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Posted 10 July 2023

Ryzen 5 5600G + 16GB 3200mhz + A520 Tuf + 480GB SSD + 500W - Vega 7 System - £285 with Discount Voucher at Palicomp

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  • AMD Ryzen 5 5600G - 6 Cores - 12 Threads
  • ADATA 16GB DDR4 3200Mhz
  • AMD Radeon Vega 7 Graphics
  • 500W (OEM)

NOW £285.00 with Voucher
1) Open the link and add in £40 Voucher into the same basket.

The Cheapest 5600G systems continues to get cheaper with the pc market race.

As previously noted:

This is the deal that is cracking for flipping in a GPU


Power units:
+40 CORSAIR TX550 GOLD PSU (4: AMD 6650 / RTX 3060TI)
+25 CIT FX BRONZE 700W PSU (4: 10 series nvidias)

+35 ASUS B550M-K

-15 = ZERO, - Add ur own.
+35 WD SN350 1TB (+50 with menu's and keep 480GB SSD too)
+40 WD LEGEND800 1TB

+70 5700G

+15 CORSAIR 16GB 3600MHZ
+50 CORSAIR 32GB 3600MHZ


5600G Is an APU system, that offers excellent performance, its onboard graphics are great for budget users, entry into basic gaming and these are usual marketed on the web all over for insane cost.

Over the past 4 years Vega Systems have been a hot trend on hotukdeals for their insane value against the market and one of my fav's to post.

With past trends they have played an important role, dominte the market when GPU's were expensive, but now with GPU being affordable they play and even more important role for non builders.

Next to nothing build fee for non builders is the key, they have a slight performance advantage then a standard non APU CPU such as the Ryzen 5 5500, its marginal but its their for the gain.

Having options of a PSU Boost which ive given info is critial too, as these CPU are a great pairing for boost now with a GPU now or Laters based on ur own needs when required, so u can play the market with used GPU or bargains that might come up on prime day or blackfriday down the line.

You have the option of removing the storage, add ur own used storage or seeing what deals are around in that respect, or taking one of palicomps options.

The B550 is a suggestion to take if u wish to boost CPU on the AM4 Board laters, if that is not the intention then keep to the A520 TUF and enjoy the value.

- Many videos on youtube, regarding the 5600G performance, so check out the usual search terms.
- not going to post links based on this site current trends, but u can check the performance of the CPU and also what the Vega onboard graphic option offers.

5600G Gaming
5600G Photoshop.

loads of videos online, so do check out if it offers what u require.

Part by part strip down on the entry is cracking, next to nothing build fees, about £2quid; topping upto that TX550 is the gap value between PSU's tbh worst element and its a joke for me to say this but we are deal site; so we are petty, prob £10er over if u boost on the nvme, which is nothing in comparable.

so decent price, lots of flex, lots of flippable ideas that can be done.
have fun.
Palicomp More details at
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  1. cfarmar's avatar
    Any good deals around the £1300 mark with Palicomp? (edited)
    Sarden84's avatar
    AMD Best Buy
    Top this link with a £200 4070 boost and that comes in at £1275.00 for a 7600x/16gb/windows/1TB System.

    INTEL Vortex
    Top this link with a £200 4070 boost and that comes in at £1225.00 for a 13400F/16gb/windows/1TB System.

    i can also get creative by going via 5600x or 12400F but also boosting it to a 4070TI for around that budget, ill have to recalc the best link, as the main player with the gamemax F15 got closed because of some person decided to post a deal with a incompatable backdoor so they ended up killing one of my good deals in the proc. #wordicantsayonhere.

    and that is the story everywhere, its a new generation system +4070 for around 1300
    i.e awd-it.co.uk/gam…htm

    or going back a generation such as 5600x/12400F then allows the boost to Ti models,

    # ive got more time this week for more hunts, last week was caos with personal work.
  2. darren_hooker's avatar
    Can windows operating system be installed onto this please.. If anyone knows? Tia
    Sarden84's avatar

    Yes Windows can be easily installed, many youtube provide full informaiton how to download and install windows if ur unsure.

    if u wish to buy windows direct from palicomp; dont order it.

    wait to they offer their management deal but refuse the 1st price and they will offer the management deal less and that has windows thrown in with it plus other items inclusive of extra warrenty.

    /back laters for anyone else needing help. (edited)
  3. jerrysimon's avatar
    Ok firstly sorry for the delay in getting back. I've been busy.

    In the end Palicomp offered a full refund and return or a refund on the PSU and MB upgrade they failed to install.

    In some ways I am pleased as the MB is actually a A520M Plus which has four memory slots (I assume I can just add two more 8MB sticks to take it up to 32MB) and it also has an additional M.2 E slot which has proved usfull. See below.

    I decided to do some upgrades myself. As I said before its been 10 years since I built a PC so a bit of a learning curve, which has been fun and amazing to se how far these have come. I built my first PC 30 years ago a Windows 3.1, 486 machine which cost £800 for the base unit including one of the first CD drives at £150!

    Anyway first I installed a M.2 SSD drive that suggested which halved the boot time. These are amazing.

