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Posted 18 November 2022

Ryzen 5 4500 - RX6650XT - 16GB - 750W - 240GB SSD Gaming System from £599.99 at AWD-IT

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Shared by sarden84
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About this deal

This deal is expired. Here are some options that might interest you:

AWD-IT Black Friday Week Is Here.

AMD Ryzen 5 4500
SAPHIRE RX6650XT Graphics card
GIGABYTE B450 S2H Motherboard
CORSAIR 16GB 3200mhz
AEROCOOL 750w Bronze PSU
AEROCOOL Python Case

Price: 599.99

Sarden84 Selection build:

AMD Ryzen 5 5600 - (Boosted from 4500 for £49.99)
SAPHIRE RX6650XT Graphics card
GIGABYTE B450 S2H Motherboard
CORSAIR 16GB 3600mhz - (Boosted from 3200mhz + 6.95)
AEROCOOL 750w Bronze PSU
AEROCOOL Python Case
AEROCOOL 120MM AIO OR ARCTIC I35 Cooler - (Boosted from stock, to 120MM or Arc Air +39.99)
CRUCIAL 1TB NVME - (Boosted from 240M to 1TB Nvme +44.99)

Price: £741.91 (Or £701.92 when keeping to stock cooler)

- Many other Ram, Motherboards, and Storage combo on site.

Warranty information

*Windows is preloaded on System, but unactivated.

6650XT VS RTX3060

AWD-IT More details at AWD-IT
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  1. Avatar
    anyone else needing any help with gaming PC, back late late tonight, its pretty much one of them days, gotto be about 10 places at much.

    but i am this weekend going to put a list together "mega" on where we are at with deals, and then slot in any others what come though the week, if any.
    I'll keep my eyes peeled. I'm looking for an entry-mid level and despite working in IT don't have a clue. Thanks for all the work you do here :-)
  2. Avatar
    B550M-K is now in the options at +£29.99
  3. Avatar
    FROM THE MODS................................. HMMMMMM

    Hi there,

    It's nothing to do with us - he's deleted his own account, on his own accord.

    He's free to reactivate it whenever he wants.

    I think he has done it before. Probably when he is busy and wants a break.

    I'm sure (hope) he'll be back - he posts great deals and learnt alot from reading the threads
  4. Avatar
    Oi Mods! What you done with sarden!?
    any update from the mods?
  5. Avatar

    where is he? (edited)
  6. Avatar
  7. Avatar
    I wonder if I can turn this into a bare bones system (no graphics card) and use my 3070ti that has been in its box for 10 months?
    no harm and asking and calling. let us know.

    but: PC BEST BUY -GPU onsite, have a play with promo to get what u need, optional to remove storages to.
  8. Avatar
    Thanks Sarden just ordered one for the lads birthday.
    Mods sort it out, Sarden is invaluable to this community.
  9. Avatar
    Ryzen 4500 just isn't worth it sadly
    I'll challenge that with the thought of £50 reduced from 5600 to 4500 for people who are more budget tight,

    Rather then that individual going for a 5600+6600 combo which no doubt they will certainly be looking at on the net.

    Ah it's 2019

    3060+580 Vs 2600+1660s thought. (edited)
  10. Avatar
    Can upgrade CPU to 5600 only £50 extra 
  11. Avatar
    Finally a pre BF deal to look at . I knew awd-it was starting their sale today , looked this morning then forgot (edited)
  12. Avatar
    Would anybody know the best prebuilt for around £2000 or a bit more thanks.
    Got some nice ideas but just waiting to see how the others come along, watch this space.
  13. Avatar
    So this would only need "wifi" and windows adding to it and it'd be ready to go?
  14. Avatar
    Hi Sarden, thanks for all your posts
    I bought a Palicomp deal you posted a couple years back, Ryzen 3 3100, RX580 etc... and it has done me very well, but its time for an upgrade. Would this be a decent upgrade for the cost, and to give me at least another 2 years before needing to go again?
    I have a budget of about £1000, obviously already have all peripherals, monitors etc... just trying to get best bang for my buck this side of christmas. Was thinking I should be looking at something with PCI 4.0 to future proof?
    Thanks for any help you can offer!
    Palicomp do the 12400f/3070 which is currently the bestRTX3070 system for 1K for total outright performance. where other custom sellers are doing it for a lot more, so have a check on that one.

    But this 6650XT, if £599 top the storage to 1tb at £45 and cpu to 50 5600 = £695
    Quite a Gap, which is spread across various of parts on the cheaper side, but rather then be cut short to their advantage, its to ur advantage on the price tag, people can diss about the case, oh its b450, oh its AMD, oh its an A700W PSU, value to performance on that £700 (my idea except cooler to fight that case, and 3600mhz cos its ryzen then intel) is outstanding.

    i have sent some feedback to AWD, if we can get B550 board in for u. but i feel this will be limited on changes. u could give them a call.
  15. Avatar
    AWD are rubbish.
    Everybody hurtssssss .... I would finish the lyric and say sometimes but seems yo hurt with every awd-it post.

    God forbid mcdonalds mess your happy meal up
  16. Avatar
    Advice please, this, with said upgrades plus 165hz curved monitor and peripherals for £983 or the Intel Hellfire 3070 for £999? Just a casual gamer (things like PES, Fifa, GTA, Eurotruck Sim, Assetto Corsa, Assasins) and the knocking up of the odd invoice. (edited)
  17. Avatar
    @sarden84 I'm going to finally buy this son of mine his pc next week, (have to lodge his savings)
    As far as he knows he is getting just a case and really wants a mesh one like the white and grey corsair icue 5000x.
    Is there away to get this configuration with that case.
    I updated to the following...
    And apologise for the long link

  18. Avatar
    What performance would you expect from this on a 1080p monitor?
  19. Avatar
    If you want to see performance then check this video out:

    "but i must advice u, play it in mute."

    1) old market review, old price review, and so on..... over time things mature better.

    What u do need to do is review the stats on the performance vs other cards., then compare what this system offers, VS an alt u seen and then blend in the rest of the parts in a value token n compare.

  20. Avatar
    Nice one mate, heated!
  21. Avatar
    I’ve bought this and was just wondering, would I not need a sound card? There was no option to add this on the build.
    The sound card should be built into the motherboard mate
  22. Avatar
    This is the worst possible time for @sarden84 to go M.I.A
    I hope he's ok. (edited)
    was just about to post saying wheres he gone this time?! @Dan sarden always has time to respond and has helped multiple people, do you know if he is alright?
  23. Avatar
    Is this still the best bang for buck deal @sarden84 ?

    Looking for a gaming PC under £600, the only comparable thing is Ryzen 3600 + RTX 3050.
    So far it is,
    "jump of RTX" live happy atm. i would spend a little more to add a little more storage.

    +50 for the 5600 is a no brainer upgrade for people who can.
    but the lower cpu for that budget friendly vs the field right now yup its a steel.

    scary world out there, u seen my 5600G at £350-450 normal price is = 550/650 and if it does have a gpu new its a 1650
    this is a 6650xt
  24. Avatar
    My daughter wants a gaming pc to play Genshin Impact on. Would this be ok?