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Posted 25 March 2023

Ryzen 5 5600G + A520 + 16GB + 700W + Monitor + Keyboard, Mouse, Headset, Package, from £439.99 @ AWD-IT

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  • AWD-IT Volt RGB Gaming Case
  • AMD Ryzen 5 5600G 6 Core, 12 Thread (5700G option below)
  • Asus A520M-A II Micro ATX Motherboard (see below)
  • Adata 16GB (2x8GB) 3200Mhz DDR4 Memory (32gb options below)
  • 500W -->> Game Max 700W Rampage Bronze Rated PSU
  • PNY CS900 480GB SSD (+35 1tb)
  • X= 22" LED 75Hz 1080p HDMI Monitor with Speakers (see options below)
  • AWD-IT V2 Nebula RGB Rubber Dome Switch Gaming Keyboard (mech available below)

£439.99 ---> +£9.99 PSU Booster to Gamemax 700W


5700G 8 Core, 16 Thread +£59.99

"phone call request for B Series.

Adata 32GB (2x16GB) 3200Mhz DDR4 Memory +£29.99 (3600 available, if B550 call edit done)

Kingston NV2 1TB NVME M.2 GEN 3 SSD - Read 3500MB/s , Write 2100MB/s +£34.99 (4.0 Available if B550)

X= XG24IPS 24" IPS Full HD 75Hz HDMI Monitor with Speakers +£19.99
X= XG24CURV 24" CURVED Full HD 75Hz HDMI Monitor with Speakers +£24.99
X= 27" XG27IPS IPS Full HD 75Hz HDMI Monitor with Speakers +£34.99
X= XG27CURV 27" CURVED Full HD 75Hz HDMI Monitor with Speakers +£39.99

KM sets:
AWD-IT V2 MECHANICAL Red Switch RGB Gaming Keyboard, RGB 7200 Lihtwight Gming Mse +£19.99
AWD-IT Mechanical Red Switch Gaming Bundle - RGB Keyboard, RGB Mouse Combo Kit +£19.99

*if ur looking for a set, (DIY windows being the key to this one) then this incredible value 5600G prebuilt with many options, the only downside for some if they require a B series board is to phone call them, otherwise for a typical
5600G user who intends to add a GPU later, G=lacks 4.0 anyways, but if u do want to upgrade the CPU later, then a B series would be best; something that would usually get mentioned below but most times pointless to many prebuilt buyers as they won't typically be exchanging CPUs on the boards, but its a nice mention for the selective few who might be interested, if you want to exchange the case give them a call before or after purchase.

AWD-IT More details at
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  1. Andrew_Barnes93H's avatar
    Thanks sarden I've been waiting for your deals today, this looks like a nice base package, just what I'm after. What would be a suitable graphics card to add on to this? Overall budget is £800. Thanks
    sarden84's avatar
    sarden84 Author
    Morning Pal.

    Lets say we top the monitor to +40 27inch.
    and 1TB at £30 (or u can do 480/2Tb as i reply to the chap before).

    So we are at £440+30+40=£510

    So thats a balance of £290.00

    RTX3060 / AMD 6650XT / AMD 6600 / ARC 770 at £300 on here.**
    **look at in depth reviews, but that would be the suggestion. (edited)
  2. Hackers666's avatar
    Is this any good for running VR games on Quest 2? TIA.
    brachisaurous's avatar
    u will need a dedicated GPU...depending on titles you want to play in vr the processor choice will also matter
  3. kencol's avatar
    Even just the £9.99 for the 480GB SSD is a worthwhile upgrade to keep the cost down. I appreciate the 1TB is more than double the size for an extra £20 over that.

