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Posted 28 November 2022

Ryobi RY18BI150A-0 18V ONE+ Cordless Battery Inverter (Bare Tool) £45.80 @ Amazon

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As part of the ONE+ system, one battery fits over 100 tools across DIY, Garden, Automotive and Crafting, the Ryobi RY18BI150A-0 18V ONE+ Cordless Battery Inverter is ideal for camping, travel, car journeys, business trips, sheds and more... wherever you need AC power. The battery inverter provides 230V / 150W of continuous AC Power that allows you to power corded products away from home such as laptops, fans, cameras, drones, radios, smart speakers, and lights. With 2 x USB type-A ports, you can also charge your phone/tablet whilst powering your AC devices. Featuring an LED light so that you can easily connect devices in low lit environments. The RY18BI150A-0 is sold as a 'bare' tool (without a battery or charger) but is compatible with all batteries and chargers across the 18V ONE+ system.

  • Powerful ONE+ Inverter provides 230V / 150W of continuous AC Power that allows you to power corded products away from home
  • Perfect for powering small devices such as Laptops, Fans, Cameras, Drones, Radios, Smart Speakers and Lights
  • 2 x USB Type-A ports (5V, 2.4A total) for charging phones, tablets and other USB-powered devices
  • LED Area Light (enabling you to see devices and cables in all environments) features 2 power settings - 50 percent and 100 percent - to preserve power and reduce glare when in use
  • Integrated Smartphone holder for TV, films and gaming

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  1. Avatar
    Great for usung at jumbles and car boots to see if stuff actually works
    Just be aware that it's not pure sine wave, it can make appliances buzz. I tried it on my TV and the buzzing become very loud inside the TV. Probably wasn't good for it! Laptop charger buzzes too.
  2. Avatar
    Or buy a 110 tool and get this free from ryobi website.
    Thanks, didn't realise they had it on. Thank you, works out cheaper if you pick up a tool you need and choose a freebie. Hoping to grab a tool with 5.ah battery since the battery cost £81 on amazon.
  3. Avatar
    Why does this not exist for DeWalt!! Good deal. Heat
    I guess you could use this adapter, (not sure if there are issues with under-voltage protection as never tried one).
  4. Avatar
    Got one of these it's quite handy for camping to pump up the air beds but won't power a kettle or anything that needs higher power
  5. Avatar
    Frustratingly, it cannot charge my laptop from empty. Flashes red and turns off.
    Had that with ours.
    Can't remember which way, but either plugged the laptop in first then turned it on, or the other way around, then it worked.
    Try both, lol.
  6. Avatar
    Great! I need a portable power source to plug in my Ryobi battery charger and charge up some batteries!
    Great idea but watch out for the law of diminishing returns.
  7. Avatar
    Got one for impending power outages in the village where I live to power the router because internet is life!
    But the cabinets in your street that supply the internet will also be without power.....
  8. Avatar
    I must not buy, I must not buy… (edited)
  9. Avatar
    Is this really nearly £50 worth of parts and technology? Surely they could get this down to £20
    As my dad always says "you try making one" and tell us how you get on.

    I agree though, seems a bit pricey. (edited)
  10. Avatar
    Would this power our 65" TV for when we go camping?
    I know you are probably extracting the urine but if it is a modern one, yes it will as it uses less than the 150W output of the invertor. (edited)
  11. Avatar
    Tempted to get this to power a hall lamp where there isn't a power outlet handy.
    Why not just buy a battery PIR light?
  12. Avatar
    That's cool
  13. Avatar
    Why does this not exist for worx
  14. Avatar
    All the use-case examples given are extremely dumb. They all plug into this product to convert AC to DC which is the exact opposite of what this product does. It would be far more energy efficient to use a product that converts 18V DC to user-selected voltage DC.
    Interesting point; my use case is to power a Macbook Pro M1 when working from Motorhome; is there a better solution than plugging the charger into this?
  15. Avatar
    This is a great piece of kit. Definitely worth a punt
  16. Avatar
    Use this to charge my EV
    I know.......... I saw you
  17. Avatar
    Will this run a microwave or a hot plate?
    No it won't.
    Max of 150W according to description.
  18. Avatar
    Expired. Got it free with my vac 😁
  19. Avatar