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Ryzen 5 5600X + 6600XT + 1TB NVME Corsair Windows Gaming from £1029.92 from AWD-IT

Posted 4th Nov 2021

This deal is expired. Here are some options that might interest you:

Story Mode - Chapter 3.

The Derailed Chapter.

CPU: Ryzen 5 5600X
GPU: 6600XT Graphics Card
Ram: 16GB 3200mhz (+24.99 in the menu)
PSU: 600W Kolink (+4.95 in the menu) or RM750 +49.99* see below.
Motherboard: MSI B550 A Pro.
Case: Corsair 4000X
Main Drive: 1TB SN550 (+49.99 in the menu)
2nd Drive (Optional)
O/S Windows 10 or 11 optional within the menu.

Price: £1029.92 or with RM750 £1274.92

Every book has a messed up chapter, and this is no exception with this deal.

Sadly we have lost the 6700Xt in this deal i pitched in and im fuming like a kettle steaming and we do have the 3060Ti but ill get to that laters.

the idea i went with this one previously can / will work but using the 6600xt

The 6600xt isnt a bad card, its better then the 3060 but not quite near a 3060ti but u have the combination of corsair case but u got to rememeber chapter one had more in the storeage too and was £50 cheaper, but this has MSI Motherboard and no wonder the 6700xt element plew of the self, for a more budget of 1200 all in it went viral over discord, and one of the best asked i ever asked AWD for, and it also involved a .... by me.

this silly bugger here forgot that a corsair non airflow panel front cases existed, when i see X i think Glass, and when i see D i think mesh. so i wrote it as a airflow, cos i own the airflow 5000D myself, lucky enough i saw the error and i asked nicely i think about 100 units sold x £14.95 difference = so i think i just lost awd about 1500 quid haha.

so anyone who got the airflow case on the last, u sarden glitched lol.

The £1029.92 package has a value of £599 excluding the GPU / Windows / build fees.

which gives a balance of £428 which is pretty good for 6600xt + Windows + Build fees in a superb case.

going for the higher psu u do loose a little value for incentive (20) but it will give u higher later future proof.

3060ti vs 6600xt but u do have the CPU aspect then the other method.

^ Thats not worth the £160 "no chance in hell for the premium combination i mention on chapter 1, if u take a 6600xt in the interim, and then obtain a FE laters 3060Ti laters then u can easily for the cost flip at zero expense.

u can easily sell this card for a shy over a cost of the FE 3060Ti down the line and that is why i love this deal.

this is one of the most valued left over 6600xt deals, last month i had a cheaper one which came in a cheaper system cit flash with a 3600 a smashing £819 which were great for people lower budgets

we now have non XT 6600 which has now filled that gap and upped the XT at higher cost so this is the last one of the old as AMD themself has put firms incentive on the non XT

Chapter 1
Chapter 2 side kick - its up there for a choice.
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