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Posted 24 January 2023

Ryzen 5600G / 16GB PC Package with Keyboard / Mouse / Monitor / Headset £459.99 delivered @ AWD-IT

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This deal is expired. Here are some options that might interest you:

Entry level gaming machine, but not a bad base to work from if you are starting from scratch. No GPU, but the integrated Vega graphics is capable enough to run most games inc CoD etc. Space to add a decent GPU in future. Fairly decent CPU and 2 x 8GB RAM leaves 2 slots free for upgrades. This comes with fairly poor SATA 256Mb disk, but has a free NVME / M2 slot on the MB, so with all the deals on those recently that's a fairly easy upgrade (There are uypgrade options, but the recent deals here blow them out of the water).
Basic monitor with built in speakers / flashy KB / mouse with plenty of those all important LED's to keep the kids happy, and a basic headset. All individually not awesome, but as a package to get started, good value. Sure you'll want to upgrade over time, but we all want upgrades no matter where we start! :-)
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  1. sarden84's avatar
    Nice deal, previously covered it.

    The first choice id make is to sort past the dreadfully 2666mhz ram to 3200mhz at +3.99
    and bang up the storage to at least 1TB nvme which be the Kingston at £42.99

    /No point suggesting to keep 256 and then get storage from here, when u can wrap it on site in one go, waste of time and effort for nothing,

    so making this link here at £506.97

    pretty standard rule for AWD-IT.

    However, rather than +3.99 for the adata we can have the Kingston 3600mhz at an extra +4 on offer at making this link here at £510 with the 1TB nvme, wont get the full benefit of 3600mhz on this system spec but u will get some of that boost non the less.

    Again that's if u are after a deal with a 5600G and monitor package, if u don't desire a monitor/keyboard set then get outta here,
    but maybe wise to boost to 24inc at £15/25 would be a fine offer.

    which with a 24inch monitor comes in at £525.96

    and if ur thinking of boosting in a GPU laters, then consider the PSU options. (edited)
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    It would be nice to know what PSUs they ship by default. 500W 80+ doesn't give a lot of confidence. Not that it matters too much with an iGPU system, but there are some brands *cough* CIT *cough* that I would never recommend at all.
  2. MrsPickleJuice's avatar
    do I have to have it with the stupid accessories? I would like just the PC on it's own.

    do I have to have it with the stupid accessories? I would like just the PC on it's own. (edited)