

2 Rustler Subs For £0.99 @ Sainsburys
Found 20th Dec 2010Found 20th Dec 2010
2 Rustler Subs For £0.99 @ Sainsburys
Rustlers are running a competition to win tickets to a Premier League, Serie A or La Liga game by answering a question on their site (the link should work & the answer is B - S… Read more
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fair play, most people would vote cold for that reason :)


terrible product, one for the pigs


If you read my post you'll see that I gave it heat for the price, just said that the subs themselves are vile.


twice the gut-ache!


really want to try this but my local sainsburys only have the other 2, even though the offer sticker says about the meatball one.

2 Rustler Burgers For £1 @ Sainsburys
Found 26th Nov 2010Found 26th Nov 2010
2 Rustler Burgers For £1 @ Sainsburys
Not sure if this should be posted in deals or Vouchers but rustlers are currently doing a competition to get a free voucher for buy 1 get 1 free on rustler burgers. The answer to t… Read more
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I worked in McDonalds for 2 and half years. Trust me the meat is decent. Not only that but they have a lot of steps in place to store it and prepare it. Of all the companies that can't afford produce dodgy burgers. I would say it's McDonalds. Don't buy this **** - They are just out to make quick cash.


i'm popping into sainsburys later for some more so will confirm how long the £1 price is for. Think it's either the 7th or 17th December.


I didn't realise this deal would cause so much debate lol


lets phone bob geldof then and get him to buy these things then and send them over


There's kids in Africa that eat garbage and other crap along with dirty water just to survive, this may not be food by the standards of the finicky snobs but there is very little reason I see not to eat it as it does no damage, it is food and it can be eaten. Taste isn't bad and I have these quite often actually. C'mon kids in Africa complain less than the men of Britain it seems.

Found 26th Oct 2009Found 26th Oct 2009
Follow the link for your free voucher! Fill in your details to enter the free prize draw and download the THORPE PARK FREE Entry Voucher. - Ade2j

Dont bother doing the prize draw just download it here.. ]


Yeah realised after the post usually when you submit a new deal it comes up with the last 5 deals with that Merchant, it didn't so I thought it hadn't been posted.



Its a BOGOF....Buy an full priced adult ticket and get another ticket free


is it bogof or free

rustlers southern fried sub £1 trial price
Found 28th Sep 2009Found 28th Sep 2009
rustlers southern fried sub £1 trial price
title presumbly in any supermarket,shop, mine were spotted in somerfield, local shop across the road they are quite tasty

I think it is a hot deal!! Actually the chicken is made from 100% chicken breast - don't knock before you try them they are pretty good. £1 is bargain they are well filling! You should try UGO's Panini's same company make them they are really tasty. Still £1 in Spar stores.


Fair do's. But this is a Hot Deals site. I dont think this is a hot deal and voted so. As most others have done too.


No need to be snidy, i didnt say its the best deal, but for £1 for a new range is good for people who like rustlers, you said its overpriced, i asked if it was cheaper elsewhere, or what your ideal price would be, i didnt mention at anytime it was the best deal going, if you read the title again i said trial price, never said its the cheapest price or its a good deal


Once again for the slow one round here. Just because its the cheapest you can find it does not automatically make it a good deal. It its over to begin with but the cheapest you can get it for its not a Hot Deal is it?


I bet they're like 0.01% chicken though. I had a Rustlers cheeseburger once...never again lol :-D

Rustlers Chili Quarter Pounder/Spicy Rib £1
Found 13th Mar 2009Found 13th Mar 2009
Rustlers Chili Quarter Pounder/Spicy Rib £1
Was in Somerfeilds today and they had these for a pound each. Said they were limited edition. Had a pound thing on the packaging so I assume it will be in Tescos, Asda ect. The qua… Read more

LOL STFU i was meaning I don't care about what i eat eat these all the time.......


i like the rib ones so hot from me!


Been buying these all week for work, cheap and they are quite nice if you like that sort of thing IMO. H&R added. :thumbsup:


I guess you watched the program about the little **** and his river cottage. Since he's got a couple of million he can afford to play on his farm. But in the real world people work, look after kids, study ect and for them this is a quick and easy meal.


to be honest i live on these things. i should cut down... they are nice though hot from me