Ryse: Son of Rome Steam - Includes all dlc £3.56 @ Instant-gaming

Ryse: Son of Rome Steam - Includes all dlc £3.56 @ Instant-gaming

Found 21st Mar
Great hack and slash, really enjoyed this game.

Fight as a soldier. Lead as a general. Rise as a legend.

“Ryse: Son of Rome” tells the story of Marius Titus, a young Roman soldier who witnesses the murder of his family at the hands of barbarian bandits, then travels with the Roman army to Britannia to seek revenge. Quickly rising through the ranks, Marius must become a leader of men and defender of the Empire on his quest to exact vengeance – a destiny he soon discovers can only be fulfilled much closer to home...

Bonus Content
"Ryse: Son of Rome" for PC will come with all bonus material originally released as downloadable content for the Xbox One version, including:

• The Colosseum Pack containing two character skins and two Arena maps.
• The Mars’ Chosen Pack containing one new character skin, four Arena maps, and the new Survival mode.
• The Duel of Fates Pack containing two character skins, two Arena maps, and one additional Survival map.
• The Morituri Pack, with three new Arena maps, two Survival maps, and five solo Arena maps.
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A decent hack and slash, but pretty much the modern equivalent of a side scrolling beat-em-up. Worth it for the money.
Good combat, reminiscent of the Batman Arkham games, but absolutely nothing else to it. Worth a punt at this price
still remember how they where hyping this up as the best thing since slice bread. Such a disappointment. If they only spent a few moments looking a Shadow of Rome for the PS2 (which has the best hack and slash gladiatorial battles I have ever seen) it would have been for the better.
One of the best looking games I've played on my PC, but there isn't much to it gameplay wise.
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