Posted 9 February 2023

Ryzen 5 5600 + RTX 3060 TI DDR6(X) + Kingston 16GB 3600mhz/1TB Gaming System at £922.96 AWD-IT

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About this deal

RTX 3060TI GDDR6(x) bY Zotac.

Ryzen 5 5600
Kingston 16GB 3600mhz
Kingston 1TB NVME
Lancool Black <-> Lancool White.
GM Bronze 650W Bronze <-> Corsair 550W TX550 Gold
Asus B550M-A Board Gigabyte B/Wifi card<-> Asus B550M-A Wifi Board

Each link Price: £925.93 <-> £922.96 (each link for both)

#The black or White version, you pick.
#+60 for Ryzen 5 5700X 8Core.



What we have here is two lovely systems white or black, - we also have the Palicomp £855 RTX3060TI windows system featuring intel 12400F - which is obviously £75 cheaper. has the TX550 like the white lancool but obviously has the cheaper case, which obviously quite a portion of that gap, so if ur looking for that premium lancool case this is fantastic., but as a juicy extra bonus, we have GDDR6X Ram RTX 3060Ti Model, which is worth a few tens more.

Food 4 Thought, this has windows loaded but not activated VS the other activated, BUT u get FREE Marvel Game, Midknight suns, hmmm.. Marvel code vs windows code... i think that's self-explained for most.

Remember to check out my £1050 Gaming prebuilt Bundle post.


Pali Hellfire now has boosted 3080 which sits below the 4070Ti version very well.
AWD-IT has put a boost in their 3070 with a nice topper to 3080
pali hellfire now has 13400F in the options, they also have a market value 7600X/3070 at 1275 which is a fantastic strip-down value, but the upgrade to 6000mhz needs working on, - so my advice HOLD or pitch!.

And if u are crazy and mean seriously crazy about Hogwarts new game, FNactics by Chilliblast have skinned HOGWART CASE in various colour themes. however, that skin will cost u a GPU league more than my current deals, thankful you could use some form of that wizard craft-making to get it sorted.

Expelliarmus! 5800x RTX3070 at chili into ---> 13400F / RTX4070TI!

Ooops I've done it myself.

Now that is a spell n half, Shrinked a FNatic Case with a Potter Skin, into a much-needed market desire item.

ITX- Systems!

Ryzen 5700X/3060Ti- 16GB / 1TB £1192.95
INTEL 13400f / 3060tI - ITX 16GB / 1TB from £1264 (3060-3060ti-3070-4070TI onsite)

^ which is great for people who keep asking me about ITX Systems.
AWD-IT More details at AWD-IT
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  1. TheRaider's avatar
    Poor pairing
    sarden84's avatar
    3060Ti is the perfect great pairing with Ryzen 5600

    common min self-build standards, ?
  2. sarden84's avatar
    The illusional of the vote system

    This £844 system is hot -> palicomp 3060ti at £850

    This one we are speaking on is £922.96 and i brought the black version lancool to match the white one.

    # The white has a Wifi board, so I've added wifi to the Black version to bring it up to the same level.
    gap from £855 -> £925 is £75

    *if i ignored the wifi i could done this post under £900, which is level of expected "ti" on the "fast button first vote system.

    What we got is a

    Cit flash -> Lancool
    3060Ti DDR6 -> 3060ti - DDR6X
    Windows licence -> unactivated
    no games -> marvel game.

    I've shown some nice 6700 and 6750xt which are great for people who don't mind jumping of nvidia bandwagon.

    and then on then obvious, we got RTX3070 systems inside this link, which I've given ideas on boosting the 6750xt / 3060ti into high core specs then just more GPU spec for a cash set price.

    3060Ti DDR6X one we speak is more for people halfway between the pali 3060ti and awd 3070/pali 3070 hellfire.
    nicer case and with the X does give the 3070 a good seeing to as a nice undercut. (edited)
    EGGY-PC's avatar
    Nice machine mate, lovely cases...
  3. Czubaka's avatar
    That's a good looking system that packs a serious punch for the money!
    My only gripe - £922 PC cooled by £7 cooler
    They could at least give some better upgrade options other than 120mm AIO. (edited)
    sarden84's avatar
    options on site or do the awd backdoor basket trick by adding any from the site.

    sadly not many will get this deal as they look at one min i post 3060ti deal at £855 and next £925 and unless ur actual buying, then no reads whats inside.

    its got the ram from the 3070Ti, which gives it a lovely boost, shy of the 3070 but at much nicer price.
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