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Posted 28 November 2022

Ryzen 5 5600X + RTX3060 + 480GB SSD + B550M-A Wifi +600W Gaming PC System £759.99 at Palicomp

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This deal is expired. Here are some options that might interest you:

  • AMD Ryzen 5 5600X (3.7/4.6Ghz)
  • ADATA 16GB DDR4 3200Mhz
  • WD 480GB M.2 nVME
  • 1stPlayer D3-A aRGB (Black)
  • NVIDIA RTX3060 12GB
  • FACTAL 600W
  • MICROSOFT Windows 10/11 64Bit

Price without windows & 2TB removed on site is £759.99
  • NVIDIA RTX3060 to RTX3060TI +100 (add to same basket) (save £20 via my way then site way)
  • PS: You can remove the 480GB SSD at -30 too and add ur own.

# Happy Cyber day folks..!

Palicomp More details at Palicomp
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    Hi sarden, as always great effort and helpful advice. I have 2 questions if you don't mind ...is 480gb ssd going to be enough memory as im not upto adding more myself and if you get without Windows, do you just need code to activate like awd? Thanks x (edited)
    Not sarden but 480gb of space will most likely not be enough unless you only plan on having like 1 game installed and a few other small(ish) things
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    Looks like price is OK, for this gpu, all set , m2 and had 2t.

    Still can have little upgrade oprions on their website. Add liquid cooling or other mother board base... site ok
    certainly better then this lot on the web.


    problem with RTX new machines atm.
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    Running pretty much this exact build, but in an HP Omen that I got second hand for £600. £760 is an excellent price new. This performs very well for where it sits in the budget range. I gave up pricing individual components and self build as I just couldn't match the prices of pre builds.

    My last system was a 4670k OC 4.2, R9 270x in crossfire, so it was quite long in the tooth. (edited)
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    Hi, how do I get this price pls? The link takes me to £949 - then removing windows and the 2tb hdd brings it down to £859.
    Unfortunately you dont get this price anymore as they have increased the base price.
  5. Avatar
    See you corrected the typo,£10 for a 3060ti upgrade would have been good (edited)
    Well i wouldn't of posted it as a 3060 if that was the case ------> straight into like a whip lol.
  6. Avatar
    Is this a better model/purchase than this one ? Sorry it’s a christmas gift and I’m useless.
    AWD Python Ryzen 5 4500 Six Core AMD Radeon 6650 XT Desktop PC for Gaming
    Game Faster - Build Time
    Standard 5-7 Working Days
    Choose Your Case
    Aerocool Python RGB Tempered Glass Gaming Case
    Choose your Graphics Card
    MSI Radeon RX 6650 XT MECH 2X 8GB OC Graphics Card
    Upgrade the Motherboard
    Asus B450M-A II Micro ATX Motherboard
    Choose your Ryzen CPU
    AMD Ryzen 7 5700X, 8 Core, 16 Thread, 4.6Ghz Turbo +£99.99 (Incl. Tax +£119.99)
    Choose your CPU Cooler
    AMD Wraith Cooler
    PC Memory Upgrade Dual DDR4
    Corsair 16GB Vengeance (2x8GB) 3200Mhz DDR4
    Choose your PSU
    Aerocool 750W Bronze Rated PSUPSU
    Choose Your Primary SSD Storage Drive
    **BLACK FRIDAY** 1TB Gen 3 NVME M.2 SSD - Read 1700MB/s , Write 1600MB/s +£33.32 (Incl. Tax +£39.99)
    Choose Your Additional Hard Drive Storage
    No Drive
    Choose Your Braided Cable Extension Kit
    None - Standard PSU Cables
    Choose Your Operating System
    Add a Discounted Gaming Monitor To Your PC
    AWD-IT Internet Protection Powered by Norton
    Norton™ 360 for Gamers - 90-Day Free Trial - PC, Mac, iOS & Android
    Choose Your Wifi
    Choose Your Keyboard and Mouse
    Choose Your RGB Gaming Surface
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    Hi Sarden, I just found this 3080 pc on Stormforce, please could you advise if this is a good deal? stormforcegaming.co.uk/pro…0f/
    10700F does have more cores/threads then a 12400F and does have some speed advantage
    but there is alot more going on in the newer CPU's like the 12400F and that would dominate in gaming.

    B560 upgrade is nice, so its moved on from B460
    but they paired it with the CL19 ram rubbish again which is lackful.
    the whole point on b560 then B460 is ram support, enable better ram. half a job joe.

    then the final nail in the coffin, because everything has its maker or not and that be the price, and no its dead. (edited)
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    Not bad for brand new and warranty, also you did a typo on gpu upgrade from 3060 to 3060ti
    Thank you :-)
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    In the options, it shows the psu as a fractal 500w, must be a typo, surely.
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    Looks like this could be the Palicomp Intel Hellfire alternative I'd been looking for as an iracing sim machine (after adding the 3060ti for £100). How does the 5600 rank compare to the 12400F? £859 vs £999 would be a nice saving, but not if hellfire is worth it... :/
    The i5 12400f is better than the 5600x
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    Can this even be beaten if self-building lol? Some fo these deals, when u factor in warranty and no effort to build are incredible! 
    On the dot id say, before they killed it. god dam.
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    Getting buyers remorse now for picking components separately on Sat. Mine cost more and only has b/b comps mb+cpu+mem+gfx, it is a more recent spec but I'd imagine no noticeable real world difference.
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    This deal is Dead as road kill now folks.

    5600x / b550m-a wifi / 16gb / 480+2tb / Case / 600w / 3060 / windows £949.99
    12400F / b660m-a wifi/ 16GB / 1TB / Case / 650W Gold / 3070 /windows £999.99 (hellfire).

    at £849.99 with the option to kill win... remove storage very suitable sub £760
    doing the same at now £860.

    £140 =
    3060 -> 3070
    600w bronze -> 650w gold
    #a case is a case.
    #6core is a 6core.
    #board is board with wifi.

    /simple terms.
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    Damn it, missed yet another deal. Anywhere else with a decent deal for a 5600X with 3060Ti / 3070 under £1k?
  15. Avatar
    Looks like Hellfire it is then.

    I look forward to it. I want best bang for the buck (edited)
    i do have a crazy idea.

    its in bound. (edited)