Ryan air sale

Ryan air sale

Found 3rd Jan 2018
Flights from £4.99. Price varies when you pick specific airports, dates and add on luggage etc.
Don’t blame me if they go bust and you get stuck abroad through
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Who's this Ryan? and who is buying his air?
Who's this Ryan? and who is buying his air?
Is it not Rylan Air?
We need ryan rail.
bjrosl10 m ago

We need ryan rail.

How about virgin rail?
pooool6 m ago

How about virgin rail?

Won’t go all the the way 😝
Judging by today's news, even their actual customers don't like them.

They had a 3 day sale in between Christmas and New Year from £9.99 and that finishes they just put them back on again on l”sale” from £14.99
Cold - they only have outside toilets!
Wont add heat or cold but ryanair deserves to be crushed. Terrible customer service. I got stranded at their last PR disaster when they cancelled flights. Absolutely never ever again. People have long memories.
Let’s hope they get off the ground.
Its the flying equivalent of the lottery; buy a cheap ticket and you might get lucky and actually get to fly...
Our Ryan Air flights got cancelled due to snow ( not their fault) in December. Customer service is absolutely appalling. You queue at the airport for hours only to be told 'all flights for that week are fully booked' and they will only re book for free with in 7 days of original flights. Phoned them ,used online chat and told can only sort by using the on line service , that won't let you book. Fill in complaints form and the reply comes back , use the online service. You end up loosing the will to live and taking a refund , which oddly enough the online service will allow. EU261 states ' If a flight is cancelled, the passenger has a right to rerouting at a later date *at the passenger's convenience*. Ryan air would have none of this and wouldn't allow me to re- book for March ( not exactly high season). To top all this as every thing is done online you have very little evidence of what's happened to submit to your travel insurance. They do send you a pdf. document showing the whole of your booking and stating one of your flights was cancelled but my insurance was reluctant to accept this , they wanted to know which flight and the reason for the cancellation. Rang Ryan air for more specific information , the foreign operator at first said he didn't understand my request but eventually said he'd send an email with the details. That never showed either. Rant over - nightmare!!
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