    Although I planned to use ethernet I wanted BT as well and decided to install a PCie card but the 6650XT covers both slots. So instead I used N.2 e slot to put in one of these amazon.co.uk/dp/B09P1B55JQ?psc=1&ref=ppx_yo2ov_dt_b_product_details

    At first it was rubbish until I also installed one of these amazon.co.uk/dp/B0936Z6V8T?psc=1&ref=ppx_yo2ov_dt_b_product_details
    Its important to get the right I-PEX MHF surface mount connectors

    Now I have WiFi which is as fast as the ethernet and BT added as well

    I then tried to install the RX6650XT card but the stock PSU is rubbish, but we all knew that anyway!
    I took the stock one out. It’s really cheap and nasty, weighs nothing with very limited connectors, including no GPA power connector. I ordered one of these amazon.co.uk/dp/B01127D0MY?psc=1&ref=ppx_yo2ov_dt_b_product_details

    You can really tell the different in quality and weight between this and the stock one. Hopefully I chose right ?

    So the base unit has cost me £384 including, better PSU (definately order the upgrade from Palicomp) Windows and a 3 year enhanced warranty for what that's is worth ? This is a good base for an upgraded GPU later.

    I tried it with the built in GPU and actually got my Quest 2 to connect and run but VR was pretty poor as you would expect.

    I have then added WiFi, BT, 6650XT GPU, 1TB M.2 card which took the overall price to £668. I could have probably saved £40 if I had returned and re-orded, purchased Windows seperately and didn't take the Palicomp warranty etc. I didn't send it all back for that £40 saving and that has been gained in me understanding how to put it all together myself.

    Now it runs really well. The RX6650XT which I got on Prime Day for £219 runs VR perfectly especially Arizona Sunshine (much better graphics than the PSVR I use to have) and Squadrons two of the main VR games I wanted to try on a PC. Having access to Steam is great so much to now choose from and good deals if you look round on the web for saving keys.

    Overall a good experience. Windows is still a faff driver wise to get everything working over the iMac, but this gaming PC is fit for my purposes of connecting to the TV for games and Quest 2. I even got the Quest 2 running great with airlink i.e. no cables!

    My grandson came round yesterday and had a great time playing e-football on my 65" OLED Tv. I can see this is going to cost me a fotune in games for him!

    Anyway that's my update. Sorry its a little long!

    Oh and another huge thanks to for all his help here both to me and others trying to wade through all these gaming PC options.

    50630149-HZDs2.jpg (edited)
    phatbhoy's avatar
    Great stuff - would you mind posting a picture of the other side so I can see what the cable tidy looks like - I didnt pay for it and its a mess lol
    Also, I can only see space for one HDD and one SDD behind the PSU - am I missing something?
  4. jerrysimon's avatar
    Wow even better. I sent a message on the previous posting to Sarden84 so thought I might copy here plus add heat of course

    I was looking at you UKDeals post about the £295 Palicomp PC. I tried to connect my new Quest to my 2015 iMac running bootcamp Win 10 and obviously no way it will play ball lol

    This deal seems good value. I want to try with a new PC and run games like Squadrons and Arizona Sunshine and some of the tennis and table tennis/fitness games i.e. mainly VR using Steam as seems quality/availability and price is better than the Oculas store.

    I was going to look out for a GPU in the sales maybe a GTX 1660 Super 6GB or should I go at least to a 8 or even 12GB card ?

    Was going to upgrade the PSU to the Cosair as suggested. Will the better 550 board and Corsair memory make a lot of difference as price then starts to rise ?

    Also do you add these in configure or search and add them as specific items for further discount i.e. what you called Onsite Part boosters ?

    Ah I just worked it out its in the first section of configure promotions (edited)
    Sarden84's avatar
    1660 6GB is ur cash is budget, open still for gaming and VR. (entry..........) never say no if the price is good for a starter.

    8GB 6600 video review by N.O.B.S ->

    Whats ur total budget, as for £950 we can do 4070 12GB, again i suggest u look up the performance video of what ram means for VR then u can compare the games.

    ur looking at it from a budget way to begin, then asking quite serious QS and i dont want to put u off the budget way with overkill info, and vice. there is some good videos on youtube, just use the keywords and they can go though the "visuals" then i could ever write over on a text based, but the key is to understand what the increase offers in GPU performance for gaming and VR, what ram means, then use that info u obtain in cash value.

    once u have an understand more in respect of where u want to go, then come back and then ask im going this way, and then i can come back in reply to where u want to go with the best links. (edited)
  5. s10grl's avatar
    My daughter wants a pc that won't be as "laggy" playing Roblox and rec room. She is also interested in getting vr. I was looking at the palicomp deal Ryzen budget for £550 but adding GPU 1660ti (+20) and internal WiFi card (+40) but I really am clueless!! Can I just add £200 1660ti to this one to get it £100 cheaper?
    Sarden84's avatar
    Open this link at £325
    Upgrade to the TX550 at £40
    / remove the ssd -£15
    /use the voucher -£40


    MSI Radeon RX 6650 XT, 219.99
    TP-Link AC1200 17.99
    Kioxia EXCERIA 35.99


    if one is happy to do gpu, then ur happy to do storage, wifi and gpu.

