Ryse Son of Rome -Free On Xbox at the mo

Ryse Son of Rome -Free On Xbox at the mo

Found 7th Dec 2017
Not sure why,
but Ryse appears to currently be free on the xbox store
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It was free a few months ago, not sure why it is now! Grab it while you can!
Not to me. Says only available as part of a bundle, a bundle that's £44.99
Thanks OP

Do i need to have XBOX LIVE Gold to get this game?
Not free on mine says available as part of a £45 bundle ?
Is that is on the Xbox or Microsoft store?
Not working
I really wanted to play this game, I love everything to do with Rome
Not free
I **think** i've got it by signing into my account refreshing the page and clicking "get it free" before it disappears. I'm in work so can't be 100% sure!
Its free for me. Maybe because I actually have the game!!!!
Where is it free?
As a few here have said it's showing for me as part of a bundle. When I click on the bundle price is then £44.99
Not free on either acc of mine. I see the Get it now at refresh but hammering it doesnt work.
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Balls, sorry guys.
Saw it on store parser and it worked for me.
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