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Electric Diamond Knife Sharpener - £33.98 Delivered @ Rutlands
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Posted 2nd SepPosted 2nd Sep
I've bought sharpeners from Amazon which had rave reviews, but turned out to be utter rubbish. The reviews for this seem genuine, so I'm gonna give it a go. Hope this helps someone… Read more

Mine arrived today, so far I’m impressed.


Well, mine arrived yesterday and it's done a good job.


Are you Freddy Krueger?


purchased 2.


Looks like a sushi cutting machine!

White China Paint Brushes - Pack of 36 £23.94 delivered @ Rutlands
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Posted 3rd JulPosted 3rd Jul
White China Paint Brushes - Pack of 36 £23.94 delivered @ Rutlands£23.94
Wisd I'd seen this before I started decorating. At 24 quid for 36 you could just bin them, I mean, is there a more tedious job than cleaning brushes? Hope it helps someone.
Workshop Roller Stands - 4 for £49.95 + £6.95 delivery at Rutlands
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Posted 1st JulPosted 1st Jul
Workshop Roller Stands - 4 for £49.95 + £6.95 delivery at Rutlands£56.90
I've posted a few deals from these guys, and found their products and service to be of a great standard. I would totally buy these if I wasn't already in trouble for lock-down tool… Read more

Initially Assumed this was Rutland Cycling, and couldn’t work out how a “Roller Stand” was going to be better than a standard bicycle workshop stand (flirt)


nice, think i paid around this much for a pair of Record Power roller! 4 for the same price is great value.


Cracking deal thanks.

Gyokucho Set of 3 Compact Japanese Hand Saws £59.95 + £3.95 del at Rutlands
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Posted 24th MayPosted 24th May
Gyokucho Set of 3 Compact Japanese Hand Saws £59.95 + £3.95 del at Rutlands£63.90£709%
I know I always post stuff from these guys, it’s just a promo email I receive daily. Only about £6 cheaper than anywhere I can find, and I think would be good for fine cabinet maki… Read more


Can it cut through thick bones? Going to cut the misses up soon


I’ve been after a set of Japanese saws for a while so this was great, thanks! I was also able to get a £5 off voucher for signing up to their emails, so £58.90 delivered.


As big as her head (lol)


How big is her chest?

Halloween Flamedeer 2020
Rutlands Multi Tool Accessory Set - 7 Piece £9.95 + £3.95 delivery at Rutlands
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Posted 13th MayPosted 13th May
Rutlands Multi Tool Accessory Set - 7 Piece £9.95 + £3.95 delivery at Rutlands£13.90
I love a multi-tool bargain, and this looks to be a good quality set (Well, I'm buying one). I've bought from this company before, and trust that their stuff is so much better than… Read more

Are there any brands to look out for? New to the Multi Tool market :) Need a set of accessories for mine, but the price and range seem mad.


But if you are not in a rush, then I would suggest that you wait for Aldi / Lidl to get their selection in. Not been around for a while, so I would say it is due soon. The price is good, and I have had no issues with the qulity so far.

FastCap Accuscribe Pro Scribing Tool £9.95 @ Rutlands (£3.95 Delivery)
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Posted 1st MayPosted 1st May
FastCap Accuscribe Pro Scribing Tool £9.95 @ Rutlands (£3.95 Delivery)£13.90
Brilliant tool for any carpenter. Bought one myself before the deal came up, much better option than the Trend equivalent imo. Recommend at this price. Ideal for marking out flo… Read more
Get deal*Get deal*

ordered, thx op


I am a carpenter (admittedly not the world's finest) and this looks handy as f. Scribing shelves against p1ss3d walls, end panels on kitchens and baths etc. This looks really helpful when discrepancies might be sub 5mm and when you care about giving the decorator f all to do. I bought one, cheers op (y)


Carpenters usually cut their pieces of wood to the size they need, if I understand the skillset. I also use a drawing compass and try to keep it perpendicular to the scribed surface.


Didn't know a block of wood was adjustable to different depths?


Got 1 for work a couple of years back. It’s too bulky for scribes and the pin can fall out as it’s adjustable. Prefer an old drawing compass personally. Like this Very good price though