    PS: 6600 is better then 1660TI, and 6650XT is even better then them both.
  6. Goose78's avatar
    Sarden you should charge for your expert knowledge. What would a budget of £400 get me for my son? He wants to game on it.
    Sarden84's avatar
    We have this system at £285 that we need to top up the PSU to add a GPU, so that £20 kolink or the £25 FX to begin with.

    so we talking £310 via 480GB SSD..

    - u have choice of -£15 scrap the 480GB SSD off, add in ur 1tb amazon prime special for £35 so £330

    so we are looking for a Graphics card in the region of £70

    Now CEX do RX480 for 65 8Gb or 4GB for £50 more cash for the 580 but 480 is a solid price point.

    Do u have a sep allowance for a keyboard/mouse/Monitor as im just thinking of that £529.99 6500XT if u did.
  7. usban's avatar
    Will this desktop is sufficient to play all games , so all i need to buy screen. Right
    Sarden84's avatar
    VEGA System can play Games in Low detail, so it is a good starter system.

    Please check the full reviews on YT to see if it matchs ur starting point.

    as said its £100 CPU with onboard graphics that gives a little boost in CPU performance then its non VEGA Ryzen 5 5500..

    trying to get Ryzen 5 5500 with No build fees = we wish, or a 12100F with zero build fees. we wish even more.

    so having a vega system right down for non builders that some are happy to do a little tweak on adding little used or new prime deal storage or GPU, works really good.

    So please have a look at the videos; 5600G in 2023 on the tube, and check it out.

    there isnt a new system whats -CPU +GPU for £285

    even at £400 budgets we have a builder yesterday doing one that is +GPU for £100 more, but then -CPU

    so u might as well add a £100 GPU thats better then that gpu and then have the better CPU.
  8. Sarden84's avatar
    For People who desire GPU and want a solid base for boosting into higher GPU laters, using current good AM4 Deals well:

    --> #Sold Base, with a mighty PSU for boosting laters, its that one.


    • Ryzen 5600X
    • Asus Prime B550M-K Motherboard
    • Adata D10 16GB (2x8) CL16 3200mhz Ram
    • 1st Player 1x200MM Case
    • Nvidia RTX 3060TI 8GB Graphics Card
    • BEQuiet 850W GOLD PSU
    • Adata 1Tb Legend NVME

    Price: £750.00 - Open the link and boost the PSU to 850W Be Quiet in promo section.

    • Ryzen 5700X
    • Asus Prime B550M-K Motherboard
    • Adata D10 16GB (2x8) CL16 3200mhz Ram
    • 1st Player 1x200MM Case
    • Nvidia RTX 3060 12GB Graphics Card
    • BEQuiet 850W GOLD PSU
    • Adata 1Tb Legend NVME

    Price: £750.01 - ^As Original& also 1P Exchange cpu/gpu in promo section.

    • Ryzen 5600X
    • Asus Prime B550M-K Motherboard
    • Adata D10 16GB (2x8) CL16 3200mhz Ram
    • 1st Player 1x200MM Case
    • AMD 6700XT Graphics Card
    • BEQuiet 850W GOLD PSU
    • Adata 1Tb Legend NVME

    Price: £807.00 - As Original and instead click on 6700Xt in the GPU section

    • Ryzen 5700X
    • Asus Prime B550M-K Motherboard
    • Adata D10 16GB (2x8) CL16 3200mhz Ram
    • 1st Player 1x200MM Case
    • AMD 6700XT Graphics Card
    • BEQuiet 850W GOLD PSU
    • Adata 1Tb Legend NVME

    Price: £847.00 - As Original and instead click on 6700Xt in the GPU section with 5700X in promo

    • Ryzen 5600X
    • Asus Prime B550M-K Motherboard
    • Adata D10 16GB (2x8) CL16 3200mhz Ram
    • 1st Player 1x200MM Case
    • RTX 3070 Graphics card
    • BEQuiet 850W GOLD PSU
    • Adata 1Tb Legend NVME

    Price: £815.00 - Open link dont follow original deal and instead click on RTX3070 Dual PSU Boost.

    • Ryzen 5700X
    • Asus Prime B550M-K Motherboard
    • Adata D10 16GB (2x8) CL16 3200mhz Ram
    • 1st Player 1x200MM Case
    • RTX 3070 Graphics card
    • BEQuiet 850W GOLD PSU
    • Adata 1Tb Legend NVME

    Price: £855.00 - Open link dont follow original deal and instead click on RTX3070 Dual PSU Boost and also boost CPU in promo up.

    6700XT is in, ive asked.


