Ryanair buy one get one free Glitch

Ryanair buy one get one free Glitch

Found 8th Jan 2008Made hot 8th Jan 2008
Ryanair have just started a promotion where you can buy a flight, and then with your confirmation code you can book another flight which is free, but if you have a code from the last few months it works fine thanks to klb on MSE for the heads up. I have booked belfast to london in feb for 2 nights return flights for £0.04

Booking Period:Tue 8 Jan '08 - midnight Mon 14 Jan '08
Travel Period:Tue 22nd Jan '08 - Fri 29th Feb '08
Applicable Days:Mon - Thu & Sat (subject to availability)
Flight must be purchased: 14 days in advance
Blackout Period:Fri 08th Feb '08 - Mon 18th Feb '08 to/from UK/Ireland
Notes on this fare:All Holidays, School Breaks and Major Sporting Events are excluded from this offer

This free ticket is available on a list of destinations.


1. Passengers booking any return flight on the Ryanair website ryanair.com between the 8th January to 14 January 2008 inclusive are eligible to book a second return flight for Free (Taxes reduced to Zero) through a password protected page. Free flights are only available to passengers making a booking during this period who enter their qualifying Booking Reference Number on the password protected page.
2. The Free Flight offer is only valid for travel from 22nd January to 29th February 2008 inclusive. Fourteen days advance booking is required.
3. The Free Flight will be priced at £0.01/0.01 or local currency equivalent and the associated taxes will be reduced to zero for the purposes of that booking only.
4. For the avoidance of doubt, the taxes to be reduced to zero are Airport Taxes, Passenger Service Charges, Insurance Levy, Government Taxes and any card handling fees required to make the booking.
5. Specifically excluded from this promotion are optional fees including but not limited to checked bag, airport check-in or priority boarding fees.
6. The Free Flights are restricted to certain routes and days as shown below and are subject to seat availability. Please Note: A Free Flight may not be available on the same route as the qualifying flight booked.
7. The Free Flight is NON-CHANGEABLE.
8. Travel on the Free Flight is subject to Ryanairs Terms and Conditions of Travel. Each passenger will be responsible for ensuring that they comply with Ryanairs Terms and Conditions of Travel.
9. The Free Flight is non-transferable and must be utilised by a named passenger on the qualifying booking.
10. No alternate flights or compensation are available to passengers who do not avail of the Free Flight offer.

For more information go to their website


Well I'm surprised that admin haven't pulled this deal due to it being immoral or something equally stupid! To be clear, just in case - this is not me calling admin stupid but merely some of their decisions...

???? ?

I have a RyanAir confirmation code from a flight my family took last month (family of 4)
I'm already traveling during the period allowed so i can't use this - email me if you'd like the code to try out . . .


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What do you mean immoral its a deal that allows you to get free flights

Seems good, going to see what i can get.

yes please tony


I have a RyanAir confirmation code from a flight my family took last … I have a RyanAir confirmation code from a flight my family took last month (family of 4) I'm already traveling during the period allowed so i can't use this - email me if you'd like the code to try out . . .

yes please tony

ANyone got a code?

I don't think it is really a glitch. Ryanair did the same thing at some point last year. Any confirmation number from way back can be used, and the same code can be used multiple times.

Ryanair use this to boost their traffic numbers before the end of a financial quarter so that they can make grand announcements in relation to passenger growth.


What do you mean immoral its a deal that allows you to get free flights

Only if you have a working code to use?!?!?!

code anyone?

OK so it's not really the place to discuss it but -

There's been a few posts removed recently that have obviously been 'censored' by admin. An example was a post about getting a train journey for free due to a loophole. This prompted a few people to cry 'ILLEGAL'. This website has been built on similar 'loopholes' over the years and I wonder, as it continues to gain popularity, if it's becoming a bit righteous.

This from a website that has a newly adopted slogan - 'DEAL ANARCHY FOR THE MASSES'. Yeah - right on man! Come on HUKD, what's happened to you?

Hi Kind Clare - would love to try your code please


I have no idea what you're on about paolo and suggest you take it into Feedback to avoid hijacking a thread.

The short version is if something is illegal then yes it will be removed obviously.

I wouldn't like to risk my holiday over a flight that may not be honoured:?

code ??

i have a code from our booking in the summer

A code would be very much appreciated. Falls during the school hols as well!!!!


I wouldn't like to risk my holiday over a flight that may not be … I wouldn't like to risk my holiday over a flight that may not be honoured:?

We got 1p flights last year, everything was fine

A wee tip, if you book using visa electron, you don't pay any booking fees

anyone have a code I could try?

i cant seem to find anything from newquay and have a few of these codes if anyone wants them pm me

whats MSE .. U HAVE TO excuse my ignonance

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Booked Belfast to Glasgow 23/02 - 25/02/08 for 2 people grand total of £0.04 used booking code from a trip I had in November worked a treat did have to manipulate the baggage and insurance a bit and paid with a debit visa card that did not incur any charges happy days thanks again. These offers are restricted to certain times and destinations but if you search they are definitely there I will have to decide if I am going to Glasgow or London now shame I have to waste 4p

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whats MSE .. U HAVE TO excuse my ignonance

MSE = Moneysavingexpert.com

Thanks for that. Got 4 tickets from EMidlands to Cork for a whopping 8p!
Seems that most of the tickets to France, Spain and Italy have either gone or are not avaliable at these prices.
Ah a decent pint of the black stuff.

After LOADS of searching on the Ryanair site, I've managed to get Glasgow to Derry in late Feb for an overnight stay. Managed to book (in one transaction) 4 x 1p flights from one code - thought I might have needed 4 codes for the 4 flights but no...
Nothing from Newcastle (nothing new there for Ryanair...) and very little going and coming back on the same day - which increases the need for luggage (which would inflate the final cost). Luckily, I have a daypack that will take the minimum required!
Good deal if you can find something that suits!

QV5PCN seems to work ...1st come, 1st can ave it!

And QV5PCQ works! .. Again 1st one to use it can 'ave it!

Can someone please PM me a code!!!

Will be much appreciated as i can take the bird to valencia for a good meal and bring load of jager back so we both get something out of it ha ha





I've recently booked 8 return flights for sep, wold I have received a code from that booking?

sod all left! been looking to go to dublin middle of feb for a girls weekend, they were there last night

Jodyann - yes, it's the confirmation number - should be in the box above the "Going Out" and "Coming Back" boxes on your printout.

[COLOR="Red"]Since all codes are linked back to your payment details, I'd suggest PM'ing them rather than posting them here, to prevent identity fraud.[/COLOR] :cry:

Far from wanting to be a kill joy I read the following that the UK Fraud Bill Would Make it a Crime to Deceive a Computer (23 March 2006):whistling:

UK Attorney General Lord Goldsmith has added a clause to the Fraud Bill that would make it a criminal offence to deceive a computer, by, for example, engaging in activity such as trying to steal money from cash machines. The clause would "close a legal loophole." The present wording could result in unsuccessful prosecution of cyber criminals "on the grounds that you cannot deceive a machine." :oops:

I was wondering if a person entered another persons flight confirmation number or even their own recent flight confirmation number into the RyanAir promotion would that person fall under this ruling? One for the barristers out there! :thumbsup:

For more information look at

Can someone please PM me a code!!!

Ryanair - you're better off walking. Flying with them on the 18th, hope I don't live to regret it.
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