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Ryzen 3200G 8GB Vega Desktop System £260 + other deals from Palicomp
188° Expired

Ryzen 3200G 8GB Vega Desktop System £260 + other deals from Palicomp

£260 Free P&P FreePalicomp Deals
188° Expired
Ryzen 3200G 8GB Vega Desktop System £260 + other deals from Palicomp
Posted 4th Jun 2021

This deal is expired. Here are some options that might interest you:

1a) Ryzen 3200G 8GB 240GB SSD System £260.00
1b) Ryzen 3400G 8GB 240GB SSD system £307.99

2a) Ryzen 3200G 16GB 480GB SSD system £325.00
2b) Ryzen 3400G 16GB 480GB SSD system £372.99

3a) Ryzen 3400G 16GB 500GB SSD + Upgrade: PSU / Case £385.00

A=sets primary price bracket where i would buy, key performance on vega system is ram "16GB Ram is a consideration before CPU per upgrade per budget" unless u fancy splitting cost and adding more ram in laters / depending on the type buyer you are per your initial budget. "usual type do / never touch again"

Ryzen 3400G - selecting cpu at the bottom except for number 3.
16/480 - using the promo package at the top as an addon. (+65)
3rd option - using the promo package at the top (+125)

Fancy a deal with windows/wifi/ more storeage.

link: palicomp.co.uk/amd…buy

3200G 16GB 480GB+1TB SSD -> £400
3400G 16GB 480GB+1TB SSD -> £447.99*
4650G 16GB 480GB+1TB SSD -> £537.99**

inc: A320 Motherboard / 500W KO PSU(add gpu laters)
16GB 3000mhz Ram / Case / Wifi

*change cpu below.
**previous stated will be A520 for this one as min not A320 board.

The first set of package deals are best for DIY windows.

Example: package 3a at £385.00
+ £35 for 1tb extra storage = £420.00

Windows package is £447.99
this includes wifi/windows for additional £27.99

advantage on the Diy: u save, u get slight higher ram £7 and slight higher case +£10
27.99+17 = £43 | £43= for windows /wifi is pretty impressive vs other firms but obvious not to DIYERS!....

PS: No post about GPU's here. this is a vega post only.
Fancy a GPU ---> head to AWD/Ebuyer deals under my name.

My personal one i like out of them:

option 3 + DIY windows myself - its got an upgrade PSU / NVME storage and ill bang in a upgraded gpu laters when the market settles, -> when the bottom falls out of the bit and it will, its a question when, which will result in 4GB cards for around £70-100 again as we did in 2020 - From Real Time.

**main 4650G gone up and expired but the complete package from the ofset of the 3200G / board change offers still great value.
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