Posted 24 September 2022

Ryzen 5 5600X + RTX 3070 + 16GB + 1TB Nvme + Windows Gaming System £995 at Palicomp

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Good Morning & what a lovely morning it is, the sun is shinning but there's that slight nip of cold air you can feel..

#Winter is coming, or is that Cold Air, the left over shallow air of coldness still skipping over from Nvidia Latest 4000 Series announcement! - certainly feel like that from gossip.

A Full System Featuring a RTX 3070 Palit Graphics Cards for the expected Estimated Palit 4080 12GB Alone
(best realistic scenario)

  • AMD Ryzen 5 5600X - 6 Cores - 12 Threads 3.7/4.6Ghz 170
  • ASUS PRIME B550M-K 80
  • CORSAIR 16GB DDR4 3000Mhz 50
  • NVIDIA RTX3070 8GB 440
  • SEASONIC 650W 80+ GOLD PSU 65
  • MICROSOFT Windows 10/11 50

Price £995.00 (when removing 2TB HD)
+£30 for 2TB, +30 B550M-A WIFI, +10 3200mhz Ram. +30BQ +50 BQ ARGB +60 CM 240M

I wanted to show a nice RTX3070 System, under 1k. featuring a Ryzen 5 5600X CPU with a good 1TB nvme, 16GB Ram, good case with airflow, which u cant purchase elsewhere (ignoring the HP with its own personal limitations which is a bit like marmite, love it or hate it one OEM Spec board n a CL High ram.) but comparable to other system builders sub 1K this system sails ahead and has done for a while in all markets.

As it is, its solid value.

Few flexible things for people with higher budgets: such as toping the ram to 3200mhz at +10, picking a better Cooler such a 3rd party BQ from £30 on site or cracking in the RGB new version ive linked on this post, or going for a 240MM Coolermaster AIO or picking the ARCTIC 240MM at £80/95 depending if u desire the ARGB Version which are on the top section of the site and u have got the B550M-A Wif Motherboard at +30 or u can add in ur own wifi (im an ethernet person myself) and some X570 motherboard on site too, and if u want an even upper brand case they now have the requested Lancool 215 and new Fractal Air pop.


This week Nvidia has released the price of next generation RTX 4080 12GB / 16GB & RTX 4090

due to come out next month, which to some were a pretty hefty shock and to others slightly larger then expected shock.

- i dont think anyone was really happy with the tag. - performance on paper looks good though.

On top of that we have no idea, how AIB models with tie in (which will be prebuilt market), and how much availability will they have, we can only assume things wont be as bad which makes sence, but the starting price will be key and we know what the FE starts so it will sail up from there. - The logical gate post.

One of the key things ive been pushing for weeks is the RTX3070 from 6core Ryzen to 8C Intels in fair price prebuilt, and im glad i have.

Ive mentioned one of the key notes, look at the big guns, look at SCAN UK, if they had any reason at all to suspect that cards will drop, there prebuilts will drop. - There is no science behind it needed. - Or a Mathematical geek needed - Thats me out of a job..

meanwhile they have updated their own site and it starts abit like this:

Ryzen 3 4100 + 3050 for £849.99 / 4100+3060 for £899.99 / 5600+3060Ti - £1099.99
and that is their basic range of each card, the case. the board, the ram, the psu is nothing special either for the price your paying.

So Palicomp 3070 Ryzen Steaming Ahead, The good news, despite downside to the price of the new systems used market will be going ten 2 dozen at times, its going be very rocky road and ive been watching very carefully, ive seen right bargains but on the back foot of that ive seen some rather silly sheep bidding like mad on one card alone, while another card very near to it is like waving like mad, "hello. does anyone want me, im over here"

Intel 12400F +3070 i did atm is dead, im hoping it comes back ;-) but despite increase on the intel 12400F (intel day theme gone) one it still steams ahead regarding other intel sellers for a build in that spec league.

