Sacred 2:Fallen Angel on PS3 only £15.87 (also part of 2 for £30) @Blahdvd.com
Sacred 2:Fallen Angel on PS3 only £15.87 (also part of 2 for £30) @Blahdvd.com

Sacred 2:Fallen Angel on PS3 only £15.87 (also part of 2 for £30) @Blahdvd.com

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Sacred 2: Fallen Angel is an action-RPG that combines compelling story and free-roaming gameplay in a huge, seamless gameworld.

Poised on the brink of destruction and threatened by over whelming chaos, a mysterious energy source is spreading across the world of Ancaria. Leaving mutation and terror in its wake, this living energy has become the razors edge on which all else is balanced. The powers of Light and Shadow are destined to collide in an ill fated battle that could tear apart the fabric of life itself.

Featuring six diverse characters, extensive skill progression, a range of gameplay styles, and parallel campaigns of heroic duality in both single and multiplayer modes, Sacred 2: Fallen Angel brings the fantasy world to life. Sacred 2: Fallen Angel is a living, breathing fantasy world and is the perfect setting for action-RPG heroes to carve their own legends.

* The PlayStation 3 version supports drop-in/drop-out multiplayer gaming for up to four players via internet, and two player full-screen gaming on one console
* Multiplayer modes include co-op campaign and PVP
* The controls and interface have been developed from scratch for the PlayStation 3 version to ensure fluid and intuitive PS3 gameplay throughou
* Six diverse characters to choose from each with distinct gameplay style
* The player will be able to modify any combat art during the development of their character
* Fight against other players or specific enemies in an enclosed arena to get a higher rank on the leaderboard
* Unrestricted mounted battle - each character will be able to ride various mounts and engage in melee and ranged comba
* Mercenaries can be hired in addition to the minions acquired via quest completion
* Chose your path with Light and Shadow campaigns


£17.86 with postage, cheaper @ Amazon

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