Ryobi Rlt3123 Corded Grass Trimmer - 300W £14.99 @ Argos

Ryobi Rlt3123 Corded Grass Trimmer - 300W £14.99 @ Argos

Found 5th Oct 2017
Recently reduced to £14.99 at Argos with lots in stock across the UK according to CheckNow.co.uk

£43.00 at Amazon

The Ryobi RLT3123 is the perfect tool for maintaining smaller lawns. Its 23cm cutting width is able to cut through anything a smaller domestic garden can challenge it with, and its lightweight design means you can use the trimmer for as long as you wish without fear of straining.

The dual line, bump feed head provides more efficient line distribution.

  • Model number: RLT3123.

  • 300 watts.
  • Cutting width 23cm.
  • Corded 4m cable.
  • Bump feed - requires you to tap the head on the ground to release more line.
  • Dual line feed - ideal for overgrown areas.
  • Safety guard .
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Argos Stock Checker has found for Ryobi Rlt3123 Corded Grass Trimmer - 300W - 610 have the item instore & 338 have the item available for reservation.

No wild goose chases here, strimmers for everyone!

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Thanks very much, just sent to a friend up north and he's managed to get Free Delivery (maybe depends how inactive your account is?) - when I sign in it says £3.95 delivery at each time slot - not that I'm complaining. Still a great Deal!
Review on Amazon amazon.co.uk/Ryo…NBA is a bit middling, though (I cut it up - ha - into more easily-readable paragraphs):

Light and powerful but the cable is not long enough and the cutting line is rubbish
By giki TOP 1000 REVIEWER on 3 June 2017

I had a black and decker cordless strimmer but got really fed up of the battery running out when I needed to use it and the heavy weight. This wee thing is very light with no heavy battery to lug about. It is pretty powerful too, chops through the long grass, new shoots of brambles and the wide range of weeds that my garden has to offer without too much bother.

The speed slows when it is tackling something particularly tough but it gets there in the end. Fortunately, it is not powerful enough to rip through tree bark or the thin rubber on the toes of my tennis shoes, despite my best efforts.

I do have a few issues with it though. The bump feed takes a bit of getting used to - I keep having to check which slows things up - if there is a technique to this then I have not discovered it yet. The electric cable is in no way long enough even for my little garden - I have to use it with and extension.

The cutting line that was supplied with the strimmer was pure rubbish, It continually broke right down flush with the hub, meaning that I had to take the spool out and poke the line through again - a horribly fiddly job. This would happen after just a few minutes strimming meaning I was spending more time sorting the line than strimming.

I was ready to chuck the whole thing in bin but the problem was solved when I changed the cable on the spool for the much stronger cable from my black and decker - It worked really well after this.

The Instructions which come with this are very basic and not very helpful. I did contact the manufacturer for help but received no reply.

Anyway - the problem is solved now although I do wish it had been sold with a cutting line fit for purpose, it would have saved me a lot of stress and swearing.
Good price, cheers.
Great stuff, been after a cheap trimmer, all the others are back up in price and I missed the boat. We'll share this with out Whatsapp followers too.
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Cheers OP, thats one xmas prezzy off the list
Great price nice one op
I've never had a bump feed that worked. Spend two minutes strimming and then ten minutes taking the head apart to pull out more line, and then reassembling it.
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Check the availability and cost of replacement spindles before buying.
terriclarkfan1 h, 38 m ago

I've never had a bump feed that worked. Spend two minutes strimming and …I've never had a bump feed that worked. Spend two minutes strimming and then ten minutes taking the head apart to pull out more line, and then reassembling it.

Auto line feed is the answer!
Thanks for this
Just ordered one needed one too cheers
Arrived today, pretty impressed with it for the price point, the grass was so overgrown in areas it would have been a pain to just try and mow over it. Nice and level now, happy with it for sure. Thanks agian
Great find, ordered one for the wife's love garden.....😯
That's a good deal.
Word of caution, the actual device is ******* - flimsy beyond belief, the handle is about as strong as a McDonald's straw. Less than half the price I paid for it mind!
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I bought this 2 weeks ago for same price. It's a terrible piece of equipment: I concur that the spool mechanism is beyond frustrating. Mine went back after one use. Don't buy!
Easy to assemble .
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