if ur looking for an AMD System, then type in AWD-IT 6600 or CCL 6700 on huk, AWD leads the way for the AMD 6600 prebuilt, CCL is expensive for the 6600, but they have a nice +8 fee to jump to 6700 on the CCL one, which then comes steaming back at AWD-IT upgrade fee of 69.99 from 6600 to 6700(mine field right). AWD=6600 no brainer, 6700=CCL/AWD and its abit of a battle i can show one system builder beating the other one element and then vice v. (CCL use code: AFF25(25 off 500) / SAVE75(£75 from 1k) including in the calcs, 6700 winner on what ccl can do is CCL then trying to match that at awd, but awd comes back hard with more option so u can divert just lovely, AWD = best place to mix ram/storage option then other.

if your looking for "3060" then go over my older deals, as they will not be any movement, anything new as i said about scan is costly, all new links are up.

If your looking at the 3060Ti, Ryzen -> Ebuyer 3060Ti one on here is bow back down to £899.99, it was £899.99 when posted, then its gone to £929.99 then £949.99 this week, but this morning its back to 899.99

if u want to undercut at £800 then palicomp do it with Ryzen 5 3600 at £800 on here, which can be side stepped over to 12400F at £+80 more which beats other intel sellers, but their Ryzen 5 5600X method = Ebuyer.

# 1k-1100 with some changes as mention -> SOLID, got 1500.00 -> HOLD!.

is it worth upgrading this system to 3080 at £300.00 more.

that puts in the region of £740.00(factor in build fees) which is pretty good for a prebuilt, u go and shop elsewhere for the 3080 system and ur in a surprise, but do remember that only £250 more will be roughly where aib entry 4080 12GB will be at 980+(good market)

and then the next qs, trying to get that cost to cost part in a prebuilt for a new gpu is going to be another thing.
/ thats where its better to build peeps come back hard.

# On launch day, i will showing the best 4080 + Systems going, but please note if u can obtain an FE model, Obtain FE model, even if u dont wish to build a system, i will be showing some nice back up deals for you non builders who dont wish to build but dont mind adding ur own GPU.

the next QS where would RTX 4070 be at as that should be where the current RTX3080 prebuilt will be at on the net., as im expecting in the region of this area there will be one form of "70" in the region of £730 ($699) and possible a "budget" (word in half that) of "70" and if u look around the net for 3080 they are expensive.


Winter is coming, black Friday is coming, there will be some form of deals, and they will marketing tricks where we will have a very limited idea with some nasty price element of upgrades, and it will be a one pony trick on the sub 1K deals so as usual ill be going though them.

# ill be going though them as usual, Boris 4.0! buy this link for that, but dont touch it for this, go here for that, so its going to be a complete marketing mindfield of hell again.

either way, whatever comes click follow, its gonna be an interesting ride and best of "whatever" will be inbound. if aib 4080 is dumb, majority of people will make it more dumber then others but 4000 series aint touching this spec range yet.

As for the new Range of CPU's they wont be touching the price of 12400F/5600X as they start at least +£100 more and the old dogs what are currently at £300 will be obsolete, as why would they drop them two drastic to affect base line 6Core and also put people off from their new market campaignes of next generation, obvious there maybe some sales in this areas a clearance in a prebuilt by someone if they have enough to get rid off but dont expect AMD/Intel to be supportive in doing so, new ryzen will come in vast difference time u factor in DDR5, new board prices and if ur not budget intent at sub £200, they know they can milk you.

