Safe`n`Sec 2009 Personal Free
Safe`n`Sec 2009 Personal Free

Safe`n`Sec 2009 Personal Free

* Full-scale security of Safe`n`Sec personal products is guaranteed by unique proactive technology - behavioral analysis and V.I.P.O solution (Valid Inside Permitted Operations);

* Protect your data against all known malicious threats and unknown zero-day attacks;

* The real-time information safety is provided by the newest solution of flexible system privilege delimitation;

* Built-in personal firewall blocks all Internet-threats;

* Protective efficiency does not depend on updates and presence of antiviral software;

* Built-in antivirus scanner maximizes safety level on your PC;

* Accurate blocking of unknown malicious programmes without false triggering;

* The minimum enquiries to user while working;

* Choose between automatic and interactive operation mode;

* Unique self-education mode adjusts program to your working style and habits;

* Small-footpring of system resources and high speed of operation;

* User-friendly and intuitive interface;

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