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Ryzen 7 7800X3D + RTX 4080 Super + 32GB + 2TB S70 / +2TB HD + X670E TUF + Arctic 240MM RGB AIO + Lancool 215 Gaming System

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  • AMD Ryzen 7 7800X3D - 8 Core - 16 Threads - 4.2/5Ghz (higher on site)
  • ASUS TUF GAMING X670E-PLUS WIFI (steel board on site)
  • ADATA 32GB DDR5 5600Mhz (6000mhz on site)
  • LIAN-LI LANCOOL 215 Black +
  • MICROSOFT Windows 10 or 11 Included

Price: £2099.99 ( PCPP for guidance)

  • 7950X 16Core 32Thread £200
  • 7900X3D 12Core 24Thread £150
  • 7950X3D 16Core 32Thread £300

Scailing: See Nexus Chart

Other Popular lines by Palicomp:

Ryzen 7600 / A620 / 750W G / 4070 at £1000.00
Optional choices of all TI/Super models, and CPU upgrades.

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Excellent Review: of the super and others card such as AMD 7900XTX at different scales:

Palicomp More details at
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  1. Jay_Cee's avatar
    Are these types of PCs good for video editing?
    emilioestevez's avatar
    Yes. But it's hard to spend £2k on a computer and not end up with one that's good for video editing.

    Also unless you make your money from video editing and you're rendering videos for hours every day then it's unlikely you need a £2k PC to do it. Get yourself a machine closer to £1k and just wait an extra 60s for your videos to export.
  2. Cantona007's avatar
    Tha is an amazing deal and I think I'll pull the trigger! I was gonna build system just like this minus different case ( I really wanted the Hyte Touch) but this is just too good of a deal. A few questions before I do.

    1. What's the max ram speed that motherboard will take? Would I be able to upgrade it to Corsair Vengeance RGB 6200mhz?

    2. How easy it would be to add Lian Li UNI SL120 V2 fans to the PC011 Dynamic Case? I would want to add 7 of them. Three at the bottom, three ar back and one on the side.

    3. Would it be worth paying an extra £100+ for the 3 year warranty? Only thing that puts me off these guys is that If any goes wrong I would have to pay postage to send it back which is ridiculous.

    4. What are the chances the Artic Freeze liquid cooler would leak? Especially after say 2-3 years? (edited)
    FairPriceSystems's avatar
    1) full informaton on this can be obtain here: TUF GAMING X670E-PLUS WIFI

    2) Lian Li O11 Dynamic EVO - Step by Step PC Build Guide & UNI-FAN SL120 TUTORIAL

    3) Dont order this, Palicomp offer the management deal at £88, but if u refuse they do it at £68 with extras.
    # this spec range is new so im unsure what the package will be. but this is the best way then the site way.

    4) Artic is a premium brand, the ARGB isnt an early edition either. we are talking a top dollar cooler. ive got the non RGB (i bought it before the RGB) mines a 360MM version (cos im greedy i was Cor 5000X which is why i went for the 360MM i orginal added RGB to mine, sits now back with non RGB with white blade fans in a HYTE 40 case i cant do RGB anymore (epilepsy later found) Top brand like this will last easier 6 years., mine is 3.5 years and no problem type the name of the product for full reviews.

    also: u see the PCPP i did. click on it, open it and click on the product, on the next page per item, ull see reviews of the parts too from other folks using them on pcpp.

    Cleaning an AIO if u feel it needs a more clean, then a general clean on dust u see.

    If your happy to build, Build pal. there is offers on parts dont nes need a X670E board.

    I do PCPP as a guide ref, not here to compete with the self build moto. i do my post to help non builders get value, weather thats ccl/palicomp/stormforce/ebuyer/scan - palicomp nice trending, decent deals but as soon as someone else comes along, i burn em; blk-friday we was rocking stormforce

    but if u didnt wanna build, they dont do the Hyte Y Range, thats usual AWD and stormforce, so u could speak to them to see if they could price match, or u could ask palicomp via a custom order.

