Safety 1st Dorel Carousel Walker - was £60 now £35 @ Tesco Direct

Safety 1st Dorel Carousel Walker - was £60 now £35 @ Tesco Direct

Found 16th Apr 2011
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With nursery rhymes & animal sounds and chunky colourful toys this baby walker not only helps promote your childs development but is also entertaining. This walker has a 3 level height adjustment and a wide base for added stability. Removable activity tray reveals snack tray underneath.


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Cold stalkers...please show yourself, and explain why your voting cold X)

Hate to say it (but I will) these after a kid has learnt to toddle are 10 a penny (not in the literal sense) they tend to be very durable & therefore abundant, get one for a few quid at a car boot sale & give it a good scrub! win!

you can hardly compare car boot items to whats been posted here,if thats the case am guessing most thing can be bought cheaper at car bootys lol

Trisham, I get your point, but in terms of expensive kit used for a very limited time (ie a growing baby) then this sort of thing abounds at such locations, kiddie clear-outs proliferate at car boot sales..
Unless you have someone to pass items like this onto immediately your infant is done with it they sit & gather dust, then next step, tip (for shame), boot sale, or charity shop!

Not condoning the deal, just pointing out, these are hard times unless you are tesco's.
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