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Posted 28 November 2022

Ryzen 5 5600G + A520 + 16GB + 600W + 480GB Vega 7 System £340 at Palicomp

Shared by sarden84
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This deal is expired. Here are some options that might interest you:

Hotukdeals Post: 5600G Vega 7 Deal
Sarden84 deal: Yeah^ but with RTX3060 VS The market.

  • Ryzen 5 5600G 6Core
  • Vega 7 Onboard Graphics (+320 for 3060 see below, add ur self)
  • 480GB SSD (other storage options on site or remove to add own)
  • Palicomp Raider (cougar mesh on site)
  • Kolink 600W
  • ADATA 16GB 3200mhz
  • A520 Motherboard (B550M onsite)

Open the link at £325 & select the 500W Kolink at £10 under the promo
Then add this link KOLINK 500W to KOLINK 600W at +5 or (alt: CORSAIR 750W 80+ GOLD - RM750 at +50)

Then buy this:

KFA2 GeForce RTX 3060 12GB OC Graphics Card - £319.98 + £3.49

Adding ur own Graphics Card.

But Why 5600G with a GPU

The key is non builders, and 5600G is smashing price and has better performance per buck then most 4Core systems.
it is better then 5500 6c and even the 4500 6c for example, but not quite the 4c 12100F by intel in gaming, but the price of motherboard does not fav it at all lately from the intel side., and even systems with NO GPU i.e 5600 are up for non builders, so the 5600G has the performance at the undercut price, which is the same message on the 3060 rather then the higher 3060ti when it comes to aibs. and ive tailed this for kids xmas who desire RTX! Minecraft! but if u do see an AMD CARD! id jump to that instead which will offer more raw performance.

/Crazy idea, but logic its there. VS what im seeing.

5600G vs 5600X (using 3060 as a guide too)


lack of 4.0 means what vs 3.0

but back to basic what does a vega 7 Graphics doo:

5600G as an abode system vs top end GPU

Palicomp More details at Palicomp
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  1. Avatar
    Hi again. 👋 any good prices on nas you seen anywhere? Been looking for recertified wd but there are a few more companies that make those, so I thought you may see good discounts?
    nothing caught my eye on the tag now some had but expired., but i suspect January be good for that.
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    How would this perform compared to a docked steamdeck? It's a bit tricky trying to find where the steamdeck apu sits compared to the 5600g.
    this would have a stronger CPU but lesser GPU ad it uses VEGA graphics compared to the SD's RDNA2. If you add the RTX3060 then this will be a much more capable machine. Not so portable though
  3. Avatar
    What should you be looking for in terms of GPU as a minimum/ worthwhile to improve on the integrated graphics on this system? Considering this as my lads first PC for Christmas but then with the possibility of putting in a GPU maybe 12 months down the line (his pocket money). Second hand CEX ideally.

    Also any tips on a Windows key? (edited)
    Have you checked G2A for a windows key? They usually sell them cheap on there.
  4. Avatar
    Is this any good for editing 4k videos?
    Yup. but an 8Core spec would increase more performance (put the kettle on) so unless ur a pro video editor then 6core apu is more then enough for the avg person.

    if u go on youtube type in: 5600G video editing, many videos and u can see if it matches ur need. (edited)
  5. Avatar
    Crazy cheap. I've been trying to build a cheap pc with second hand parts and it's still working out more expensive than this. An R5 3600 build is working out more expensive.
  6. Avatar
    Are usb WiFi dongles any good?
    yeah, ones with arials. and decent speeds so check the stats of them.
    if they are buy a known brand, the better for the drivers which is the key to them working at their best.
  7. Avatar
    Thanks @sarden84 i've been follwing your deals. I'm looking to replace three computers at work that are just used for e-mail, account, Office 365 kind of jobs and wondered if this deal is a good one to go for without the RTX card addition? if so is there a decent case swap without the RGB stuff?

    thanks again for all the time you put into these deals
    These will be perfect.

    give them an email with ur order request with the link and changes and ask for the best price if u order more then 2, its what ive mention to other small firms and schools, as ive helped loads of schools with these when they have been on offer around the net from various of firms.
  8. Avatar
    @sarden84 Is it worth taking this over self building? Looking to spend <£650 and I know you mentioned some ebuyer codes may be on the horizon?
    I've been on the fence with impulse buys of things like this too just as a 2nd machine for basic working tasks lol. At these prices I am thinking it would be hard to beat self-building! So tempted
  9. Avatar
    So if going for the corsair PSU upgrade, would the final price without GPU be £385? Just want to make sure I have done this correctly lol.
    I am thinking this without a GPU would be fine for some simple programming tasks/web browsing. Maybe add GPU later if I feel like it or need to
    325 + £10 +50 = 385 yep.

