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Posted 1 October 2022

Ryzen 5 5500 6 core Zen 3 Processor - £83.51 delivered @ CCL Computers

Shared by JaGGeD_DiCe
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Update 1
Price dropped to £83.51
AMD Ryzen 5 5500 Desktop Processor, 3.6GHz Base, 4.2GHz Turbo, 6 Cores, 12 Threads, Socket AM4, 65W TDP, 19MB Cache, Zen 3, Stock Cooler

useful for those whom still use a B450 or have an A320/520 motherboard.

Good Deal for a 6 core cpu!!!
CCL Computers More details at CCL Computers

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    would this be an upgrade from a Ryzen 1600 AF
    Massive upgrade, yes.

    Just need to update your BIOS to latest beat version (assuming you have a main manufacturer made motherboard).
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    Can anyone point me in the direction of a plug and play board to go with this?

    Hoping to build my 11 son a machine for Christmas.

    Many thanks in advance
    Try an A520 Motherboard which can be picked up from around £50.
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    Excellent price. Great for a budget gaming build or entry level content creation, worth mentioning it doesn't support PCI-E 4.0 but doubt that will really be a real problem for 99% of people.
    No, because 99% of gamers grannies have better PC's.
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    Hi Everyone this is my first post and annoyingly the price above is wrong its actually £83.51
    You can edit your own deals
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    Great price 🔥 congrats on your first deal (edited)
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    cheaper than a 3600 even secondhand and roughly similar performance so long as you don't need PCIE gen 4. pair with a b450 and you're away at the races, heat! (edited)
    Yeah decent enough price. Performance is fine, I have a 3600 so this isn't an upgrade for me. Then again the 3600 easily does what I need so no upgrade required yet.
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    Thank you op, just what I need to finish my build
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    Perfect timing, had been looking at the R5 5500 as an upgrade from an R3 1200, heat+.
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    48342441-yQJNn.jpgNice deal, sold out already! (edited)
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    kudos to JaGGeD_DiCe, v. good first deal
    Thank you
  11. Avatar
    Fantastic first deal dude.
  12. Avatar
    Just got a cancellation email due to lack of stock, gutted
    same here
  13. Avatar
    How does it compare to 3600?
    Very similar however this has less cache and doesn't support pcie 4
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    I bought this for £120
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    Excellent price if your on a first gen ryzen platform or one of the later quad core chips.

    Should be not problems with most motherboards only a 65w chip. Reviews seem to suggest 4.6ghz all core possible with around 1.25-1.27v.

    I’m on an overclocked 3600 which is very similar to this. Hopefully more 5000 chips will get big discounts! I first got into AM4 when the 2700 came out and I got a 1700 for £140 new.
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    i got my 3900x for 120, and also my previous 3600 and a X570 mobo for 120 both on facebook market. i could sell the remainder of my components (a 3300x and a b450) and the 3600 it wound up being like a 20 poundish upgrade?

    a 3600 was honestly more than enough i just got lucky with people upgrading. i think a 12100 build even with a "cheap" mobo would be more than this and although that would do better in gaming this will outperform for productivity and other things, particularly since it pairs with a B450 with no drawback since neither part supports PCIE Gen 4 and you can get B450s for peanuts, both first and secondhand.
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    Think I just got the last one though
  18. Avatar

    i missed it messing around
    great deal (edited)
    Me too lol. There's always next time ^_^
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    Still in my basket for delivery on the 2nd January????..
  20. Avatar
    Missed it, would definitely buy it at £83.51. (edited)