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Posted 30 April 2023

RWG Mobile - 2GB 5G data, 250 mins, 250 SMS every month for 1 Year, One-off charge - £20 (Equivalent to £1.67 /month) @ RWG Mobile

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250 mins, 250 SMS plus 2GB of data every month for 12 months for a one-off charge of £20 ( equivalent to £1.66 per month)

Perfect plan if you don't have huge data requirement and want to utilise speed and coverage provided by EE network.
If you need extra 5GB data with EU Roaming for your holiday, you can buy 30 days 5GB add-on for £5 HERE. You also have option for 1GB WITH EU ROAMING ADD-ON or 1000 CALLS/SMS ADD-ON

RWG Mobile is powered by the EE mobile network
All services include 5G data

Other Offers

1 Year SIM - 250 mins, 250 SMS & 2GB (With EU Roaming) data every month for 12 months. One-off charge - £30

2 Year SIM - 250 mins, 250 SMS & 2GB data every month for 24 months. One-off charge - £35

2 Year SIM - 250 mins, 250 SMS & 2GB (With EU Roaming) data every month for 24 months. One-off charge £45

RWG Mobile More details at

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  1. dwl99's avatar
    Do they do wifi calling?
    happi's avatar
    We don't currently support WiFi calling this is coming soon
  2. Bendown's avatar
    Got a couple of sims with RWG, great with no probs what so ever.
    NIgelK's avatar
    Did you have to port a number to them? Just reading a couple of niggles recently about ports being stuck etc
  3. Aiadi's avatar
    I have been waiting for them to reply to 4 support requests and emails over the past week to get my SIM activated to no avail. Impossible to get through to them over the phone and bitterly disappointing experience so far making me regret my purchases from them. Several posts on MSE and very poor recent reviews on Trustpilot are making me highly suspicious of this company.
    bozo007's avatar
    Likely that business volume has jumped and customer service hiring hasn't kept up.
  4. jeti9's avatar
    I been with 1p mobile for nearly 2 years,
    They also use EE network,
    More better package £30 a year,
    You can also cap and switch off mobile data from the app
    Crossbow's avatar
    The £30 deal 1pmobile.com/1ye…taf
    If I'm understanding it correctly, for the £30 spend / 3000p @ 1p/Mb = 3000Mb = ~3Gb total data spend/allowance for the whole year?
    That's without counting additional text & call charges at 1p each? Is this correct?

    Please note @Aiadi too, as you liked the comment (edited)
  5. Jammer's avatar
    Sorted by recent
  6. gazw's avatar
    I've got nothing but praise, switched to them from Smarty(who were very good) but moved premises, fantastic CS repling to emails at 10pm, no issues currently.
  7. MR+T's avatar
    Yes RWG are very good, also using EE coverage
  8. ahotukdeal's avatar
    What reasons to choose this over cheaper pennies Lyca/Lebara deals with more data and unlimited mins/text apart from using EE network and longer term fixed price?
    andiron87's avatar
    You can't be sure that Ly&Le deals will be around in 6 months, here you can lock in for 2 years. £45 with EU roaming for 2 years.. less than £2 guaranteed.
  9. KapilPaul's avatar
    i am looking for more data
  10. huntk1's avatar
    I've been waiting 8 days for my number to port in. Absolutely ridiculous.
    No one replies to emails and no one answers the support telephone number.
    Avoid like the plague. (edited)
  11. thehouseof's avatar
    I had 2 number ports completed recently. One took 3 days, another took 6 days. During which had no service on the old or new sim. Make sure you have a backup sim before porting! (edited)
  12. NIgelK's avatar
    RWG seem to be very good at replying via email and via Twitter as well. Looking to possibly move my 4 sims to them as EE are abysmal at deals now, wouldn’t entertain their recent 20gb for £9 as it was for new to EE + BT broadband customers only. Nothing for loyalty from them.
    Akhan17's avatar
    Its easy to become a new customer. Get a payg sim move to that and come back as new
  13. RUGAAL's avatar
    They offer esims ?
    Sheikh_AhmedHSF's avatar
    Unfortunately not. I believe on Lycamobile and Virgin offer eSIMs (in terms of MVNOs)
  14. aleem's avatar
    Changed my mum'sim over from EE to RWG. No internet connection. APN same as suggested settings on their website.

    Nobody available in customer service so messaged via the website. Reply received the next day saying to reset network settings. Did that a few times, still no internet connection.

    Messaged again but no response 2 days later.
    Samuelmccartney's avatar

    I helped others out on a previous deal for RWG.

    You may have luck reading through that thread.
  15. crixus's avatar
    I ordered 20 pounds year sim, took a week to arrive but was a bank holiday. Documentation said to email them to activate, was processed in an hour and works great. Asked for content lock to be done and again processed straight away.

    Seems a bit clunky how it's all run but just for a second sim in phone I'm not that fussed about. Just to use when I don't want to give out main number, works great so far. Good to have a back up data connection to my main one too for any dead areas.

    I'd recommend them, but reading others experience not sure I'd trust porting in my main number.
  16. Jim1_Smith's avatar
    Name one telecom company where support isn't?!
  17. Rimi's avatar
    Allowances are very very low...2GB on 5G will run out in few days(if not hours), 250min/txt is just not enough for most of phone users. As others said, if you are such low user, better go with 1p mobile. (edited)
    redzarf's avatar
    That feels like conflicting messages...

    I work from home, so I'm on wifi all the time, so 2GB is easily more than I need. My kids have dumb-phones, so they don't use any data. None of us make many calls or send many texts.

