Safe web transactions with Cahoot
Safe web transactions with Cahoot

Safe web transactions with Cahoot

This isn't a deal as such, but a great way to ensure your internet transactions are safe.

If you sign up for a Cahoot current account, they give you a great piece of software, called Web card, free.

The web card software generates a random credit card number for you when you want to make an online purchase. This is a one-off number, which cannot be re-used. You can also set a transaction limit for the card, for added security.

This service is free, and gives great piece of mind when you're paying for goods from new sites, and especially sites from abroad.

No-one seems to know about it! Everone should have one IMHO...



What are the system requirements for this? I tried e-mailing cahoot but got an automated response telling me the conditions that I had to fulfil to open an account, which wasn't my question at all.

Is this application Windows only?

I've been with Cahoot for a few years now and didn't even know about this!

All hooked up now. A nice little system.

Thanks we8vale

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