    NVIDIA RTX3070 8GB to RTX4070 12GB**
    NVIDIA RTX3070 to RTX3080**

    **Design ur main build as above into the "3070" then boost for £200 into either a 3080 or 4070, (edited)
    Mark2021-'s avatar
    What would be more ideal for future proofing In terms of the GPU - 6700XT or the 3070 I believe the VRAM comes with AMD Radeon RX 6700XT 12GB and Nivida 3070 8GB ? so by first glance Amd seems to be the more decent way to go in terms of VRAM (edited)
  9. darren_hooker's avatar
    Does it come with an Os system? Tia..
    Sarden84's avatar
    No O/S.

    u can easily download it and install it urself.

    if u did want one with more storage and windows preinstalled:

    AMD Cobra (RYZ10) at £399.99
    -£40 Voucher = £359.99

    This £285 system we speak on is now £275 as the voucher is now £50.00

    275 vs £359.99
    1st player t3 vs 1st player D3 = same level.
    No Os vs Windows. = how much u value that depends on user.
    480GB SSD vs 1TB (worth £25)

    so the gap is £85.00 and u get £25 of worthy storage more and that means windows is £60.00
    if u fancy doing windows urself then u can save, but £60 aint bad from a seller.

    all the boosters from that bases work on either, except the windows system does have a 1p swap over.

    exchange the 1st player case down to a CIT Flash and that will boost the PSU for 1P if u plan on adding a GPU.
  10. garrafk's avatar
    Dammit I bought this morning with £30 voucher and now it's £40.
    henry.ford's avatar
    Be happy and don't look back!
  11. ought's avatar
    How will this be for fitting a faster CPU in a couple of years?

    And what does +£50 with menus mean? Thanks (edited)
    Zek's avatar
    And what does +£50 with menus mean? Thanks

    Just you can choose a 1TB NVME from the menu like here
    Then if you go down to solid state drive you can either keep the 480gb SSD for £0 or remove it for -£15 saving (so the 1TB effectively costs £35 extra)
  12. phatbhoy's avatar
    so tempted - how many internal 2.5 and 3.5 hard drives can this manage with the ASUS TUF A520M TUF and 1STPLAYER T3?
    Sarden84's avatar
    If u go to the case section on the site and scroll to find the case its at by default and then click it, it will say.
    if u type asus tuf a520 motherboard into google, asus main link will come up with all the motherboard info.
  13. Chinese-spyware's avatar
    Would this make a solid Plex server with some additional storage?
    Sarden84's avatar
    Solid = No.
    Fair = Yes

    Research: 5600G Plex
    hundreds of info of its pro / cons, if u want solid = UHD.

    however the 5600G will offer a nice bite and cover many typical user needs, but does have its limitation in certain features, so check of the comment section when u do ur research.

    5600G plex, bring up UT, see sub comments of peoples personal experience, if u want solid as i say, look for a UHD System, thats intel without the F on the CPU.
  14. gamera's avatar
    How would this be for video editing?
    Sarden84's avatar
    Youtuber: "Pixovert", search for his account and then type this in, he covers it well for photo/video editing and ull see how it stacks up against large systems.
  15. dave_101's avatar
    where on their site do you find their promo codes? They don't seem to be advertised anywhere.
    Sarden84's avatar
    Original it was found from a magazine somewhere shared, then that one expired,
    - then a new magazine deal came after.

    When a link expires; Different websites will act differently

    some will give u "404"

    But with palicomp they opened up the original directory, if it was CPU it show all CPU, with a voucher it showed all vouchers.

    so i just kept a look out for that page, keep checking now n then to see if the voucher changes as these original do come up in mags n co. and ive been nabbing them..

    problem: someone last week posted the original link for this, and told folks to add all vouchers (which clearly state where they can be used on, but nope informed to do all on one deal)

    my disco messages lit up like Xmas tree, does it work does it work, it wont but give it a try, i always make sure the backdoors work n co.

    so they have closed that loop, but someone message me saying its dropped further, so thats how i found it.

    there is a way to find future ones by opening the "promo" looking at the 4 digit code at the end and moving that line up, so its easy to find new promo, then find out where there connected for, but if they rewrite old url codes which they can i wont find new reclaim vouchers.

    ive known for yonks u can add vouchers like mad, to get the basket down n G the site, but it aint going though, so ive alays kept the back doors n promo codes to be exactly workable so it doesnt close the ways, every firm has their marketing, deal on deal. but sometimes we like our own method n occasion the backdoor ways have made some great deals.

    same goes for aWD, i see one deal then another deal oh nice, bit if i could say oh ill abit of that one out of this, n abit of that deal out of another, were now talking,

    u know the site, open them backdoors, bang up numbers that changes products, untill another expires and then shows me the directory (edited)
  16. shyder20155's avatar
    If i went for the B550M-K Motherboard and + 25 CIT FX BRONZE 700W PSU would this be compatible with the 4070 at a later date?
    Sarden84's avatar
    in respect of the 3060TI

    5600G / 16Gb / B550 / 700W say / 1TB(?) = 285+35MB+25PSU+40nvme?=385

    current price of cheapest 3060ti =300 (that asus white prime is lovely)



    5600X/3060Ti 8GB B550/1Tb/600W(Same Quality)/16GB £690**
    ALT inside+5700X -3060 12GB +0.01 more in promo)

    **alt psu boosters.
  17. Sarden84's avatar
    /// this lead is now dead: as its changed to their new 4070ti / 7600

    So another find. some oldies might remember their old epic 3080TI system.