    So for low users like us this is ideal and 2/3 the price of 1p mobile. For someone using more than 2GB, then 1p mobile will cost more than others.

    The one area 1p mobile is better is they have unlimited calls/texts for £36/yr, so if you do lots of calls/texts with no data then they'd be better.
  18. zoidster's avatar
    I’m using one of these (£20 for 12 months) At that price I could really care less about Customer service, if I get problems and they can’t won’t solve them I’ll just bail. Getting a PAC is a 60 second job these days and an automated service. Not sure what people want for next to nothing? (edited)
    redzarf's avatar
    Agreed, at the price, it's not fair to complain about slow customer service.

    But there's slow and then there's slow.

    My situation was that my son "did something to my phone, and now it's not working". I checked the ARN, etc, and it all looked fine, but wouldn't send or receive calls or texts despite having a signal. I thought maybe he'd made a call and left it on, and it'd used all the credit, but the only way to check was to send a text or make a call, which I couldn't do. Called customer support and no answer, emailed and got a reply a week later basically saying "Is it still happening?" without any answers to my questions about balance, etc.

    So I couldn't have gotten a PAC either, and in the meantime my son's phone wasn't working for over a week (until I finally gave up and bought a 1p mobile sim).

    Other people have had good/quick responses, so I guess it just depends on how hard the question is, and who happens to be working.
  19. BazUK's avatar
    Just ordered a sim £20 for a year one as I am very light user. I hope I don't have problems as I read in comments. I will keep you posted
    BazUK's avatar
    Received my sim on day 4. I have emailed them to activate my sim and transfer my number. I will update you with progress.
  20. YourWellWisher's avatar
    Great find 👏 👌
  21. Zaid_Bawa's avatar
    Thanks op. Brilliant deal
  22. mrwulf's avatar
    Shame they haven’t got an app. 

    Great value though.
    Samuelmccartney's avatar
    Says on their site that you can access rwg using the app Joyn by adding RWG mobile within that app. I personally haven't used it however.
  23. Scotty.Boy's avatar
    Insanely cheap prices OP, thanks for posting - I haven't read through all of the posts, but I'll check it out further tomorrow as this will come in handy for some elderly relatives of mine.
  24. aLV426's avatar
    Do I get automatically charged if I go over the 2GB of data or does it just stop?
    I haven't used mobile data despite the fact that I pay for it through Smarty. It's about time I switched! (edited)
  25. mu1's avatar
    This is exactly what I needed in my college/uni days.
  26. _Craig_'s avatar
    I am interested in this and understand they have been around for a while but is nobody worried about them going bust and potentially losing their phone number?

    Different business model but who remembers Ovivo Mobile. Thankfully even though they shut down they did offer porting.
    Samuelmccartney's avatar
    Ovivo and samba mobile were great, especially for the likes of me who used them for ages before everyone jumped on the band wagon and eventually they both went bust.

    Rwg are great, wouldn't port my normal number though for the exact concern you have. Great for sticking in the tablet or dual sim phones though.
  27. aleem's avatar
    Just an update on my previously reported data issue following porting a number in for my mum - I messaged again this afternoon through the website that the issue is definitely on their end, not on my end.

    I tried to use data again this evening just like I've been trying over the past couple of days, and now all of a sudden it's working.

    Speed is consistently faster using a speed test app than my own Voxi (Vodafone) sim.
  28. gunner786's avatar
    Put in but no signal. On the letter it says email to activate sim.

    What do we email them?
    innocent's avatar
    Just write "Activate my sim" using the email address you used when ordering, preferably giving them your number + sim I'd.
  29. Sign_Tribe's avatar
    Does the sim card become inactive after a year or does it roll over to another year?
  30. Guess_What's avatar
    Is anyone else having issues? SIM is useless, can't call or receive, send texts or nothing. (edited)
    jsoap's avatar
    Yep. 5yr global data sim lasted a week. Support are only able to advise a reboot etc. Have requested a refund, but emails are just ignored.
  31. Swarfega's avatar
    Avoid this network. I ordered a SIM which took about three days to arrive. I then put a port-in request in 7 days ago which said it would take 48 hours (usually it's the next day) and it still hasn't happened.  I contacted them and they said they are having issues.  As soon as it ports in I will be porting out.  Awful experience.
    thehouseof's avatar
    7 days :O im on day 2
  32. johnat107's avatar
    Had terrible problems getting my number ported. Luckily I only have 2 contacts and one of them lives with me. The other one is my stepdaughter. I no longer have access to my old number. The Sim works fine though.
  33. Taffyduck's avatar
    I was without my original number for about 2 days from the time the switch-over commenced; very annoying, but they did sort it out in the end. Problems with EE, so they said.
    Swarfega's avatar
    I don't believe that for a second. From start to finish it sounds like they don't have anything automated.
  34. Sign_Tribe's avatar
    Looks like their app 'Joyn' has become obsolete? Google play wouldn't let me install it on my Samsung S22
  35. PauloDeFreitas's avatar
    I got three of these, all to port existing numbers, for me, my wife and my brother in law.

    Mine worked perfectly.

    HOWEVER, the other two, took a week for the numbers to port, so they had NO SERVICE for a week (full signal, BUT no service)!

    Customer service is ONLY available via emails (quite responsive) , calling them is pointless, no agents available...

    Now that it's all settled and working, cell reception from EE is good, and 5G in some places.

    And it's Soooo cheap for a year...
  36. oscar72's avatar
    can you port from EE to RWG?
    PauloDeFreitas's avatar
    YES, I ported one number from EE and two from TalkMobile.
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