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    Jumped up to £1025 on the website now!
    Remove the 2tb hdd
  2. Avatar
    Can someone explain why the z690 Motherboard is better than the 550? 660? ones that generally come in these deals. Was wondering about upgrading to one with the WiFi built in but it’s a chunk of change and not sure how necessary. Ps hot from me!
    Go onto google and type in:

    H510 VS B560 VS Z590 (11th generation intel )
    H610 VS B660 VS Z690 (12th generation intel)
    A520 VS B550 VS X570 (Last AM4 platform for AMD 5000 series)
    A320 VS B450 VS X470 (previous AM4 Platform Ryzen 5000s compatible with bios updated)

    Each sockets has 3 Tiers. as shown, intels each board is for a generation, (except 10th gen cpu work on 11th gen boards as 11 was just a refresh to correct some stuff tbh. in the i5/i7)

    All Ryzen support boards are under socket AM4, so old boards usual get updated with a new bios so they can work on new CPU, next gen is AM5 due out so it will be a new start.

    but if u type in that keyword with the " VS" in to google it will go though the pro and cons of major differences.
    obvious u then have different type of boards in respect of each T,

    There is some B550 AM4 boards which are better then budget X570 n co.
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    I'm really tempted to pull the trigger on this and upgrade from my current 980ti.

    Can anyone please advise if it's worth getting the promo branded ASUScard upgrade (£30) and also whether the coolermaster (£60) and cable management/noise reduction extras (£40) are worth adding in the top section?

    I don't really know what I'm looking at so any advice would be appreciated.

    Thanks (edited)

    Deal is going to expire some point today ive been told.

    AIO is a personal thing, it adds better airflow temps plus it looks good cosmeticly due to a pump and 2 fans on top under the rad.
    however a good air as long as it looks nice to u cosmetical can do just as good of a job, so the BQ at £30 or the new £50 rgb is solid.

    # the stock is fine, just runners a little hotter but well enough in this case and 6corre.

    as for the card, alot of the old peeps dont like palit cards but they have gotten better over time.

    and due to it being a 3070 there entry is much better then say the 1fan 3060

    as u can see on the video when u get the end final graphics (there is many after 14:37)
    that the palit gaming and jetstream is a cracking card when u compare it to the likes of ASUS Dual.

    however ASUS in general is a higher brand, hence the cost and is the O.C version, where as the palit ones are not O.C(some may get lucky).

    when it comes to the term of O.C....... this just means its been set up better and is exactly the same card, u can edit all this under MSI Afterburner, and do an o.c even better then o/c card, control the fan curve and boost.

    how to use msi afterburner:
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    • INTEL INTEL i5 12400F +
      • ASUS Prime B660M-A WIFI D4
    • RYZEN R5 5600X +
      • ASUS Prime B550M-A WIFI
    • ADATA 16GB DDR4 3200Mhz
    • COUGAR Mesh ARGB
    • NVIDIA RTX3080 10GB
    • MICROSOFT Windows 10/11 or 10/11 Pro
    • BE QUIET Pure Rock 2 FX Air

    £1360intel/ £1370Ryz

    +80 12400F/b660 or +90 5600X/B560 Wifi
    +400 3080Ti/750W PSU

    ram idea: palicomp.co.uk/ind…122
    for the Corsair 16GB 3600mhz. (add to same basket) (edited)
    Now we need your best deal Under £1500 and over £1000 @sarden84
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    Don’t fall for NVIDIA’s 4080 naming scam. It’s actually what the 4070 should be - unlike the 4080 16GB - the 12GB version is actually a completely different chip, different clock speeds, less cores, less performance.

    Meaning the true 3080 successor is the 4080 16GB - this also means in one generation alone - the pricing of the XX80 series has gone from MSRP £649 for a 3080 to £1269 for a 4080. That’s right - a 100% price increase.

    Do everyone a favour a DONT support NVIDIA anymore with these prices unless people want to be paying £2k for a 5080. I realise AMD drivers can be a pita sometimes. But they are improving - and in truth, even mid ranged 30 series cards like the 3060ti will give you more than enough power to last this generation - especially factoring in DLSS/FSR 2.1