    The site price is £325 and then onsite is the booster for the £10.

    that gets upto 500W kolink

    and ive stolen the 500W-750WCorsair from an older deal what came with 3060/3050
  10. Avatar
    Self builders: hold for the next ebay code, i have no idea why ebay is rambling though "shop better then new again".

    i want the 15% codes, not this repeated 2nd user stuff all over again.
    ohhh, ok holding haha. As I already have a case too and know how to build.
  11. Avatar
    Please forgive what's probably a pedestrian question or two, but is all that needs adding to this a GPU for it to be a reasonably capable gaming machine? I'd like to upgrade my lad's very old PC so he can play reasonably modern games and this looks very swish.

    Also, can this case house a cd/dvd player or would I need to change it?

    Many thanks in advance.
    Palicomp has price reduced the 5600G system right down to bare bone cost but they have cut the PSU down in that
    which is the exact sort of PSU u find in currys/lenovo/HP/ebuyer and most "ebay" 5600G
    but at a better price.

    For vega System = no problems. - the base £325 VS Currys / lenovo its in a gaming system for kiddies and u got the cit home case on site to design it as an office type.

    But if want to add a graphics card your going to need to have something a little better +10 gets u there for a fair 500W spec kolink.

    but ive backdoor 2 PSU for a further +5 for the 600w for a little more headroom and the corsair for Quality High watts, - the psu u can move from built to build laters with really high standards in built quality + gold for the watts at a really nice upgrade price.

    Case would need to be changed, most time people obtain external CD/DVD drives which are from amazon or u got the +6 Cit Home.
  12. Avatar
    Upgrade the motherboard to at least a 550 chipset, which is +£31 or more, there are many options of models in the configuration, so pick one that suits you (ie more M2 slots, WiFi built in, etc), this will help performance and add a lot more lifespan to the PC. Otherwise a good spec and price (with the added 3060 graphics card), for gaming.
    +25 with my booster.
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    Windows: DIY + install urself + Same motto with the storage.

    or u can change the base 5600G to Cobra 5600G at £400

    #325 -> £400 = Better case+520GB Storage + nvme + Windows.

    as for everything else, follow the yellow brick road with upgrades but stage 1 booster would be this to add as backdoor then on site first, but u can double stack

    i was original going to do that but i thought, no ill do the £325, more to play with for people on storage/diy windows. (edited)
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    Does palicomp build the pc for you as well?
    All built.
  15. Avatar
    Can i ask how legit this seller is as i'm buying it as a gaming pc for my son so i want limited fuss as possible and also if something goes wrong or fails that they have good/great support team?

    Also if i buy without windows does the bios need done like some motherboards or is this part alrready done?

    I can install windows etc fine that's no issue and update all amd drivers from amd site, is there anything else i need to do?
    There deals show up often on what i look for and ive received fantastic reviews from people for the past two years.
    dont get me wrong the occasional hickup does come up, but soon gets sorted, which is great.

    after all we are on Number 1 site for Moan R us, so the odd twiddle is going to happen but its rare as anything.

    in respect of the reviews sites, some moans on out of stock items i.e old GPU's. but i go for new lines and find out if they have the items in stock and i only cover a fraction of their site which hits what i like.

    Palicomp has quite afew lines i respect, and some i do not and that is the message with all system builders.

    i wanted to create something different, then just be a hotukdeal poster "this looks good, or" i believe this is good but not sure can u tell me before i buy for people to review."

    the key to my post is value, because everything else can easily be explained is it for u.

    There a small firm, They usual an end line clearance system builder but obvious got lucky in respect of buying clearance ends when the market went daft, i.e the bigger guns follow the "stock trade market price" they pay on demand

    support ive heard is very good.

    u can install windows, and the windows 11 will be fine but im not sure if the bios will be set up for it, but plenty of guides on what u change online.
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  17. Avatar
    I placed my order but it errored when going back to the website home page. Worldpay have emailed me confirming payment but i haven't received an email from palicomp confirming my order and the account page is shocking. It doesn't show any current or previous orders.