    "once a Time palicomp 3080Ti system was cheaper then any other folks 3080 Non TI."

    since its hayday its been sat on the shelf gathering dust, and thankfully over time we have moved on from that market.

    They have now, first time ive seen it so must be recent.

    updated it, so they dropped the price by £200 and done a 4070Ti in it:

    AMD CrossFire
    • AMD Ryzen 7 5800X3D 8 Cores - 16 Threads 3.4/4.5Ghz.
    • BEQuiet Pure Rock
    • ASUS TUF X570-Plus Gaming WIFI
    • CORSAIR 16GB DDR4 3600Mhz RGB
    • SAMSUNG 1TB 980 NVME M.2 SSD
    • SEAGATE 2TB Sata3 HDD
    • RTX 4070Ti
    • CORSAIR Gold 850W PSU
    • MICROSOFT Windows 10/11 (free on drive or pen drive)

    Price: £1800.00
    PCPP: £1618 uk.pcpartpicker.com/lis…z8r

    # so its not one of my build specials clearly then.

    but the interested aspect:

    They have gone weird on the GPU and made an ERROR, -£1000.00 drop to remove the GPU on site.

    Price is then £800.00 for a PCPP £800.00 uk.pcpartpicker.com/lis…LVw
    Or £710 if u remove the storage on site too.

    So, fancy a wicked 5800X3D X570 16GB 3600DDR4 rGB with a top range corsair PSU and want to bang in ur own GPU.(or storage...)

    that aint a bad deal guys.. (edited)
    lkdasn's avatar
    You can also select the same gpu back for £650. £350 in your pocket. I love these glitches
  18. zaza143's avatar
    Is this setup good enough to use alonside the oculus quest 2 and games like Valorant, Call of Duty without lagging issues?

    What upgrades are needed? (edited)
    Sarden84's avatar
    The CPU will be fine for it.

    However u will need to add a graphics card for it.

    That prime 6650XT would of been perfect,
  19. AstroGibbon's avatar
    I have a NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1050ti card in my old PC, would that fit into this does anyone know?
    Sarden84's avatar

    The default PSU will cover that. however i suggest u think about future upgrades so atleast top it to the nominal £20 promo one or higher as suggested.
  20. ozodimal's avatar
    Will the basic spec machine directly replace my home PC, which is used for office and general entertainment only (non gaming)? I have wifi and keyboard/mouse dongles fitted as well as two monitors and external speakers. Present PC presenting BSOD suddenly. I suspect due CPU overheating, as with an external fan blowing into the tower it behaves itself. It is an i7 860 (2.8GHz) so somewhat past its sell by date admittedly.

    Apologies for such mundane and basic queries but I am somewhat out of my depth here and would greatly appreciate any advice. Reading Sarden's posts I'm thinking of swapping out the 500Gb SSD for a 1Tb one but otherwise sticking with the spec as long as I can plug in all the above peripherals and have a fully functioning home media system. One final query, if they throw in Windows as a freebie, will it be 10 or 11? If 10, will it upgrade to 11 (present system won't of course). Again, many thanks in advance for helpful advice.
    Sarden84's avatar
    Palicomp offer windows via the management deal, which u allways refuse at first instance so they offer it at a lower price.

    As the rest of the stuff inside that management; additional warrenty. extra things, some of it basic. but pitch back once they done the lower price and try n get some of that swapped to items u like.

    thats if u want that; otherwise no thanks. but for people who desire system with windows, its a good method.

    There is an alt deal that does come with windows; and ive found the voucher: (i lost my url for them all)

    -£40 Voucher palicomp.co.uk/40o…bra = £369.99

    VS palicomp.co.uk/pc_…ac3
    - £40 Voucher palicomp.co.uk/40o…buy = 285

    Price: £285 vs £359.99

    The £359.99 has the 1tb inc, that is £40 price item on site, but has non tuf a520 that is upgrade to the tuf at £10

    so on equal basis the 285 with the 1tb by them with the promo click is £325 vs 359.99

    The major other difference for that 35, is that 1) Windows inc.

    both links have grown in vouchers, but the 285 has also gain a upper board and change of case so that use to be another advantage of the direct windows.

    so imo; if u want it with windows, they offer the management at £88, u refuse it, they offer it £68, decline the 1x16gb ram as the above chap mention they offer it at £58.

    £20ish more; u get some other extra, some garbage, extra warrenty, if u cant be botherd doing the management pitch; and u desire windows go for the later system, to me. and many others on this deal site we like doing the management, some dont but i cant please everyone with my ideas.

    so u got two options which ever float ur boat.

    Do check out the boosters on the Direct windows one, they do have a penny deal if u drop the case +upper PSU - so thats a nice alt.

    The 5600G is a 6Core 12Thread CPU, perfect allrounder for the home, Suitable for everything. it will handle everything, comparable to a 12700K system it will just take a little longer at completing challenging tasks, so if time isnt money its a perfect system, it will suit 95% of consumers for every day use.

    They offer both windows 10/11 as they ask u on the system it comes by default and in the management ive noticed windows 11 but i dont see why they wont do win 10 if u ask.

    if u do windows urself, they should set the bios up for it, but u might have to turn on TPM if they dont.