    I know some people can get their knickers in a twist watching GPU videos on YouTube and thinking if they can’t crank all sliders to max on PC and be done - then it’s time to throw it in the bin. 9 times out of 10 - drop shadows down a couple of notches, lower ambient occlusion a bit and you usually pull back 40% performance and won’t notice a jot of difference unless you’re going to pause screenshots and zoom in 400%. PC - gives you options, DO use them!! (edited)
    The problem is there are a lot of people (even on here) that say as long as they get it for MSRP, it's fine This dumb mindset completely ruins the market for everyone else and lets NVIDIA be arrogant brats that dare to double the price of a GPU in a single generation. Outrageous! I will only buy a used 3rd party RTX 30 series, so none of my money goes to them directly.
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    The fact that a 4080 12GB is nearly the same price as buying an entire PC really does take the pee!
    And that card is really a 4070 rebranded as well
  7. Avatar
    I've been sitting on the fence for while on this one. Finally bought it, it gets to a point where you're afraid you'll miss out on the next price drop, but then don't end up buying anything.
    Yep it's always a tough choice
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    Not sure what to do now as my PC is ancient and cant play modern titles. I was going to get a new PC a few months ago but a lot of the advice was to HOLD as 4000 cards were incoming. Well now they've been revelealed I'm now in a situation where I either get ripped off by Nvidia for an overpriced 4070, buy the 4080 which I probably don't need and is very pricey and not much cheaper than the 4090 (even more than what I need) which I think is what Nvidia is pushing people towards. Alternatively I can pay over the odds for a 2 year old GPU generation prices of which are not going to go down because of how Jensen has screwed over consumers with 4000 series. (edited)
    New CPUs and AMD GPUs coming very soon as well remember, still a good idea to wait. (edited)
  9. Avatar
    Good solid chat there… thanks! Though some sellers are able to offer CoDMW2 which is £60. You could balance that into the price if you were already planning to get it.
    Which sellers? I would certainly take that into consideration...
  10. Avatar
    if we take this 995 idea and do the +30Wifi board under the -a =£1025.00
    = Same level of board with wifi. (B550 for amd and B660-a) (same level tbh)

    £25 Gap for Gen 4 to that 1050 as u mention.
    i wouldn't say its massively better, id say under the new price its as Equal with the 2 forced things but then u get 200mhz ram as a bonus on taking them two things is how id look at it..

    problem with huk, we dont like things up lol, when an aspect has been down, and i wanted to send a nice message as the chap above clicked on.

    # full system for the cost one new GPU. (edited)
  11. Avatar
    I got this exact spec plus a few upgrades (extra fans, better cpu fan, extra ram, longer warranty) a few months ago. Very happy it all.
  12. Avatar
    @sarden84 seeing as everyone else is picking your brain, mind if I throw my hat into the ring? this will be my first gaming pc and cant find a good priced 3080 set up and 3070 will probably be enough for what I need i guess. so thinking i'll finally bite the bullet and go with the below, do you think it's all good?
    £1,188.0548320006-vBqQP.jpg (edited)
    personal id exchange the cooler to Arctic for the AIO if they have inc the price on the coolermaster.
    much better aio for that extra(original to original) so no brainer.

    i can check the 3080 in more detail soon, but still be like a £300 gap time u consume the extra psu.
    or u can remove the 3070, top the psu up and then add ur own card in?

    3080 aint moved much lately, but 3080Ti has come down drastically, but then one has to think that 4080 is inbound at £250 more on top further then 3080Ti, so if ur going to go for it then go for it moto. (3070 +£500 = 4080 guide.) (edited)
  13. Avatar
    Come back to you laters chaps.
  14. Avatar
    My friend wants to get into streaming on twitch, would you say theres enough in this to do it without overheating? is there any other upgrades thats ideal? budget is probably 1k
    id top the ram to +3200mhz at £10
    and then go for one of the BQ coolers at £30.

    1040 system.