    EDIT: I emailed the retailer and they responded within minutes confirming the order! (edited)
    I ordered aswell but had no issue with world pay it came via email right away but it's nice to see the customer service is quick :).

    Are you planning to add anything to your build? I'm looking a cheap graphics card for my son , he's only looking it for farming simulator and a few racing car games which i'm guessing the buily in graphics would probably be enough for him but i'd like to add something to make sure he can get around 100fps on highest setting on 1080p , so if anyone has any cheap as i'm on a small budget graphic card deals please show me what would fit and be easy to install :).
  18. Avatar
    Do you need a gpu in this system to allow video editing or will the barebones be sufficient?
    plenty of tube videos if u search term 5600G video editing and u can see how it will go for performance.

    it is a 6core 12thread cpu after all so its a nippy little rump bugger lol, with vega 7 what is mighty for onboard.
    value to performance is smashing.

    but would it suit ur needs? = research. but it will handle task well but take a little longer then mighty system "some" may expect. where the "avg" joe needs this will very well suit. (edited)
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    @sarden84 Would the CPU cooler on this be suitable for a 5800X if its upgraded later?
    Stock fan.
    Cheap after market will do better
    Plus some case fans.
    And I suggest b550.
  20. Avatar
    @sarden84 Thanks for posting this deal. Going to pull the trigger as it's cheaper than the 5600G self-build using some second-hand parts that I've been eyeing up.

    Can you confirm why I need to upgrade the PSU 450W-500W before using the Corsair PSU deal?

    The Corsair deal doesn't have any info in the description saying it needs to be a 500W for the upgrade (clicking the description button actually just takes you back to the homepage).

    Not knocking or anything, just confused about what's needed here and why - wanting to order ASAP tonight before the deal disappears.

  21. Avatar
    1 more question guy's for anyone that can answer or anyone with different views of what there for doing for moderate gaming .

    I got the base unit with the upgrade psu , so i have the 520 board and now i wished i'd of went for the 550 upgrade but too late i'll stick with this.

    Anway what cheap or cheapish graphics card are we all eyeing up or thinking of also something that fits this board (i'm clueless but learning).

    Thanks in advance.
  22. Avatar
    Would it be a crime to buy this and then put a amd 7900xtx in it? I mean it’s a 61 teraflop GPU, so could have a desktop about x6 times as performant as my PS5 for about three times the price… if so pretty tempting hmm
  23. Avatar
    What are the benefits of picking a 550 board over a 520 one? The only components I'm changing are adding a WIFI card and upgrading to the Samsung 500gb 980.
    Not a huge amount for the average consumer really. You can't overclock on an a520 board, there's fewer PCIe 3 lanes, and there is no PCIe 4 support at all, whereas the B550 has some in relation to the CPU (but still not much as I understand it).
  24. Avatar
    Ordered, many thanks. I'm going to source the wifi and graphics card on ebay as not much budget left
    What graphics card are you thinking of? I've no idea where to start on graphics card lol.
  25. Avatar
    Sadly not, killed my tricks
  26. Avatar
    hi, @sarden84 another cracking deal . if you don't mind me asking, what would you recommend for a productivity-oriented system under 500 without a graphics card but with the potential to add one in the future?

    I was thinking of getting this one but with the following changes-

    1. PROMO - CPU UP - RYZEN 5 5600G to RYZEN 7 5700G : +£115.00
    2. PROMO - AMD BOARD UP - A520M-K to B550M-K : +£25.00

    Total coming to £480 with the kolink 600 promo included

    what do you think?
    also, are there any 12th gen intel deals out there in this price range to make the system a bit more future-proof? (edited)
    cheaper then my sold out elite one here at £494
    but awd advantages was +20 more on top gets 1tb.
    +40 gets u 32gb

    £554 *out of stock atm, but i think that be the base 5600g = phone call to find out).

    will have a ponder over 12th (edited)
  27. Avatar
    @sarden84 My order is arriving today

    So its time for me to look for a OS licence. What's the recommendation, Windows 10 or 11? Pro or Home?

