Ryobi 1050 Watt 2 Speed Impact Drill - £35 @ B&Q

Ryobi 1050 Watt 2 Speed Impact Drill - £35 @ B&Q

Found 3rd Apr 2011
I bought this yesterday for £35 instore at Aberdeen, £89 at amazon


I saw this in the clearance section at B&Q the other day. It's better than the B&Q own professional-something brand and at the same price. For a cheap impact drill (use on a big job like taking off floor tiles, knocking down a chimney or something and through away), this is a bargain.

As I found out from a friend last week, what normally becomes faulty with most impact drills is a loose power wire inside, so you could repair it and use it one more time on a medium-biggish job. Hopefully this might be useful to someone.

Please note, their is a difference between a normal domestic drill (coil+brushes), Impact drill (heavy hammer function but slow speed) and a Rotary drill (good all round, often expensive and best ones are SDS-versions).

The above is a non-SDS impact drill, although you can still use SDS bits but no quick change function. I was actually quite surprised as most Impact drills are SDS or allow you to change the head to make it SDS, when I looked in the box, their was no SDS head
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The whole point of SDS drills is the larger amount of force the hammer action delievers compared to normal drills. Using an SDS bit in a normal drill won't achieve anything useful.

One word 'Clueless'
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