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Samsung Galaxy S20 FE 5G Smartphone with Wireless PowerShare, 6GB RAM, 6.5", 5G, SIM Free, 128GB, Blue - £379 @ John Lewis & Partners

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This deal is expired. Here are some options that might interest you:

Available at John Lewis now,

£150 rebate with old phone + Disney 12 months

Claiming Cashback T&C's plus how to redeem Disney are on the JL page

Info added by @PD2K79

Claim Disney+ 12 months at no extra cost (Via redemption)

For full terms and conditions and how to claim, click here

Claims must be made by 14th October 2022 to qualify for the offer, new subscribers only and auto renews at £7.99 per month unless cancelled


Samsung listened and tailor-made a Galaxy phone for their fans – the Galaxy S20 FE (Fan Edition) 5G smartphone with wireless PowerShare. Created with a 32MP selfie lens, along with 12MP (ultra wide) + 12MP (wide angle) + 8MP (telephoto) rear lenses, 6GB RAM, a large 6.5” Super AMOLED Infinity-O display, GPS, NFC and access to the latest 5G connectivity options, the Galaxy S20 FE offers a great combination of S20 innovation.

5G enabled

Get ready for the next generation of mobile internet and experience incredible download speeds, or play games without the fear of lag. Please contact your mobile service provider regarding the 5G options currently available to you.

Perfect pictures

Thanks to the Galaxy S20 FE's whopping 32MP, front-facing selfie lens, you'll be taking social media by storm.

The phone's rear camera features 12MP (ultra wide) + 12MP (wide angle) + 8MP (telephoto) lenses, all to help you shoot those magical memories that you'll want to treasure, no matter if the sun's up or down, thanks to the Night Mode setting.

The 3x Optical zoom and 30x Super Resolution zoom will help you capture distant targets, without having to move from your perfect shooting spot.

4500 mAh battery

Thanks to housing a Qi wireless charging compatible 4500 mAh battery, the Samsung the Galaxy S20 FE will easily last the day. Helpfully, when you do need a top up, super-fast charging technology means you won't be hanging around for long.

Qi Wireless Powershare

Want to power up a (Qi wireless charging compatible) device such as a Samsung Galaxy Watch Active (sold separately), while you're out and about? No problem – just place your Galaxy S20 FE facedown and then put the battery-drained item on the phone's back to commence.

What is RAM?

RAM (Random Access Memory) is different to the permanent storage provided by hard disk drives (HDD), solid state drives (SSD) or memory cards in your equipment. RAM is used by your device to temporarily store data to carry out everyday operations. The more RAM your machine has, the faster you can expect it to open and run programs.

This device has 6GB RAM.

Super AMOLED display

The Samsung Galaxy S20 FE has been created with a Super AMOLED Infinity-O display that a provides an immersive, large screen experience when playing games, watching films or checking out websites – all without the requirement of a space-stealing notch.

Additionally, the display's optional Always-On feature provides you with handy on-screen notifications – while saving you power.

Super security

The Galaxy S20 FE's facial recognition technology, along with an under-screen fingerprint sensor provides excellent protection for your personal information without adding any inconvenience. Just one glance or tap and away you go.

Storage friendly

The Galaxy S20 FE has a handy memory card slot – just pop in a memory card that you've previously purchased and remove the need to delete or upgrade.

Samsung Health

Join in the fun and games with the Samsung Health app. Challenge your friends or take on the community. Let the phone auto detect your walks and then record your fitness progress. There are even more options available if you pair your device with a smart watch from the Galaxy Watch Active range (sold separately).


Sometimes you want to show your friends a picture, but crowding around the phone screen can be a tad awkward. Not to worry – just use the SmartView feature to beam your phone's screen directly on to your compatible TV. Swipe down to access the Notifications bar (if you can't see SmartView, swipe from right to left for more Notification options). Press the SmartView icon and follow the easy instructions.

What is SIM free?