    16GB is enough for it, some titles 32GB will be nice benefit, but id do that laters, just do the +10 for now and then obtain matching sticks on blk Friday, (look for the best value CL16 3200mhz on blk friday) (adata usual comes up but dont have to have exact, just look for best CL16 3200mhz price ram on here)

    as for performance check Youtube, 5600x+3070 Twitch, plenty of videos on people doing it.
    but yes 6Core +070 for budget will be lovely.

    clearly an 8Core 5700x will have its further advancements in this department, but more buck over budget and overall not a lot of gain for the extra cost really.
  15. Avatar
    Copy and paste. Heat added haha.
    See u in 29 days when u can haha :P. hope ur okay man.
  16. Avatar
    Anything else worth adding onto this, or anything better within £200 of this?
  17. Avatar
    Vr ready?
  18. Avatar
    so the plan was to build a 4k 120 system, with probably a 4080 with a budget around £1600. but we dont feed trolls, and taking a card from £650 to £900 or even £1270 is just bait. And seeing as i have a mouse and nothing else at the moment, i just need to wait and see what AMD do right?

    And then as you stated, AMD with their new CPU's, need expensive new MOBOs, with "new" DDR5 RAM which is expensive and not much better then DDR4, which make u want to wait 6 months for that to work itself out.

    Short answer could be stick with my laptop and buy a series x and enjoy gamepass for £50 for 3 years. hm. (edited)
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    Nvidia should of covered the 4080 12/16Gb much more wisely, spec when adding in price increases.
    there is a vast difference between the two 4080 and not just ram. so people aint liking it.

    one should of been called 4080 and the other 4080 super, that would in line toe exist how 2060 / 2060super and 3060/3060Ti has.
    and the 2080 to 2080 Super.

    However there is alot more to it then this:

    Another aspect what has stirred the pot is the product code.
    Previous 3060ti-3070TI was under 104 while 3080-3090 range was under 102
    and the negative was 104:400 was infact 3070Ti same as the new RTX4080 12GB

    However one thing Youtubers have forgotten is that 2nd generation:

    Titan/2080Ti was 102 2080Super was 104 2080 was a 104 2070super 104
    The RTX 2080 was infact a 104:400 The RTX4080 12GB as i said a 104:400

    and the 1080 card was a 104:400 (they refresh the 1080 card with a 104:410 too but didnt call it out).

    if we want too look at the end numbers (one thing youtubers have forgotten)
    at the end of time, it was a product not worth getting, a year later the 104:410 was 2070Super.
    is history going to repeat it self again? i reckon.

    so once they have cleared out 3000Series, they will then DC the 4080 12GB and prob bring a 3070Super into the game.

    10=Ti gen.
    20=Super gen
    30=Ti gen
    40=Super gen. (edited)
    What monitor would you suggest around £300?
  20. Avatar
    Anyone know what model of 3070 they use in these? like asus, msi etc?
    Palit gaming Jetstream gamerock.

    Also have Asus too.
  21. Avatar
    AWD it Worth checking or hold out for new CPU and GPU + Motherboards' and faster memory all coming soont
    AWD-IT have one via costco:


    u do have a "brand" Case but its a low T level one tbh, and u got SSD Sata then Nvme.
    but the major difference its 10400F VS 5600X so its not upto palicomp level.

    VS others.. what they are doing for 1G its far from the worst, infact very bloody good. but still u know its short of this.

    there other one is this:


    £999.99 which is a 5600G/3070palit / 16Gb / 240GB,
    so for £5er less, u get X model, u get 1TB nvme, and better CL ram.

    To sort these issues out at AWD its +29.99
    +6.99 for the adata 3200mhz
    +49.99 for the 1tb crucial

    = 1086.98

    to get to palicomp sort of level, but F15M Case is better, and palicomp has windows.
    windows is one of them, worth gold included to some and worthless to others.(how they wanna purchase, i meet n speak to all type)

    AWD-IS is a 650W Bronze VS 650W Gold.

    but what is nice at AWD-it its +29.99 for the 850W Gold, (19.99 for the 750W gold)
    and the 32GB ram can be done for +54.99(actual +48 more over the +6.99 one i mention pre compared)

    and if u go for 5800X its an extra +80 over the 5600X which is better then palicomp

    So AWD by default or to change to this is way off what palicomp can do is more, however depending on how u jump past this, AWD-IT can come back hard.

