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Samsung Galaxy S24 8/128 £419 and 8/256 £480.15 w trade-in (£100), S24+ 256/12 £619 w trade-in - via Lebara/EPP

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About this deal

I got these prices going via Lebara app, which redirects you to order from Samsung. Works via EPP app/site, I would image this should work via Student apps/sites too. Cheapest so far for the S24 range and it's free shipping directly from Sammy.

Basic trade-in is £100 for any basic phone.

S24 8/256 is 580.15 without trade-in, S24+ is 719 and so on. Ultra is also cheapest in a while with this code.

Works via Student Beans as well, thank you
Samsung More details at

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    The SAVE150 code works on the S24 Ultra too but they have put the price up this morning so it only works out about £20 cheaper than yesterday
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    Dirty Samsung
  2. ukscoob1's avatar
    Is this a referral price/rate when you go from the Lebara app?
    MoqUL's avatar
    Nope, it's in the Rewards section, no need for referrals
  3. quake.ee's avatar
    Works now via Student Beans as well.
    MdNadim_Sharif's avatar
    Hi, How much did you pay?
  4. nel13's avatar
    Won't touch a flagship Samsung in the UK for as long as they shaft us with exynos instead of snapdragon chips personally, doesn't matter the price.
    PAcdbOoAct's avatar
    You're being a drama queen. The phone is exceptional.
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  6. mungylee's avatar
    Got this deal a few weeks ago, but with a free Tab S6.

    Great phone.
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    This save150 code it’s worth more than crappy Tab s6 
  7. Kevin.333's avatar
    Just ordered, thank you for posting this deal, very much appreciated.
  8. reggea86's avatar
    If it were SD,not Exynos.Also BLC seems to be down on Sam’s site.
    Msx98's avatar
    This exynos is genuinely good. I had the exynos s22, sd s23 and exynos s24 and can report I am as happy with the s24 as the s23. Though I preferred the in hand feel of the 23. The s22 was a terrible phone (edited)
  9. mattcctt's avatar
    Doesnt seem to be on the student portal at this price. Perks at work etc sites dont seem to be working for samsung today, just takes you to the normal samsung site.
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    Yeah, just tried and perksatwork samsung link via work just goes to normal site
  10. Super_mario35's avatar
    Unfortunately it's not coming down to the price you mentioned on the offer
    MoqUL's avatar
    Sorry to hear that pal, it seems to have worked for me and a few other people, not sure what's the catch in your case.
  11. ukscoob1's avatar
    I got to checkout via Lebara and with trade in and with promo code but then it said I need to be a rewards benefit member and I couldn't complete checkout? Not sure I/just anyone can get this price?
  12. HAZZMISTER's avatar
    This or iPhone 17 pro?
    Yakkyda's avatar
    You're comparing apples with oranges.
  13. daniel_esposito's avatar
    Unfortunately you can't pay monthly with PayPal if you do trade in
  14. UnculturedSwine's avatar
    Is £911.65 (minus trade in) a good price for the S24 Ultra? I'm looking to switch to Samsung for the first time so unsure of the price history, etc.

    Not sure if I should wait a little longer or go for it now?
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