You'll receive an unlocked mobile, so there's no requirement to commit to any network, leaving you free to decide which SIM card / network to use in the device. This gives you the opportunity to find the most suitable plan, whether that's contract or pay-as-you-go, throughout the lifetime of the phone.

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  1. Avatar
    I have a Huawei p30 Pro, this deals look good, I have a Huawei p10 Pro mate to trade does anyone know if this qualifies for £150 trade in? Thx in advance
    Yes, just select any Android phone on the trade in page
  2. Avatar
    How many years updates are left.

    Was it 4yrs OS AND 5yrs security originally?
    3 major os and 4 years updates. So android 13 will be the last in theory then security updates to October 2024ish. (edited)
  3. Avatar
    Is the feedback on battery life being horrendous true - by that I mean non gaming just general use
    This is the snapdragon version, so it's fine. Battery life on mine is very good.
  4. Avatar
    Great deal.
    Still liking mine I got for the same offer price via Samsung.
    Great camera etc - massive upgrade on an iPhone SE 2020 in my opinion.
    Even considered a galaxy tab to replace the iPad - haven’t done though. Yet.
    Also managed to blag a lavender one at the £140 offer on the way (assuming it still does in early October) for one of my sisters to have.
    I had an iPad Pro 12.9 version 2, sold it and bought the S7+ tab, no regrets at all. I love the DEX software, expandable storage, sound and the screen quality is amazing. Use it for Netflix, Sky Go, taking notes etc.
  5. Avatar
    Tbh this is a steal considering you get a flagship spec phone from like 2020 with 5G and I'm assuming snapdragon chipset which would mean better performance. There are other mid range phones such as the A53 etc but I can vouch for this offer for now.
    Yep, it is a brilliant deal. Kept waiting for this, but ended up buying from Argos last week as JL didn't have stock
  6. Avatar
    Its same price on very and at checkout if you enter code then they give you 20% credit back....
    Once theyve paid your credit back just pay off in full. And they also have the trade in via samsung.
    Happy days (edited)
    I guess if you keep buying stuff from very, then yes, this is useful, thanks.

    T&Cs attached for those interested

    • 1. 20% back on selected Samsung products £199 or more with 12 months Buy Now Pay Later, with Very Pay. All eligible products are contained within the offer page, access via shop now. (Offer not valid if you choose 6 or 9 months Buy Now Pay later).
    • 2. By entering UF3EH in the promo code box at checkout your item will be put on 12 months Buy Now Pay Later automatically. We'll then credit 20% of the item price back to your account by 10th November 2022, or the dispatch date, whichever is later. We'll email you when we have applied the credit to your account.
    Order must be placed online. If you return your item, the credit will be reversed. This can't be used in conjunction with other offers (entering any other promo code apart from UF3EH in checkout will exclude you from this promotion). Offer live 22nd - 29th September 2022.

    What is Buy Now Pay Later?
    Buy Now Pay Later is an interest-bearing option that allows you to delay payments on your purchases for 12 months. The delayed payment period starts from the date of order (including pre-ordered items and those not ready for immediate despatch). Buy Now Pay later is subject to eligibility.

    How is interest calculated?
    Interest is calculated from date of order and compounded daily. The interest will be added to your account as a lump sum at the end of the delayed payment period. This means you will pay interest on interest.

    How to avoid paying interest?
    You can avoid all of the interest by paying the cash price before the end of the delayed payment period, this can be done in one full payment or multiple partial payments.

    Making partial payments without clearing the cash price in full will reduce the lump sum of compound interest charged at the end of the delayed payment period.

    Remember if you choose not to pay the cash price before the end of the delayed payment period, any outstanding balance plus a lump sum of compound interest will be charged to your Very account.

    How do I make a Buy Now Pay Later payment?
    To make a full or partial payment simply log into My Account, choose "Make a payment", select "Pay Buy Now Pay Later" and allocate your payment to the specific Buy Now Pay Later you wish to pay off. Alternatively, you can call us.

