S.A.D light box £34.99 delivered @ Maplins

S.A.D light box £34.99 delivered @ Maplins

Found 2nd Nov 2009
Improve your energy-levels and combat Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD)
The advanced curved shape focuses the light for maximum effect using 10,000 lux
Complete with foldable tripod and wall mounting device
Ideal for use in the home or office
Light levels determine the sleep / wake cycles of both animals and humans. The desire to sleep is brought on by the secretion of Melatonin and the bright natural light. The light from a SAD lamp significantly reduces Melatonin, greatly improving our energy levels. Typical symptoms of SAD are depression, lethargy, anxiety, craving, social problems, sleep problems and loss of libido. These symptoms can be commonly resolved through the use of light boxes
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Ive bought one myself. I know it states free delivery is on orders of £35.00, but it still came up free del for this item, and is coming by Fedex and not Snail Mail.

10,000 lux is the same spec as many of the higher priced ones, inc the Philips ones. I know theres no timer, clock or other fancy bits, but it should do the job anyway!

I have been looking into these recently. It doesnt specif how far away from the lamp you have for the effect. The all seem to say a certain number of CM distance to get 10,000 LUX for x amount of time. One of the comments says an hour, which is quite a lot for a lightbox, but considering the price this has to be worth a shot! Great spot. Let me know what you think when it arrives?
Would this work as a desk light?
I bought this one last year from Ebay for my hubby. Now it is me using it! It is great, this really dark winter time gives me bad headache. I use it in my kitchen its on the floor or work top, I don`t sit right next to it as it`s really bright light and you can`t stare into it. I think you should have it 1meter away from you. I have it as an extra light - I love light and it does work, my headache goes away quite quickly. I personaly think this is a must in England.
Don't forget to go through Quidco :thumbsup:
or you could try the cheaper versions.

Ecozone Biobulb, Energy Saving Daylight Bulb, Bayonet Cap, 20W
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