    if u do a custom its not gonna be A to B on the gap, as for these parts they are mass buik, but thats the same everywhere if they do a combo.
  3. FairPriceSystems's avatar
    Right folks, i prob wont be back on this platform to about weds, happy gaming/buying :P
    - so dont inbox me why u not answering,. (edited)
    Rocky96's avatar
  4. cheaperbythe12's avatar
    Really nice build......built my own about the same other than different case, cooler and a 4070 Ti all in for about £1300 (got all parts when on offer/mispriced like the 4070 Ti from amazon) so this is a great deal with a 4080 Super.
  5. WACKO's avatar
    What a beautiful build
  6. JackBauer123's avatar
    I'm into self builds and I think they are definitely cheaper than pre-builts ONLY if the components are purchased in the sales and combined with discounts/cashback. That being said this is good deal for those that want peace of mind.
  7. Lethargic's avatar
    This might have tempted me. Gone 14700, now just need to pick up a GFX.
  8. Jonathan_Townsend's avatar
    Purchased , just left the spec after doing some research on the CPU & motherboard

    Just took off the additional hard drive as should be needed.
  9. 3LeggedDog's avatar
    This or 8.5 years of geforce now ultimate?
    cheaperbythe12's avatar
    I'm just wondering what that'll cost in 8.5 years time lol.
  10. kilboy's avatar
    Nice. I bought pretty much the same build with a 4070 super a few weeks back for £250 less so that difference for 4080 super is pretty good.
  11. jammiejam2k69's avatar
    Change the case to an o11 dynamic in my opinion for an extra £50, but that's just me
    rrkjk's avatar
    What benefit would this have over the case in the deal?
  12. mrpipster's avatar
    Good Value Deal!
    Especially if you don't want to self build & you want the peace of mind.
    Not much more than win11 + components!
  13. ilovetennis's avatar
    Is this waste of money if I do a lot of website browsing , watching videos but want to future proof. (Don’t video edit or game)

    Last desktop I got was the i7 ivy bridge with gtx 680 in 2012.
    Major774's avatar
    Save yourself minimum £1,000 for your use case, you need budget or mid range PC.
  14. petri's avatar
    This looks good to me but am I missing something with pcpp, total price there comes to way over? Is it just that the GPU used as a guide is significantly more than whatever they're putting in this pre build? Surely even their most basic 4080 Super isnt £300 less than the Palit...
    FairPriceSystems's avatar
    Palicomp hasnt stated palit, but their usual palit more than anything else.
    their previous back up were asus, but ive been informed by buyers they have in recent deals getting gigabyte.

    You are correct, the PCPP doesnt make sence at first. but it does.

    Must of gotten some parts as a massive bundle.

    Sometimes it work looking at the gaps to their options to see if where the D/C is.

    So looking at the board, they want £60 more for the steely board. that board between the two PCPP is £20

    - pcpp with windows is £2228
    - so there's ur first item £40 for the board as mention.
    - S70 Storage we know is up, and most sellers bought in summer, so in hindsight its fake market -£40
    - Bequiet psu they had since summer, when they was on offer, -£20
    - 7800X3D atm riding a little higher, has been £340 -£20

    so there we have 2100.00 with free win.

    Palicomp known for bottom end stuff, value lines,

    prob doing a nice bundle set, for the top end; we mean buisness in this end too. #resspect.
  15. YerDaSellsAvon_'s avatar
    Unsure whether to buy this or wait for the 7900 xtx to drop in price
    JackBauer123's avatar
    I would wait until the prime sale in July or October; prices will inevitably fall at Amazon and/or other PC sites e.g. OC, eBuyer etc. also RTX 50 Series purportedly is being released/announced Q1 2025...
  16. FairPriceSystems's avatar
    Marmite time.

    PCPP: 7900XTX: uk.pcpartpicker.com/lis…nKX
    PCPP: 4080 Super uk.pcpartpicker.com/lis…jh3

    Calc..... previous deals for the 7900xtx

    VS 7600/4070 at £1000.00
    topping this £1k up to the exact spec to the T in parts!. were talking 2077.40
    options 4080S to 7900Xt be £2100.00 (it does inc windows)

    vs 7600/4070 Ti at £1295
    topping this £1.295 up to the exact spec to the T in parts!. were talking 2115.70
    options 4080S to 7900Xt be £2100.00 (it does inc windows)

    2115.70 vs 2077.40 = 38.77 which makes sence, because it roughly before hand -12 using the 1295 if u went for the full lot vs cheaper link, but then they made the 4070 drop from £1050 to 1000.00 so its reflecting the other way.

    that is a link price compare when we change cases to the lancool, 850W in the promo on the 1k deal, 32GB 5600mhz, topping up to the board, selecting the ryzen 7 7800x3d

    Summary; this link is best for 4080Super, or 7900XTX if u desire the exact parts and fancy windows very cheap; otherwise u could get more creative with the 7600/4070 at £1000.00 via the 7900XTX

    where u can 7800x3d or do less, dont have to end up on the tuf board, settle with the X670-P or a B650 Board, other choices of cases side stepping to the lancool. or 1TB S70 over the Adata Legend.

