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Ryzen 5 5600G - 16GB 3200mhz - 480GB SSD - Corsair 550W TX Series GOLD - £365.00 at Palicomp

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About this deal

  • AMD Ryzen 5 5600G - 6 Cores - 12 Threads 3.9/4.4Ghz
  • ADATA 16GB DDR4 3200Mhz (put in the text box, 2x8 they do have 1x16GB too)
  • ADATA 480GB Sata3 SSD
  • AMD Radeon Graphics

Price: £365.00

open this: palicomp.co.uk/pc_…ac3 £325
& Add this to the same basket: CORSAIR 550W 80+ GOLD
325+40 = £365.00

#VEGA NOW <---------------> GPU ANOTHER DAY.

Update: for the video/photo editing QS:

Palicomp More details at Palicomp
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    What do you mean by back door it?
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    Very nice PC for office work and light gaming

    Good quality PSU and motherboard. Plenty of upgrade options - add an M2 SSD and a GPU like RTX 4060 down the line. (edited)
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    All I say to those who think of adding on discrete gpu - beef up psu too. Otherwise good built.
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    Can I add a 4070 Ti straight into this system? Or do I need to do some other upgrade first?
    Avoid mate. - will recheck another line for u soon as ill have to go over it again, with new boosters see if it works.

    but on this PSU isn't high enough, and boosting into the mainstream CPU isn't good on this one now.
    this is 5600G / 5700G only.

    Do u have the 4070Ti as I've got some nice system with 4070Ti in them for non builders. (edited)
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    Brilliant entry level PC to play esports games like Valorant, CSGO, Rocket League etc at ease on 1080p, great price and the PSU is a plus!
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    Very good deal. There is no excuse to have a bad work machine if this is so well priced.
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    Would you happily be able to play games like Madden, Fifa and GTA on this?
    Not without a dedicated GPU
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    @sarden84 I've not found palicomp to have the best customer service. Bought the other 5600g build you put up for a friend and got constant emails about upgrades before they'd send it out despite me saying I didn't want them
    Thanks, Alex for the feedback, I'm going to have to put my hands up on this one a little bit.

    I remember one of the admins asking, how am I able to get builders to take advice or part suggestions or whatever.
    Which was way back in CCL Area.

    it was the power of hotukdeals, and back then it was a suggestion by me: if u see a powerhouse of a deal that's the one to pitch from even if u have every single thing about it.

    i bought a CCL deal back in 2019 via eBay and i change every single item in it, I got my eBay discount and I paid the gap increase to what I wanted at a fee on the normal part rate.

    I've shared that idea countless, phone call phone call. then then over time put the part edits i put on here for folks.

    with Palicomp they are email based, and they offer that management, and I've helped people tweak last drip with boosters and god knows and sent hundreds to barter them like mad.

    so i presume they're fighting back my ways.

    so my advice on this, as i am sending people to pitch them like crazy for tweaks.

    "it doesn't matter how much u offer it me, im not interested at £20" and beep off.
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    How would this perform for video editing?
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    Guys im a complete noob when it comes to computers.

    I need a machine capable of handling video editing software like davinci resolve/final cut pro.
    I was considering getting a new mac mini m2 base model 8gb ram as I only will be doing basic editing, I can get that for about £600 and it supposedly runs final cut pro ok.

    But im a long time windows user so dont really want to make the switch. Would this machine have enough firepower to run davinci smoothly and for a few years? I think I would need a graphics card to add to this, is anything available as part of this deal (edited)
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    Anyone on here have experience of music production I am going back and forth between a 5600/5700G or an m2 mac mini on the student deal for £539?
    What DAW (Digital Audio Workstation) software do you want to use?

    Why do you want to use that DAW?

    What plugins do you want to use?

    You need to ask these questions to decide what is right for you.

    Any computer for the past 20+ years can easily record multi track audio. However it's the amount of processing power you require for plugins and also the total RAM footprint of the DAW + plugins that matters. (edited)
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    Great deal! I wondered if you had any suggestions for the best possible gaming PC under £2000? Would it be amending the palicomp hellfire to the 4070ti or higher? And upgrading the processor and memory? Or are there any other better prebuilt options anywhere? I've spent a few days looking at a bunch of sites, but just getting a little bogged down!
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    I need it for InDesign work, I’m guessing if it’s good for gaming, it’s good enough for any design work?
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    This or a Mac mini M2? I know physically they are very different but from a pure performance point of view is there much in it? I was all set on the mini M2 entry level until I read about the 256GB storage slowness...need to upgrade to 512GB and that's another £200 so really can't afford that, put me off a bit. I'd do a bit of light video/and photo editing editing etc... other than all the usual stuff.
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    Cheap Windows from eBay?