    another thing with AWD dont use their AIR's in the drop down, select any from the main site u desire, bang it into the same basket and then just email CS what u done and u desire it to be built inc.

    or join us on the AWD-IT discord server ;-)

    and if u desire an AMD 6700 then the AWD-IT one rocks, will go though AMD 6600 /6700 in more detail tonight with how it compares to CCL 6700.. (will be tomorrow now as something has come up) (edited)
  22. Avatar
    Great deal.
  23. Avatar
    My laptop same price is Ryzen 7 5800h with 16gb ram 1tb 3060 for the same price
  24. Avatar
    ...bought below one from eBay, refurbished excellent for half the Amazon's price, should keep it, or go for this one instead?

    if u got it for £800 which is half the amazon and it was the exact model keep it!.

    but the one i saw the other day under the code, wasnt that. unless i missed one or price changed, as the "3060" was in that area.

    and the 3070 was more like this:


    1300 with the code.(which is over priced.)
  25. Avatar
    Have this case, had to replace the front fans with smaller PWM ones because they had a tendency to whine and rattle at the highest speed. Might have been my bad luck because the case is very nice in every other aspect.
    The issue you reported has been noted before once but its been the best case under my prebuilts for around 2 years now and i heard positive after positive regarding it, so i believe its as u put bit of back luck and perhaps one whats had a knock somewhere and its gone along the lines.

    i know the last chap got them replaced by Gamemax as i helped him get in touch with them, so id do that get it touch with gamemax and report the issues and get some more fans.
  26. Avatar
    so the rumours all had this announcement as the 4070, 4080 and 4090 until about a month ago when they switched the names. spooked by pricing i think
  27. Avatar
    Heat nice deal
  28. Avatar
    I'd seriously advise people upgrade the SSD, Crucial QLC drives do NOT last long (speaking from experience).
  29. Avatar
    Paid Around £1146.

    Removed some Components as I have a 3080 coming in hence why I upped the PSU to 750w.

    Also Removed the SSD and going to replace for Samsung 980 Pro.

    What do you think about the build anything I should of done differently? @sarden84
    loosing the crucial at -£50 and then paying how much for the 980 pro? -> alt could of been +50 to keep the crucial and top it to the adata gen 4 at +18 - but if u got a 980 pro set up on a nice offer to counter that = nice one, otherwise id of gone to adata. "something to think about"

    750W PSU. id ask them when they email confirmation to exchange it to RM850X (just say u made a mistake, and u want the RM850X, and swap it over to that.

    #As for the QJump, when they email you order confirmation, tell them u wish to cancel the Qjump, (they pitch u a deal to keep it ;-) ) and u reply well if swap the ram to the Corsair RGB 3600mhz we got our self a deal..(or what ever u fancy) play on em a little. (edited)
  30. Avatar
    @sarden84 firstly thanks for all your help in posting these kind of deals here. The info you provide is incredibly helpful.

    I have a question; I'm looking to build a reasonably future proof (hate that term!) PC this autumn. After mulling it over for ages I decided to trade up my Predator 1440p monitor for an LG C2 4K OLED; now I need a new PC with the grunt to do high res, high framerate games justice over the next couple of years.

    To cut to the chase, what kind of upgrades to this kind of system would you recommend to achieve the kind of performance I'm after please? This spec is definitely decent, but I want a new PC that effortless handles ultra spec 4k gaming without the kind of stupid money the likes of OCUK want. I started adding new CPU, upgraded mem and 3080ti etc and the price quickly skyrocketed!

    Budget is anything really, but I'm a big fan of strong price/performance so not really up for anything much over £1700 for the rig and OS itself unless it's the kind of upgrade that 100% helps futureproof the system (I tend to buy a new PC once every 5-7 years and incrementally upgrade it e.g. CPU/gfx card).