    ur not forced for the 240M aio either.

    nice addon, can see what they done, but we can play the game a little better. (edited)
  17. MrFlux001's avatar
    This is a great build for just over 2k.
  18. prynolfc's avatar
    For the likes of competetive shooters e.g pubg, warzone, fortnite, and other games like the newest aaa titles, will this run them on a 1440p monitor at a consistently higher fps than 120 easily? I play on xbox series x and ps5 mostly on competetive games like fifa/ efootball and shooters/ battle royale's like above but i do enjoy playing story games in the best quality too (as an example if i was to play stuff like hogwarts legacy, cyberpunk, spiderman, death stranding etc I would be willing to play them at a lower fps say 60 if i could have them at higher or ultra settings or whatever,
    then for the competetive stuff i would lower the settings for better performance and sacrifice image quality and hope to be constantly at least at 120fps with still pretty good looking image quality.

    (I also have a steamdeck oled but there are still so many unsupported games due to anti-cheat issues or devs not bothering development for the deck that i feel like i might have to go down the pc route next year). I don't see the point in going for an expensive gaming pc though unless it does everything noticably better than my series x, ps5 and steamdeck, so is this around the price range I need to spend to see a jump from the best consoles? Or could i get away with a prebuilt in the £1,500 to £1,700 ballpark instead? Thanks everyone. (edited)
    FairPriceSystems's avatar

    Scailing charts at the end for u QS

    AMD 7600/4070 for the cheaper one to build up if u want the lower plus any by /

    Low Core 7600 + higher GPU vs High CPU / Lower GPU guide

  19. Old_King_Doran's avatar
    Can you swap to whatever case you want? plus the additional cost of course. Be my first PC so have no idea whether the parts fit?
    FairPriceSystems's avatar
    Dont see any issue with the cases on site except these which i dont get why its in with an aio set up; Rock Cooler

    unless u need like bilions of drive bays: 7Years ago.
  20. gammymajams's avatar
    Thanks for the great build, it looks too good and I've just bit the bullet and ordered it to upgrade from my R5 3600 and RTX 2070 Super I bought in late 2019. It's a bit of a bittersweet moment because she has served me well.

    Does anyone have recommendations on good monitors to pair with this build in terms of price: performance? I am currently using a BenQ XR3501 35" UltraWide 144Hz. That has also been a great piece of kit but aware that an upgrade is probably needed to make the most of this new PC.
    FairPriceSystems's avatar
    The ultra wide u have is a 2560x 1080.

    You got a fair few methods, and one id defo look more into with some video compares as they can go though more detail.

    Standard 1440 but one with a very low refresh and high hz, nice size 27 or 32

    - if u like ultra wide, then u can do that under 3440 x 1440 which comes under i.e 34 and some others, which is a 27inch in the middle extended out.

    - then u got super ultra wide, 49 (which is 2x 27inch screens together

    - Then u got 4K Gaming.

    if you type in Youtube: "4080 which monitor" there is plenty of reviews on the different types as u go though, once u got feel where u wanna go. Check PCPP: uk.pcpartpicker.com/pro…or/ on typical prices. then u can put more research into the brand of monitor and need more specific.

    "Va VS IPS VS Oled" is another search term.
  21. tomaszr's avatar
    Now we're talking !!
  22. AncientYouth's avatar
    can it play football manager?
    Tantrix1's avatar
    If its a serious question, It can play any game out yet at 4k High 50+fps on avg!
  23. whitey6272's avatar
    Just about to buy this with a few changes. Would you guys remove the HDD for £40?
    Is it worth adding fans also? (edited)
    bingowings85's avatar
    I would swap the HDD for an SSD of similar size, it can be your windows(?) backup drive. They won't ship it with inadequate case fans, stick with the ones they recommend.
  24. Jonathan_Townsend's avatar
    Does the main board have a built in soundcard for 5.1/Atmos or do I need to select an additional card?
    Gates098's avatar
    On the main ASUS page TUF Gaming X670E-PLUS WiFi (asus.com), it says it has Realtek 7.1 surround sound S1220A Codec. You don't need an additional card in my opinion.
  25. xRBLx's avatar
    Nice build especially for the price. I've just brought a pre built with very similar specs for for £1k more but using more quality parts and allowances for future upgrades.
    If if I was still looking I'd probably have brought this.
's avatar