Sacred 2: Fallen Angel (PC) £7.95 delivered @ Blahdvd
Sacred 2: Fallen Angel (PC) £7.95 delivered @ Blahdvd

Sacred 2: Fallen Angel (PC) £7.95 delivered @ Blahdvd

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"SACRED 2 - Fallen Angel is an Action RPG where every element is defined by its characters: vast, detailed, uniquely identifiable and deeply playable. Assume the role of Seraphim, Shadow Warrior, High Elf, Dryad, Temple Guardian or Inquisitor, and delve into a thrilling story. Walk the paths of Light or of Shadow in a seamless game world blending solo and multiplayer gameplay, packed full of unsolved quests, gritty adventure, character development, and hordes of screaming, blood-thirsty enemies. In SACRED 2 Fallen Angel there is no such thing as an ordinary hero. A wealth of attributes and skills bring myriad possibilities. Breathtaking combat arts and sophisticated spells are waiting to be learned and manipulated. A multitude of weapons and items yearn to be wielded in hard-fought battle.

Prequel to the original award-winning "SACRED" game, SACRED 2 Fallen Angel delivers an epic gaming experience combining intricately detailed 3D environments, an immersive adventure and rich story-telling spanning hundreds of quests. With multiplayer modes including drop-in/drop-out, a vast and seamless world that dwarfs other RPG titles, 6 diverse and playable characters, extensive skill progression, a range of gameplay styles, and parallel campaigns of heroic duality in both single and multiplayer modes, SACRED 2 - Fallen Angel is the ultimate in Action RPG entertainment.

Two thousand years before Shaddar summoned twisted beings from the Underworld, Ancaria was already in grave danger. SACRED 2 - Fallen Angel is the portal to the land of ancient legend and brings the history of Ancaria and the entire fantasy world to life. "


Just got this from Zavvi on Xbox 360,was really looking forward to playing it, alas, its pretty rubbish imo. Not played it that much though

XBOX 360 version was indeed cack, anyone played it on the PC ? looking on youtube, it looks a lot better

I have this on the PC - bought it off Play for £6.99 a few months ago!

Good game though - very action RPG orientated with lots of quests to get your head round!


Good price, but I think that I will wait for a few months and get the gold package which includes the add on, currently £15 on Play.

Good Price, Rubbish Game. Bought this a while ago on the 360, didnt find it very good.

Console versions are crap but the PS3 was better. I have the PC version, after the stupid amount of patches the game plays well. A must for anyone who likes Diablo, Torchlight and Titans Quest. Seems to be a pain to get hold of the Ice & Blood Expansion Pack.

Now also says its out of stock

Have to agree with the general consesus above. Great price for a crappy game. I used to love Diablo but couldn't bring myself to enjoy this game.

bloody hell - it aint that bad. playing it on ps3 and its not bad at all.
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