    What happens after the delayed payment period?
    If you have not paid the cash price in full or have only made a partial payment, a lump sum of interest will be charged to your Very account. Any outstanding balance plus the interest will now become payable on your account.

    As the outstanding balance, plus the interest now form part of your payable balance they will attract interest at your account rate, meaning you will pay interest on interest. This will be included within your account minimum payment request every month and cannot be repaid using Take 3.

    If you have paid the cash price in full before the end of the delayed payment period, you will not pay any interest.

    What is excluded from Buy Now Pay Later?
    The costs for delivery and installation services cannot be placed on Buy Now Pay Later. Buy Now Pay Later availability is subject to your credit and account status.

    Do I still have to pay my minimum payment?
    Yes, allocating payments to Buy Now Pay Later will not cover the minimum payment for your Very account. If you have a non-Buy Now Pay Later balance on your Very account, you will still need to make at least your minimum payment as shown on your statement.
  7. Avatar
    I have seen elsewhere that Samsung have 30m of these to shift. They seem to be going about it in a strange way. Delivering stock to retailers in small parcels while the value of their stock diminishes. They don't seem to give themselves much either.
  8. Avatar
    And 12 months Disney+
    I recently bought s20 fe 5g but won't give me disney plus did you get it?
  9. Avatar
    Wasn't this the one that was circa £140 from Samsung earlier this week?
    Yes, I managed to order one (though still to arrive).
  10. Avatar
    Great phone. So smooth and never lags. Decent cameras and a nice big 120hz display. It actually feels smoother to use than my S22+. I did a comparison and basic apps loaded at pretty much the same time. Games took a second or two slower to load but that's to be expected. The overall scrolling experience feels better on the S20 FE 5G. Probably down to the Snapdragon chip which is amazing considering how old the chipset is now. I've got the Poco F3 too and that phone runs incredibly well aswell. And again it is probably down to the Snapdragon 870 chip. The 865 & 870 are capable chipsets even to this day. My Exynos S22+ is a bit of a let down. Performance is still good but tends to get laggy from time to time.
  11. Avatar
    OOS, that went fast!
  12. Avatar
    What's special about this deal? 379.99 - 150 trade in still £230
    That's what i been thinking, it went into stock last night i couldn't make my self buy it. Other deal was ok at £141
  13. Avatar
    It says my cashback would be £5!
    That's in addition to £150 guaranteed payback.
  14. Avatar
    Tempted for this - never seem to get the Samsung EPP deals when in stock.
    Is it same principle on trade-in does anyone know? Working / non working / etc. Thx
    Same principle, the £150 is guaranteed. I believe any old working or broken Android phone is eligible if you go through the previous similar s20 Fe threads
  15. Avatar
    It seems on JL if you check the special offers it has to be a specific device you can trade in. Their is a link to samsung which asks which device you wish to purchase and it gives you a choice of eligible devices to trade in.

    samsungtradeinoffer.co.uk/qua…ces (edited)
    Just noticed this too
  16. Avatar
    If you're a My John Lewis member (free to join), you can get another £25 off with the code MYJL25OFF190.

    48292059-UxqZ2.jpg (edited)
    Doesn't work with the phone
  17. Avatar
    just tried, oos
  18. Avatar
    It's a great deal. I got mine from AO since that was the only place that had them in stock at the time. I was going to wait with opening it and try and get one from EPP instead but in the end decided to keep it. For 230 odd quid it's a bargain still. And I really like it so far.
    Got the EPP deal in the end so will make a great Xmas present.
  19. Avatar
    Missed it trying to upgrade from a overheating s8..
    Still in stock on very.co.uk.
    And get 20% credit back also.
    So effectively paying £305 for phone (edited)
  20. Avatar
    OOS.... Too good to be true!
  21. Avatar
    Stock back in!
  22. Avatar
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