    TIA dude!
    Hi pal.

    with respect of ur aim id look at next generation, and id sitback and hold atm with respect of ur budget.
    ive just posted a nice 12400F/3080 5600x/3080 at the bottom of this post, and thats where id draw the line atm.

    anything higher then this then ur paying the price for bugger all gains tbh spec how they are price calc atm. (value to performance) otherwise sit hold n ill see what comes when more new inbound comes.

    FE cost on the 4080 12Gb is that of a 3080 so id head there if u desire higher spec then a standard 3080. (edited)
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    Ooooo, I have a mate looking to build his FIRST PC but ideally would like to spend a little less. I was thinking maybe a 12400f and a 3060/Ti (Or AMD equivalent). Have Palicomp got any good deals on Intel builds at the moment? I'm at work and the site is blocked so i can't check xD
  32. Avatar
    Im back in

    ill go though these QS and tag, i really dont like huks new layout so ill tag instead as each Qs is interesting(common ones)
    - We are in a weird market again, in another light.

    So ill work from easiest to hardest.


    The deal which stands out for me what is £100 less is this one:

    5600X/3060Ti at £899.99 at Ebuyer
    - Same CPU as this, Same board as the deal we speak on, its £100 but ur getting a "3060Ti then 3070"
    The Case isnt upto a Gamemax F15M standard, but u got a better 3rd party cooler VS stock = LEVEL.
    "a better cooler counter reacts having a crap case to a degree" and this suits that term.

    The downside there is no O/S but that is one of them things, palicomp leads the way with windows inc on many, but others charges are costly and in this regards if its not included, but if ur the type of user who doesn't mind installing and using a grey key, what's £3 and half an hour... (each to their own) (but on the other hand i understand some folks want less hassle it all done n dusted, and i cant stand folks who diss others who choose not to).

    its got a 980 NVMe, which is a higher gen3 then the crucial by palicomp on the 3070, on the backdoor its got a bronze 750W Corsair CV750, (good brand, but not the best of the corsair ones though, but nothing wrong with it) which is 100W more but palicomp is higher quality part psu, also gold on the elec bill but only 650W = all good enough for 3070Ti and u get wifi at ebuyer.

    Ebuyer do not accept changes though, cant call to swap out.

    overall its cracking Value for that undercut.

    So thats how there is £100 less and undercuts this deal we speak on.

    now palicomp 3060Ti

    Palicomp 3060Ti starts with this link: AMD VELOCITY
    which is a ryzen 5 3600 / 3060Ti / 1TB / 16GB / Windows and the Samsung 980 like ebuyers for storage.

    at £800 its another undercut, case in the league of the Ebuyer one, but its stock fan, so u have two option, do like ebuyer and top the fan up +30, or top the case to the cougar mesh which is my old recommended or the 1st player D3 at £25

    so ideal id suggest £825ish fig with the 1st player.

    £75 less then buyers and u get windows but u undercut 3600 rather then 5600X *one generation back on the 6core ryzen.
    reason i pitched it to be 3600 when i original did that idea was to compete with 5600X+3060 as id rather go 3600+3060Ti (GPU over CPU) (for people with ur QS asking me on 3060Ti/5600x who couldn't afford that at the time)

    this deal at £825 can be made up to 5600x at £60 = 985

    £15 less then ebuyer with the 2 things i mention to boost up, if we went this way on the 5600X, psu is less by 150W at palicomp by the default but enough for the 3060Ti, but u get windows. lacking wifi card (pali does have the wifi board u can boost up but more cost so just add ur own wifi will be cheaper)

    and u have the option to side step over to 11400F/12400F with a range of boards in the promo section, and that area compared to other system builds is rock solid. obvious if ur not fussed about ryzen or intel then obvious keep the ebuyer in mind, but if ur mind set is 12400F/3060Ti then its cracking price.

    £800 open link +£80 for the 12400F+Wifi B660 + 25 1st player case = 905

    +5 more then ebuyer, better case, loss 3rd party cooler, 12400f then 5600x, got a b660M wifi board, with windows, but Ebuyer as default does have the psu 150W for laters if u move past a 3060Ti, but u can -40 and not go for the wifi board go for H610 and then top to the corsair psu which is the higher corsair if that was a worry.