  21. jerrysimon's avatar
    Ok looks like Palicomp can't sort my order so likely I am returning for a full refund.

    Not to worry I have learned a lot

    So based on all the comments here and that I am confident I can reorder or even build my own. Here's what I am thinking

    1. 5600(x) don't need an iGPU, is it worth jumping to the "x" or not ?
    2.MSI B550M PRO-VDH WIFI Motherboard M-ATX (do't need wifi but nice to have and I do need BT) is it worth jumping to one of the MSI MPG B550 GAMING PLUS Motherboards ?
    3.Corsair VENGEANCE LPX DDR4 RAM 16GB (2x8GB) 3600MHz, will this make much difference over 3200MHz memory ?
    4.GameMax 750W Rampage Power Supply, Semi-Modular, APFC, Japanese Tk Main Capacitor, 80 Plus Bronze. These seem good value/cheap but maybe not ?
    5.MSI MAG FORGE M100R Mini-Tower PC Case - I would like quieter fans options ?
    6.Any M.2 SSD 1TB around £35

    Going with the lower of choices above its coming out at around £420 (What I paid for the return unit including warranth etc. I already have a RX6650XT (I got at a bargain of £219 on Prime Day), so the above would allow me to take advantage of PCIe 4 over my previous 5600G

    I can still return my RX6650XT (its quite load under load) would the RX6700XT 12GB for around £100 more make a huge difference/future proof a bit ?

    The RX6650XT runs VR well though I notice on efootball a newer 2003 game for my grandson the FPS at 1080p is 50-60, though reading 60FPS is fine. I am running on a 65" LG OLED TV so could use 1440p but I guessing the RX6650XT would struggle on that ?

    Thanks in advance (edited)
    Czubaka's avatar
    1. You'd see very little difference. Not worth paying more
    2. Look at the features of the mobo- MPG has usb-C and some RGB bling - The other one Wifi. Choose based on the feature set.
    3. In gaming you'd see next to no difference with faster RAM, have a look at this
    and then decide
    4. Never skimp on the PSU - use this list to choose something, the higher list, the better. linustechtips.com/topic/1116640-eol-psu-tier-list-rev-148/ use money saved on CPU and mobo lol
    5. Arctic p12 or P14 depending where you want them. Cheap and quiet.
    6. Sure. 15£ more would get you Pcie gen 4 one - twice as fast
    7. If your budget allows 6700xt is 20% faster than 6650xt but the one you have will be more than enough for 1080p. If you're considering 1440p - 6700xt would be a minimum card worth considering

    Hope this helps
  22. Oxide2k's avatar
    Sarden is that guy all his family and friends ask for help with their electronics / PC's . It has now fully extended to the HUKD community lol. Doing god's work. 🔥
    jerrysimon's avatar
    I have to admit he really seems to go above and beyond here. Has really helped me

    He seems to have a busy job so hopefully he takes time out too (edited)
  23. Smoggy1970's avatar
    Hotty hot hot!
  24. sobers90's avatar
    Tempted by this as a way of playing Starfield.

    It's either get this and pair this with a 2060 6gb for the time being and then upgrade the GPU later. I'm a little worried the 2060 might not be good enough for decent settings though considering it's below minimum spec and Starfield is likely to release without DLSS.. So £300 now and probably a good £300+ or so when the 5060 or whatever is the budget king next year.

    Or just get a Series X for £400 and know that Starfield will run fine and not have to worth about upgrades for the next 3-4 years.

    Third option is just stick with my old PC (i7 4790, 16gb) and just accept that Starfield at 1080p 30fps low/medium settings is the best I can hope for and just leave the other new releases to my PlayStation 5.

    Great deal though thanks. I thought PC was out the race for me but at this price point it makes me start thinking about it again!
    Czubaka's avatar
    Do you already have 2060?
  25. Sarden84's avatar
    Here is a battle of three builders for a theme:

    The theme is MATX, so not a large build, AM4 / 4070 with good PSU / 32GB Ram.
    CCL comes into this one too.


    • AMD Ryzen 7 5700X
    • Be Quiet! Pure Rock 2
    • RTX 4070 DUAL 12GB GDDR6X
    • Kingston 32GB FURY Beast (2x16GB) 3200Mhz
    • MSI MPG Gold 750W
    • Crucial P3 1TB NVME
    • Horizon Exo

    Price: 1177.99 - order without windows.