    In the past ive alsways got the Pro versions if possible as they have offered a few extras. Im presuming Windows 11 is the best option here for future proofing?

    stick to win10 better gaming performance id say. O/S keys on line. and home is more then enough.
  28. Avatar
    @sarden84 would a 3070 be good for this,or would I have to upgrade some parts for it to perform good? (edited)
    B550M +650W min PSU (either my corsair or pitch for one in the management from the base) :P

    but understand:

    5600G+3070 VS 5600x+3070 actual means, then compare data to deals.

    nice surpising undercut for non builders in value then over pay for a non g x model atm.

  29. Avatar
    Hey Sarden, merry crimbo to you and yours.

    At the bottom of your post you have the following comment and YouTube link, are you saying that the standard £340 deal here can deliver this type of gameplay/graphics?

    but back to basic what does a vega 7 Graphics doo:

    youtube.com/watch?v=F11zsORGikY *
    cant see the link.

    but £340 boosts the PSU so u can boost to a dedicated GPU (within its PSU requirements matching) for a late date.

    16GB for vega is key as it will use the system ram as video ram, and it being over dual channel works sweet for ryzen vegas more then a typical system.
  30. Avatar
    Hi Sarden, I can't (or don't know how to) get the KOLINK 500 to to 600W deal and I need Windows 10.
    I need a base machine to add a graphics card to later (say 3060) for my 14 year old and 5600G looks to be my best bet for this. So, I was looking at this:
    ...I was thinking to swap all the storage for an M2 1TB (for speed) and increase the PSU, ready for the 3060 later (His birthday is in March).
    Ive added ASUS Prime B550M-A for +£46 (did some research and seems more flexible for future), 1TB WD Black SN770 M.2 NVMe for +£100 and 600W PSU - KOLINK Bronze 80+ for +£24 (was trying to keep the budget down by this stage).
    ...comes out at £560.
    ...does this sound reasonable to you? Any components under/overcooked? Will it all work together? Do they build it?
    I havent built a PC for 20 years (Athlon XP)...If you could have a quick glance as regards my questions above, it would be much appreciated (I'm not asking you to research the best/most cost-effective solution...just don't want to buy him a brick).
    I know I am asking for something for nothing and you must get a lot of this, so no hard feelings if it's a big ask.
    Open this: palicomp.co.uk/amd…z10 -> add to basket "ZERO Changes"
    Open this: OEM -> 500w KOLINK +10 "add to cart"
    Open this: Kolink 500W -> ORSAIR 750W 80+ GOLD - RM750 +50 "add to cart"
    Open this: A520 -> B550M-A WIFI +55

    "refresh first basket should be: =400+10+50+55 = £515

    = 5600G 1TB Windows System with 750W GOLD corsair, B550Wifi

    If your looking for a monitor +keyboard set too = 699.94 (mech keyboard +20) (features basic keyboard/mouse set) but topped up on site to 27inch curved VA 165mhz 1440 monitor = heaven for 3060ti. "windows loaded on this one but just needs activating, cheap online"" (edited)
  31. Avatar
    Anyone ordered one of these and already received it? I’m wondering about the RAM - the email from them offers to upgrade from 4 x 4gb sticks to 2 x 8gb. Surely they haven’t actually got 4gb as looks like Corsair no longer supply them. Curious if it actually arrives with 4x4gb as they say?
    There 2x8GB, i have no idea why the M.D post what goes around has that in all M.D it needs editing per deal but looks like its just a script.

    my vega came with 2x8 and many other who didnt ask for the m.d
  32. Avatar
    My pc arrived today. It seems very well built and is spotless. They emailed me after ordering and offered me and extended warranty, upgraded psu, fast delivery and a few other bits for £34
    Great to hear. can we get some pictures.
  33. Avatar
    @sarden84 Hi. I have been offered a similar deal upgrade deal, Q-JUMP, Windows etc. I've been offered Windows 10 PRO or Windows 11 PRO. Which one would you recommend for home use? Thanks in advance.
    You could take windows 10 , as you'll be able to upgrade it via the pc itself anyway when you want too 11 , i've windows 11 on my laptop and i don't see alot of difference so if you have a choice just take the windows 11 and it's all done and setup and ready to go
  34. Avatar

    if ur referring to the online section: ignore it. (allways broken for my backdoors)
    as far im aware its instock and ur the first to say.