    So my advice is to look at palicomp 3060Ti deal, but keep an open mind on that ebuyer one should ur final config of parts come near that ebuyer one(subject to not requiring windows) (edited)
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    2nd reply: NomadJack

    if ur not fussed about "nvidia" another cracking one is the 6700

    1 is out of stock as its selling like hotcakes and the other is CCL

    link to CCL is:

    Price: 889.99 onsite ex windows Price with code AFF25 is £865.99

    for what u get on the link is actually better then AWD version at £881

    AWD is an original cracking price AMD 6600 + 3600 starts at £595 and is topped up.
    while CCL is a 6600+5500 and is an over price rubbish.

    the good news with CCL its got an +8 booster to 6700 from 6600 and set at b550M /Wifi

    while AWD is cracking at AMD 6600 and has the usual top up price and has B450 as a massive undercut.

    CCL is only better if u choose them parts Vs awd, where as AWD u can nicely undercut on the board back to B450 n save £40 and u can undercut on the 6600 to where it should be with a better gap.

    and both deals have 3 cpu choices, 3600/5600g /5600x vs 5500/5600/5600x

    so if ur look at AMD 6700 as undercut then check both out, depending on the final config as awd has more ram option, nice for 32GB ram, and dif storage option then the likes of CCL.

    however with the CCL its at £889.99 and u can use code AFF25 to get £25 off, if u spend £1000.00 so u can go wild with storage, AIO, or whatever then u can use code SAVE75 and u can get £75 of making a nice £925, in the past i was able to add external things from the site but has to be whats in the prebuilt only now, but u can use the drop downs in the prebuilt to inc a keyboard like this;

    i.e this link with 2tb more and keyboard is £945 with the code SAVE75


    AWD will come back soon.
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    Now all I need is keyboard & mouse I mainly play Apex and GTA anyone got any good suggestions?
  35. Avatar
    Haha looks amazing might have to go with it.

    But I dont really have budget ill say for both willing to spend around £150-£180
    Budget is high dude, I suggest you pick your favourite brand and get a nice set.

    Corsair do the best RGB sync from iCue in my opinion.

    Asus are my favourite brand but are expensive. I love the ROG stuff expecially...

    Logitech have such a strong pedigree and I usually end up getting them... as they've always lasted me so long and done me well it's hard to change.

    Coolermaster do some really good quality and cheaper mechanical keyboards. I got a unique two tone colour cap one.

    Still, there's probably so many other brands I've not tested or mentioned which others will. Don't rush, look around and if you do want a mechanical one then go to your local Curry's and play around with the display ones to get a feel of which you may prefer.

    Hehe, make sure whatever you get is on sale (edited)
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    Quick question @sarden84 should I add the Samsung 980 Pro 2TB M.2 PCIe Gen 4 SSD to the ASUS Prime B550M-K B550 Chipset motherboard or would upgrading the motherboard be a better option?
    upgrade the board and keep to a nice gen3 would be a more suitable viable balance id say.
    Gen4 is lovely, (over rated) but upping the board would be key to me if u have extra budget.

    dont get me started with Gen5 stuff haha.
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    Ended up ordering this machine for my brother, they emailed me today offering me Q Jump for £37.50 (down from £75, machines arriving Wednesday) and extended 3 year warranty for £88 (down from £108).
    If we took the extended warranty they would upgrade parts of the machine for free.

    I took it for the extended warranty, as I'm going through hell with my car, and the warranty has already paid out or a £5k engine, so I think £88 for 3 years isn't bad for a PC.

    Is the rest all decent upgrades?

    48352646-jf6rf.jpg (edited)
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    Does anyone know about good Gaming monitors and if so is the :
    Samsung G7 Odyssey LC32G75TQSUXEN Refurbished

    is it worth £300?

    if not what would be the best monitor for £300-£400.

    If anyone could help would appreciate it @sarden84 :).