    • AMD Ryzen 7 5700X
    • MSI B550M PRO VDH WIFI Micro ATX Motherboard
    • Arctic Freezer A35 Tower CPU
    • RTX 4070 DUAL 12GB GDDR6X
    • Corsair 32GB Vengeance LPX (2x16GB) 3600Mhz
    • Gigabyte 750W Gold PSU
    • ADATA Legend 700 1TB NVME
    • Air Mesh RGB Tempered Glass Case (alt case on site check it out)

    Price: 1168.93 (make it up within)


    • AMD Ryzen 7 5700X
    • Asus Prime B550M-K Motherboard
    • BeQuiet Air Cooler
    • RTX 4070 DUAL 12GB GDDR6X
    • Corsair 32GB Vengeance LPX (2x16GB) 3600Mhz
    • BeQuiet 850W Gold PSU
    • ADATA Legend 700 1TB NVME
    • 1st Player TriloBite

    Price: 1164

    Open this: palicomp.co.uk/amd…c10 at £690.00
    # Select the Trilo Bite case if the eye ball one puts u off, at £19
    # Select the Double stack promo: 850W Bequiet and RTX 3070 at £125.00
    # Select the Corsair 3600mhz 32GB at £50 within the promo
    # select the 5700x in promo section at £40
    # upgrade the cooler in the cooler section at £40
    # add to basket at 945

    Then use this: 3070 -> 4070 at £200
    zAndy1's avatar
    With palicomp how do you know whether things are in stock at Palicomp e.g the case you mention (trilo bite) if you click on it shows 'current stock level with an X' which looks to me like it's not in stock. Mind you most things do when you click on them e.g the CPU upgrade etc, bit confusing really... (edited)
  26. Sarden84's avatar
    understand 5600G:

    excellent video via a 3060 spec, pro cons and the guy goes into them well..

    then check out "5600 review"

    Reason for this video, its the last of the three; 5600 vs 5600x vs 12400F in the charts to compare.

    at the time: £140 vs £170 vs £170 (the gap is £120 145 £150 atm) and if u are comparing prebuilt gap is different, palicomp x = awd non x in value strip down in comparrion on deal vs deal sometimes, so its not its best to go non x for value.

    as for boards:
    gamersnexus.net/new…ecs (edited)
    ought's avatar
    Thank you for the reply.

    Having watched those and a bit more it seems that there is no reason to pay the extra for the 12400F, you are better off with the £50 cheaper 5600X, or even save £100 and have the 5600G.

    Or am I still missing something?
  27. happymanuk's avatar
    - Thanks for all of your posts (especially the Palicomp ones). I love watching out for them and seeing what deals can be got through the additional promos etc and discounts.

    I was looking for a fairly basic system and saw this one then I thought about building something myself. We went through looking at different components with a few upgrades here and there and came up with the following (all parts from Amazon and self building).

    I was just wondering if there was anything around a similar price (or better) with deals from Palicomp or elsewhere that would make it worthwhile buying it pre-built.

    This is the spec I was looking at:

    Fractal Design Focus G - Mid Tower ATX - £49.99 (Happy with a more budget case)
    Be Quiet! 550W System Power 10 PSU Bronze - £55.95 (400W OK, but couldn't find branded cheaper)
    ASUS TUF Gaming B550-PLUS (WI-FI) - £109.98 (Because of the 2.5Gb Ethernet - Don't need WiFi)
    AMD Ryzen 5 5600G - £108.97 (I think this is a good all round processor)
    Corsair Vengeance LPX DDR4 RAM 32GB (2 x 16GB) - £66.97
    Crucial P3 2TB M.2 PCIe Gen3 NVMe (3500MB/s) - £79.98

    I don't think I've missed anything off, but if I have please feel free to reply to my post.

    Total Price - £471.84

    Any suggestions, opinions, comments would be appreciated as I'm still at the research stage and very open to ideas. Happy to consider Intel too with a suitable motherboard but thinking this AMD is probably more cost effective.

    Thanks in advance
    jerrysimon's avatar
    From what I’ve learnt the only comments I would have would be if you’re planning to install a GPU later you’ll def need more than a 400w PSU. Also you could just start with 16GB of memory and upgrade later but 32GB is not that much more money. There is something to be said for building your own though it can be frustrating if you hit problems. Finally you’ll need Windows but valid codes are cheap, around £10. (edited)
  28. Sarden84's avatar
    The moment when CCL in bradord travel south to: wakey wines

  29. phatbhoy's avatar
    why cant I see the +40 CORSAIR TX550 GOLD PSU (4: AMD 6650 / RTX 3060TI) option?

    Ignore that - promo section at the top (edited)
    Sarden84's avatar
    haha. aint the first and u certainly wont be the last lol.
  30. Zek's avatar
    Do A520 mobos not support 3600mhz RAM?
    Sarden84's avatar
    Hi Yes they do stock 3600mhz, ive updated the post as this deal has been updated with the tuf board as well.
    i wouldnt personal touch A520/3600mhz when it comes to ur cheap "A" Boards, cestpit. with that asrock, or ur cheap Asus one. MSI A PRO / ASUS TUF good nice boards.
  31. ought's avatar
    I am thinking of going for it with the upgraded motherboard, and the TX550 PSU and changing the case for the ThermaltAKE Versa-H25 as I really want to keep the ability to have a 5.25 drive.
  32. ck12111's avatar
    Could this comfortably play Age of Empires 3?
    Sarden84's avatar
    Youtube this: 300 Games Tested Ryzen 5600G
    it covers AOE in depth
  33. Sarden84's avatar
    Cant see much in repect of Amazon for Gaming systems.

    was one i did post 5600H mini box but the seller didnt pass checks. not a bad price at £295.20 slower then thedesktop version 5600G but for a mini, one of them tiny box things, thats a cracking deal. (edited)
  34. MN760's avatar
    I’m looking for something to play Rust, is this any good?
    Sarden84's avatar
    Youtube is ur friend, plenty of video on what it offers in FPS, see if it comes up to ur expectation at this budget, then also consider looking up AMD 6600 and 6650XT to add on later for a boost.
  35. jerrysimon's avatar
    After two weeks of prevaricating and speaking to (very helpful poster many thanks) I've gone from buying a ready bulit Amazon deal (way worse than this) to getting this deal for simlar money.

