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Posted 10 September 2022

Ryzen 5500 - 16GB - AMD 6700 - 500GB Gaming System £705.99 at CCLonline

Shared by sarden84
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This deal is expired. Here are some options that might interest you:

AMD Ryzen 5 5500
KINGSTON 16GB Memory at 3200MHz
AMD Stock Cooler
POWERCOLOR Fighter OC 6700

Price: £705.99 with code AFF25

MendIT 3 Year On-Site Warranty - UK MAINLAND ONLY
An engineer provides telephone diagnostics, then aims to repair your PC on-site by the next working day. Covers parts, labour and basic carriage costs for 3 years.*

CCL Computers More details at CCL Computers

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    Great deal Mr S (as always)

    Not only fast GPU and CPU, but also fast and decent sized SSD and a motherboard with 4 DIMM slots. I hope the RAM is dual channel.
    It is dual channel. In the detailed specs is says 2 modules. (edited)
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    BTW: Saving £50 more, u can nip down to 4100 for that ultra budget 1440
    some folks will dis it, however the alt £655.99 deal u have is a Ryzen 5 3600 pair with a 6600.

    so as much as its on the backfoot on the cpu, id still go for a 4100 + 6700 at £50 less then a 3600+6600...

    (obvious if u higher spend, go higher cpu) but that ^ VS is well u know.. that. lol
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    i think some of the base comonants are now OOS for this,
    some things are selling quick. 5500 is gone.

    i might have something with ur last QS. but ull have to leave it with me to see if i can join a backdoor to a link n recalc. (edited)
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    Target specific price aim.

    PS: pretty dumb comparing a 12100F Vs 5500 to diss the deal.

    when the 6700 has been reduced down on the deal to be only +8 more then an AMD 6600 via the option.
    and that deal isnt available on the 12100F /6600
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    If gaming is your main use, CCL offer an upgrade to the R5 5600, though it's a little disappointing they are charging £56 more for that, I think a max of around £30 makes more sense given the current retail box price difference between the two parts; still worth the cost of upgrading if you can, especially if planning to resell the computer a few years down the line; reviews of the R5 5500 have been on whole fairly scathing.

    The R5 5500 performs almost identically to the old R5 3600 in most games. R5 5600, in games and production environments, benefits from a much larger L3 cache and it supports PCI-E 4.0 (faster storage options on a compatible - mainly B550 - motherboards, though harder to make the case in a midrange budget build for spending a further £50 to upgrade the motherboard, perhaps.

    Also, definitely take advantage of CCL's promotion on the PSU upgrade to the Corsair TX650M. Some of Gigabyte's budget power supplies (and Newegg) have been in the news not long ago for all the wrong reasons.

    Though I didn't have a good buying experience with CCL recently, assuming this PC has adequate packaging, hot, from me, or at least hot provided you upgrade the power supply for just £15.

    Another great sarden84 find.
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    Why don't you just buy a console for less than £500. Why is everyone a PC snob?

    Even the new cheap Xbox Series S is good enough for most people and it's so cheap it's almost disposable. Play games for a further £10 a month. Or just play Mario on the Switch.

    They put listings on for these gaming PCs. Then people talk about changing the power supply to one that'll cost about 30p an hour to run? Almost cheaper to put the heating on?

    Then you get, (or don't get) problems with wi-fi and bluetooth? and it's all an upgrade?

    With the console you even get a controller included. All the leads.

    More people now realise you have more fun with an Arcade 1up or Pandora arcade box. And you can buy the latter for less than £200.

    When I was in my 20's we used to overclock, run windows NT4 to help this. Chase the latest chip and even super glue big heatsinks/fans to a 3DFX card. These days there isn't any reason to do all that

    You can buy a laptop for £300 that does anyone for pretty much anyone and a console to play games on. Think of your electricity bill.

    There will be a 4070 chip out soon anyway. So whatever you buy will be outdated before you know it.
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    sweet. nice bang for buck mid range build!