    This is a lot of computer for the price. (edited)
    sarden84's avatar
    sarden84 Author
    Great Advice on the +10 that covers the faster drive for main window storage, and then could give the other £20 towards a 1TB HDD at +29.99 or 2TB hdd at £43

    480GB SSD -------> 480 NVME +9.99 & 2TB at £43.99 = 53.99 vs £30 for a 1tb nvme = total storage £2.480TB
  4. acerza89's avatar
    Is this 1998, since when do we have deals for desktop pc with screen and keyboard, HEAT
    lumsdot's avatar
    needs a soundcard also
  5. DarkyR7's avatar
    Gaming aside, this is a great deal for someone who might be fine with a computer setup and not a laptop. Great for WFH, home media/entertainment and document handling etc. for years to come
    Czubaka's avatar
    Defo. You won't be doing much gaming on this unless you're ready to make serious compromises anyway. (edited)
  6. sarden84's avatar
    sarden84 Author
    The only thing we are missing is a 1998's Time PC Scanner.
    glyn.fraser's avatar
    Don't forget the useless software bundle and restore discs.
  7. newt182's avatar
    OK for a start up, if you are ready to replace each part by part when you can afford it. Everything will need to be changed
  8. sarden84's avatar
    sarden84 Author
    5600G Mega Freddo page is here
    was in fact brought to u and powered by freddo's yesterday.

    @MrSwitch runs on curly whirlys, i like me freddo's lol..
    MrSwitch's avatar
    Curly whirly all the way
  9. bill18's avatar
    Hatsune_MikuwBK's avatar
    Can't really comment on a build like yours since each person's needs for production work is always different on a case-by-case basis. Do you need lots of storage? Get that. Do you need lots of RAM? Get that. Do you need lots of CPU/GPU power? Get those.

    For example, it's like saying "I want a car to compete in a race! I want it to be fast-ish and have four wheels, engine, seats, and I might race it on a track." This could be anything from a monster truck to rally car, or Formula 1 (or E) to log pulling competitions.

    I guess if it's something to note then you might wanna ask yourself if you need PCIe Gen 4 fast storage or not for your workflow, if so, you'd need to keep compatible hardware in mind. Not much else to say other than that, especially when I don't know the full details of your build or what programs/workloads you're going to use on it. (edited)
  10. Smoggy1970's avatar
  11. HENRY765's avatar
    Wow! Very nice!! 🔥
  12. Charlene_Draper's avatar
    We are trying to get a pc for our son, mainly for editing ( footage taken from playstation game play/ DSLR camera) and game playing of minecraft/fornite. Does anyone know if this would be any good or if I could select the different options so it would be. Any help is greatly appreciated, many thanks
  13. SonsOfPitches's avatar
    Have some heat, that is a lot of power for the money, A very good mid range gaming PC for anyone out there interested. Bung in a mid range card and result! This will play anything i hope on high settings for 1080p and that is my kind of deal. I'm not too bothered about 4k and 144 monitors yet
  14. AwisemanA's avatar
    Great price and great specs
  15. parishilton1's avatar
    Would this be any good for multidimensional dynamical systems modelling? (edited)
    Michael_JonesVFm's avatar
    Yes but you'll need to download more ram
  16. ASBAWC2's avatar
    Would this run football manager without a graphics card
    Michael_JonesVFm's avatar
    Yeah, you'll need to dial the 3d settings but to be fair, for integrated graphics these make a good stop gap until you are able to drop in a dedicated card
  17. ik097's avatar
    Oh man I need more room space heat
  18. ChrisGUK's avatar
    Any good deals for a tower only?
  19. crack_shot's avatar
    This is great. I would change a few of the parts

    the 3600 corsair RAM (+14)
    700w PSU (+10)
    1tb NVME (+30)
    mechanical keyboard (+19)
  20. great-deals's avatar
    Would base spec be enough to play Fortnite?

    Current PC isn't gaming spec....
    JonoSaunders's avatar
    For fortnite just buy the latest samsung tv you can stream xbox live with any controller easy.
  21. KiiMo's avatar
    Is the default config enough to run Duke Nukem?
's avatar