S8 PLUS Dual Sim for £654 after voucher and other S8 deals @ Eglobal Cetral

S8 PLUS Dual Sim for £654 after voucher and other S8 deals @ Eglobal Cetral

Found 20th May 2017
I bought mine from Amazon Italy and I am still waiting for delivery. I have just seen this one which has two sims which is better for my use. What's your opinion on this version and price? And they are sending an £5.99 voucher when you sign up to their letter.
S8 for £527.99 after £5.99 voucher
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who are these people ?
Eglobal Central. The new "Very" of HUKD.
Import tax and VAT not added
fukkkkk eglobal
My understanding is this:

They are based in Hong Kong

If you buy a product from them the only warranty you have will be with eGlobalCentral, since Samsung won't honour a warranty on a grey import outside of Europe.

Any faults will require sending the phone back to Hong Kong at your expense - including if the phone arrives faulty.

Companies in the Far East are not easy to fight or bring to justice in the event of a problem, and can also suddenly stop being communicative once they have your money. This might not be the case with this company as I've never dealt with them, but there's certainly a cushion for them in being absolutely miles away.

You might get stung for taxes. If you choose a premium courier for faster shipping you will almost certainly get stung for taxes.
Terrible retailer - HUKD have sold out completely still allowing this company on here.
Cecanor I see you say you have brought an s8 plus off of amazon IT, is it an international phone coming from Italy do you know? as its £100 less coming from Italy
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