    I upgraded the MB to the 550M and the PSU to the TX550

    I kept the SSD to ensure the system is fully built when it arrives to test but will likely go for the Kioxia EXCERIA.

    GPU wise I was looking at the GTX 1660 Super but this RX 6650 XT looks like the better option.

    I spoke to Palicom on the phone and they are busy (were very helpful and well aware of this amazing deal) and said its about a 7 day build lead time at the moment. Gives me time to decide about the GPU.
  36. Leigh36295's avatar
    My nephews current pc died the other day, not sure exactly the issue but would it be possible to add his RX 590 fatboy from that pc into this and it just work without issues?
    Sarden84's avatar
    +25 PSU (FX model, min.) ideal: TX550 at £40
    -15 storage = add storage from old

    Old PC just wont turn on? no lights on board, dead as a goose. could buy another PSU n exchange it and give that a try, usual most common item to go if its dead as anything.
  37. jerrysimon's avatar
    They have come back with this after my order not sure ?

    Any thoughts ?

    Certainly worth thinking about ?

    3 YEAR CAREFREE WARRANTY PACKAGE @ £88 With Below Free Upgrades

    Free Upgrade – QJUMP Next Working Day Dispatch (RRP £75)

    Free Upgrade – Windows 10/11 Home (RRP £95)

    Free Upgrade – OS Tuning (RRP £25)

    Free Upgrade – Cable Management (RRP £25)

    Free Upgrade – RAM CONFIG Upgrade From 2x8GB to 1x16GB – frees up a RAM slot (RRP £10)

    Free Upgrade – GAMING Style Keyboard – 7 Colour RGB Style

    Free Upgrade – GAMING Style Mouse – 7 Colour RGB Style

    Free Upgrade – GAMING Style Headset/Mic – Red & Black Style

    Free Upgrade – GAMING Style Mouse Mat – Red & Blade Style

    Free Upgrade – USB SD Card Reader
    Sarden84's avatar
    3 YEAR CAREFREE WARRANTY PACKAGE @ £88 With Below Free Upgrades

    -> Extra warrenty nice bonus for many, and ive seen many reports of them being great at it, exchanging a failed item down the line that can happen occasional, but if u do refuse it, they will reoffer it at £68.00

    Free Upgrade – QJUMP Next Working Day Dispatch (RRP £75)
    Free Upgrade – Windows 10/11 Home (RRP £95)
    Free Upgrade – OS Tuning (RRP £25)
    Free Upgrade – Cable Management (RRP £25)

    ^ fair extras - its what i was saying in the comments somewhere, if ur the type that wants it with windows do so by management.

    Free Upgrade – RAM CONFIG Upgrade From 2x8GB to 1x16GB – frees up a RAM slot (RRP £10)
    - ^Never accept. (avoid it, 2x8GB is good, unless u plan on going for 2x16GB soon ehough)

    Free Upgrade – GAMING Style Keyboard – 7 Colour RGB Style
    Free Upgrade – GAMING Style Mouse – 7 Colour RGB Style
    Free Upgrade – GAMING Style Headset/Mic – Red & Black Style
    Free Upgrade – GAMING Style Mouse Mat – Red & Blade Style
    Free Upgrade – USB SD Card Reader

    ^ some new elements, never seen them offer a keyboard or mouse,

    £88 -> refuse it, "£68" that aint a bad package,

    /what was ur final spec order u went with as i dont think u got back, send that over n we could pitch em. get some of garbo changed over, the keyboard mouse n headset is £10/£13 amazon combo stuff.
  38. Grazz0r's avatar
    Excellent price,
    brilliant computer, thanks!
  39. ought's avatar
    I said above I am thinking of going for the ThermalTake Versa-H25 as I really want an external 5.25 bay. Is that the best option? Thanks
    Sarden84's avatar
    Hi pal

    Yeah its a good case with the front, but if u want more drives on the front then the antek one. if its just for an DVD drive, u can obtain an external via USB then still have ur modern case. which is the way many do these days, but obvious a 5.25 can be used for other usages.

    as for the number of drives a Case takes, hover over the site and it will say.

    MB info: asus.com/uk/…us/

    some people desire a 5.25 for DVD, or use them for extra USB but obvious all this can be done externall too, think palicomp does have a externer dvd in its options but compare it to amazon specials too. (edited)
  40. Joshyb1993's avatar
    How well will this work if I just stuck a 3060 in it?
    Czubaka's avatar
    Very well. Although you can get Rx6650xt and rx7600 for less money and more performance.
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