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Posted 1 November 2022

Ryzen 3 3100 & A320 £99.99 at Palicomp

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This deal is expired. Here are some options that might interest you:

Ryzen 3 3100 + A320 Motherboard £99.99
Back in stock but with A320M-K Motherboard now (keep to original £99).

Excellent price for people on a very low budget.

-Drop a level for a build idea.
Palicomp More details at Palicomp
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    Are you saying purchase all of the above rather than the op bundle?
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    people tend to go intel for quicksync mostly, that's a big feature particularly if you're any kind of content creator. likewise the only reason that AM4 boards are so silly inexpensive is like this A320 they're quite old, while for 12th gen you need to fork over a ton on the motherboard.

    a 12100 will pretty significantly outperform this but not in price/performance
    The mobos for 12 gen's recently gone up in price as well. Been keeping tabs on the prices of B660s for a while and they've gone the opposite way than expected. Every now and again a decent h610 deal comes along if one's after a budget build.
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    For those on a gaming budget...
    My home theater PC is running an R3 1200 overclocked to 3.8GHz and has an R9 290x in. Runs 1080p mid in games that are 2 years plus (I haven't tried any new games lately) surprisingly well. It hangs close to 60Hz, but it can dip as low as 30Hz depending on the game.

    This CPU should be better. However, I'm pretty sure the A series boards don't allow for overclocking... But they benefit seems to be dying with new CPUs.
    3100 4c stock is that of a 2600 6core

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    Will this run Windows 11?

    Open the Start Menu > click on the Power button > then press and hold Shift key and click on the Restart option > when it shows a blue screen with a few options, click on Troubleshoot > click on UEFI firmware settings > click Restart > navigate to the Security tab and find Secure Boot there.
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    Just checked for a A320 motherboard and there charging £50 when they use to be £25 at one time way too exspensive
    They are hiking it for "price drops" in Black Friday
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    Haha palicomp.. reminds me of a bad joke. Stay clear everyone
    Reminds me of ccl who i sent my motherboard to for them to retun it in a plastic postal bag and it got crused in the post and then they said would replace it because of poor packing but they would never give me an rma to retun it they just kept telling me lies so they can look good on trust pilot.
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    My lads got a 3100 with 16gb and a 6600 non XT - decent rig for 1080p
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    Bargain. Build a capable gaming system for buttons.
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    because they're selling them under OEM rules i imagine, and you buy the CPU in a tray and not in retail packaging. sometimes you get the motherboard box, that's happened to me with CCL before.
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    The CPU will always be Oem for I/R 3/5 stuff from prebuilt sellers.
    The motherboard will be normal and comes with the box.

    R8/I8 = all retail, due to low numbers and hence why most 8cores dont come with coolers.

    just pop a note in the comment box that u dont want it built. (edited)
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    What's this comparable to in the Intel range? I noticed you can pay a bit more and upgrade the cpu etc...
    Was thinking about replacing a very old i5 i think 4 or 5 gen
    Have a 1tb m.2 drive atm
    10100F spec, but the problem is motherboard prices.

    1)Palicomp compile this so its all done, which alot hate. thats another bonus.

    if u can get a cheap board and do the work urself then the 4500 at CCL at £77 is cracking.

    so more buck, u can beat this via that.. but £99 its a steel for its own right cpu/board for that ultra buck idea.

    gives us something to talk about atleast lol. brings more conversations to the table. (edited)
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    Why cant they send you motherboard and cpu so you can assemble at home its not rocket science and then you have the boxes unless there using refurbished motherboards from manufacturers
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    Any ryzen 3000 is fine (zen 2 onwards). Microsoft will be adding support for intel 7th gen and zen 1 ryzens later.
    What a cock-up. It's based on windows 10 anyway.